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Razer phone 2 vs samsung s10 vs s10 plus

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Greetings folks, in about 4 months I'll be able to "take" a new phone with my phone carrier. I don't know what would be better though. I could take the razer phone 2,samsung Galaxy s10 or s10 plus. The s10 plus is the priceyest, s10 having a 25% lower price while the razer phone 2 is about 45% cheeper then the plus. I'm using a s8 right now, it was great, later started to lag a bit now and then (nothing major), the device even shows a 15% on battery life and then sometimes turns off. With razer I like the idea where is comes stock with only 2-3 apps pre-installed and I love the dual speeker idea. At Samsung I love the amoled display (at least the one that's on the s8) and I like the idea of a bigger screen. I mostly use my phone for a few games (nonstop knight, tes:Blades and a few ports from pc), YouTube and surfing the web. I am kind of unable to choose vs them, so I'm wondering if anyone has a few tips or experiences with the devices and if so to suggest wich one might be better for my uses. Performance wise I don't really know how they compare. 

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