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why such high end cards? it makes more sense to step down or go up to a 2070 if you aren't getting one heck of a deal out of it


evga black/xc sounds like something for you

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Primary PC:


CPU: I5-8600k  @4.5 ghz  GPU: GTX 1070 ti EVGA SC Gaming   RAM: 8+8 3360 mhz DDR4 Trident Z   MOBO: MSI Gaming Pro Carbon AC   HDD: 1 TB 7200 RPM Seagate Baracudda, 1 TB 5400 RPM Samsung ECOGREEN   SSD: Samsung 860 EVO 500 GB   Soundcard: built in   Case: Cooler Master Masterbox Lite 5 RGB   Screen: Salora 40LED1500


Second PC: Cedar mill


CPU: i3-2130   GPU: Intel HD graphics   RAM: 4+2 GB 1333 mhz DDR3    MOBO: HP H series   HDD: 320 GB WD Black 7200 RPM   PSU: HP 250 watt   Soundcard: built in   Case: Sunbeam Quarterback   Screen: IIyama Prolite T2240MTS, Samsung SyncMaster710N


Server: CookieVault


CPU: core2dual E8400   GPU: Intel HD graphics   RAM: 2+1+1+1 gb 1333 mhz ddr3   MOBO: HP Q series   HDD: 4x 1tb 5400 RPM Samsung Spinpoint Ecogreen   Soundcard: built in   Case: Compaq 6000 pro mt   Screen: Samsung SyncMaster710n


Laptop : Acer TravelMate 8573t


CPU: I3-2330M   GPU: Intel HD graphics   RAM: 8+2 GB 1333 mhz DDR3   MOBO: Acer   SSD: 250 gb mx500 sata   Soundcard: built in   Case: Acer TravelMate 8573t   Screen: TN 768p


Game consoles:


PS4 slim glacier white 500 gb, PS4 FTP Special Edition 500 gb, Xbox, 3 DS lites, DSI XL, Gameboy Advanced Color, PS Vita v2, Wii, PS3 500 gb


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31 minutes ago, LukeSavenije said:

why such high end cards? it makes more sense to step down or go up to a 2070 if you aren't getting one heck of a deal out of it


evga black/xc sounds like something for you

Get which ever is cheaper.  Both will overclock well.  Both have excellent RMA and what not.

Asus Sabertooth x79 / 4930k @ 4608 @ 1.456v / Gigabyte WF 2080 RTX / Corsair VG 64GB @ 1911 9CL & AX1600i & H115i Pro @ 2x Noctua NF-A14 / Carbide 330r Blackout

AOC 40" 4k Curved / Samsung 40" 4k TV 120 MR / LaCie Porsche Design 2TB & 500GB / Samsung 950 Pro 500GB / 850 Pro 500GB / Crucial m4 500GB / Asus m.2 Card

Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface / KRK Rokits 10" / Sennheiser HD 650 & HD 4.50BT SE / Logitech G910 & G700s & C920 / SL 88 Grand / Cakewalk / NF-A14 Intake / NF-P12 Exhaust

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I can’t comment on the aorus card but I do own the strix 2060. Performance wise my strix has been awesome. Boost clock gets up to 1960 all the time on it. The card is huge but for good reason, it stays pretty damn cool and it clocks extremely high. 

I paid $400 for my strix and sold the anthem code for $40. So all in all I’m $360 into the strix and in my eyes it was well worth it. 


I hate the single fan cards, I think they are ugly as hell and way too compact. I’m also not a fan of the rtx2070 at 1080p either. My friend got the 2070 for a little more and the difference isn’t that big. We play the same games all the time together and the difference in frame rate isn’t worth the extra $100+ to me. I’m sure 1440p is probably a different ball game but at 1080p high refresh rate the 2060 gets the job done 

CPU: Ryzen 7 1800x 4ghz @1.345v

Mobo: MSI B450 Tomahawk

GPU: Asus Strix Rtx 2060

Ram: 16gb ddr4 hyper x fury 2666 @ 3000mhz

Case: Fractal design focus G

PSU: EVGA 600bq

Storage:Samsung 860 evo 500gb, 2tb wd Black

Display: Aoc G2590fx 144hz 1080p

Mouse: Logitech G502 proteus spectrum

Keyboard: Razer ornata chroma 

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I recently git the strix due to the cooler; that X on the aorus gave me a gut feeling warning for turbulence and thus more noise (which is speculation and likely nonsense i admit).The strix is "overkill" vrm and cooler wise but i have a "silent as possible" rig and for me the few extra bucks was worth just that. Also im using fanconnect with it (my mobo just has 2 fanheaders, and bios wont connect curve to GPU). 


As for the fans on the card they can be controlled in two curves: Left+rirght and center. I tweaked everything now and can play under full load near silent (case fans are noctua) at sub 60c temps for all components (gpu, cpu, mobo).


I guess i got lucky with my sample as it happily runs at 2040 clock for hours under full (bf5 with rtx on) load (basically reaching 2070 performance as outlined in some reviews; modulo the 2gb ram diff of course).


Subjectively I preffered asus brand over gigabyte although thats just silly being based on having owned asus products before (mobo's) which never had any issues even when used and abused to max capacity; never had gigabyte stuff et-all though... 


On the subject of pricepoint and "why" instead of a cheap 2070 (strix 2060 and "palit" like brands 2070 are 100+ euro apart here where i live): i was put off by the 2070 like 2080(ti) seemingly dying like flies. Didnt want to end up spending more to wind up with a cheap noisy cooler and possibly "problem" model gpu, just to get 2gb more vram.


The only thing i dont like is that the external fan through fanconnect doesnt show up anywhere as a sensor in hwinfo (the tool i neurotically glance over for all temps and rpms just to get me that warm and fuzzy feeling of running a both cool and silent system 🙂 so i need gpu tweak to monitor the extra intake fan (its hidden behind a foam padded sound reduction door).


Just my 2cts, your milage might vary ;)



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I recommend the asus to, better quality, better costumer service.

Processor: Intel i7 6700 | Motherboard: Gigabyte Z170-HD3 DDR3 | Cooling: Noctua NH-D15

Memory: 16Gb (2x8) Kingston Savage @2400 Mhz DDR3 | Graphics Card: Asus ROG Strix RTX 2060 OC Gaming

 Power Supply: Seasonic S12II 620w Bronze | Case: Sharkoon M25-W 7.1
OS SDD: Samsung 850 Evo 120 GB | Gaming SDD: AMD Radeon R3 240 GB

Gaming HDD: TOSHIBA DT01ACA300 3TB | Data HDD 1:Toshiba DT01ACA100 1TB 

Data HDD 2: Western Digital WD20EZRZ 2TB | Data HDD 3: Toshiba P300 3TB

 External DVD-RW: LG GP57ES40

Sound Card: Asus Xonar DG SI 7.1 | Headphones: Hyper X Cloud Core | Speakers: F&D 2.1 A111U

Display: LG 34UM58 34" IPS

Peripherals: Redragon Andromeda Rainbow keyboard/STEELSERIES Rival 110 Mouse/Xbox 360 Gamepad

OS: Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

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