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Issues with steam or mk11 not sure

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I have bought Mk11 and yes it's no surprise that there's been plenty of issues with it on launch. My issue is odd to say the least. So when I launch the game I notice that the controls keep flickering between xbox and pc controls even when my xbox controller is        disconnected.Whenever I try move to the left or up in the menus there seems to be a delay or it feels like its not registering the inputs every time. I then go in a game and my character keeps jumping and the game ends up crashing. I really am at my wits end and idk what to do I have contacted WB support but I can imagine they are extremely busy atm so the reply is going to take ages. If anyone has any suggestions please say it would greatly appreciated. Below are the things I have tried myself. 

1. I have completely reinstalled the game and reset the data for it on my pc. 
2. I have tried using just mouse and keyboard the problem still persists. 
3. I have updated my drivers and Windows 10 and checked my direct x version which is 12.
4. I have tried big picture mode in steam. 
5. I have checked the integrity of the game files on steam. 
6. Used MSI Afterburner to check usage and it is fine. 
7.Tried another game with and without my controllers they work fine so the issue is solely with mk11. 
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