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Posted · Original PosterOP

OKay, this is weird,
When i launch a game like broforce the options automatically gets selected until it reaches host online and play offline menu,
When i launch one piece world seeker, the option selection bracket just keeps moving up! it doesn't stay down.
What's happening to my pc?

Okay selection works in other pc app but not in games! why?



Screenshot (127).png

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Posted · Original PosterOP

OKAY, PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah so this is so weird problem, the option selection worked right on windows but did weird things to menus' of games,
weird things u ask?
1) automatically selecting options, like starting a game, even when my key board was unplugged, 
2) the selection square just kept moving upward! i don't why,
3) your keyboard keys won't respond when this problem is happening reason bcuz it's already somehow inputting inputs with user inputting them.

Solution install the latest version of 2017 C++ redestributables sorry if there's spell mistake.
That's it!

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