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EVGA 400 W PSU vs ThermalTake smart series 430W PSU (Budget build)

6 minutes ago, LienusLateTips said:



This seems to be the only thing not a flaming fireball remotely in your budget...

The only things I can find even remotely close to the budget are the EVGA B1, BT, BR units. Everything else is either twice the cost, or like you said a fireball.

EVGA B1 450 is a loud unit (surprise to no one)
If they are concerned about fan noise from the PSU, might be worthwhile spending a little bit extra and grabbing the Corsair VS450 (grey label) instead.

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14 hours ago, Gojo47 said:

mmm ok,  besides that, which one is better ?


Just to chime in with my two cents....  Neither.  They're both among the worst you can get.


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