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  1. The link brings up a single fan card. I'll never buy a single fan card again, I did it once a long time ago. They are loud
  2. I'd still buy a newer card if it were me. God only knows what that 1080ti has been thru
  3. I think it's alpha gameplay and they were checking the server load. The game looks like the settings were turned down to me. BR games are played out, I want a newer bf4 and this looks like it's the one
  4. Take the week and do something else. That way when you get your card your pumped up to use it and enjoy it that much more.
  5. If you were getting a 3060ti/3070 then I'd say yes, but a 3060 doesn't make sense to me here
  6. Get something newer. For what you'll pay for a 1080ti it just isn't worth it
  7. Gohardgrandpa


    Don't know who's keeping up with this game but I'm excited for this to come out. Cod is doing WW2 again with vanguard (BARF) and BF2042 looks like what I need in my life. Wonder how well this is gonna run
  8. There's nothing normal about the prices here in the US. Nothing normal about availability either. I remember being able to walk in and buy a gpu at best buy
  9. I'm with you 100% on this. I'm gonna try to use my current setup for a long time. I play older stuff and esports games that run well on a potato. I have no need to upgrade, but I know how I am and if something new comes out and I can actually buy it I probably will.
  10. The problem is the 120mm fans are spinning fast as hell and make a ton of noise in the process. This is the reason I went with the be quiet dx500 case so I can run all 140mm fans in here and it wont sound like a space ship taking off
  11. I had a 2070 super before and it's a decent upgrade at 1440p. If you can get the cards reasonably priced get what ya can
  12. I have the same card and have no complaints with it. Wish I would of been able to get just the card for $800, I had to buy a damn $1400 pre built that I ended up gutting Temps on mine are great, even with using a 280mm aio front mounted as intake on my cpu blowing hot air right at the gpu I've never seen it go past 70c gaming
  13. I used astro A40's for a long time. Ended up getting a pair of phillips sph9500 open back headphones and gave the astros to my son.
  14. Where to start here 750 watt psu is enough for a 3070ti, if it's a quality psu 9700k shouldn't be getting that hot with that cooler. It must be pushing way too much voltage to it or something. Check your voltage and manually set it
  15. I'd buy a new 3060ti before I'd buy a used 2080 super at that price. At least you'll get a full warranty
  16. I don't know the conversion rate on this but it doesn't sound like a good deal at all
  17. The card would have to be pretty cheap for me to even consider buying it. I wouldn't pay over $250 but that's me. This is a card that released 5 years ago, it might not be that old but expecting that card to last a few more years is a stretch. If you play old games at 1080p or stuff like siege, valorant, cs go you'll be ok but new releases might not be a good time
  18. I would upgrade the CPU to a 9900k, sell the 9700k online and keep the 3070. I use a 3070 with a 1440p 144hz monitor and have no complaints. I couldn't imagine running a 3080ti on a 1080p panel. Such a waste
  19. 100% agree with you. Probably the best PC purchase I've ever made.
  20. 650 watts should be more than enough for that setup, you have a good psu. The CPU is only 65 watts. I'd run it
  21. Ctr is the easiest way to do it. Let it undervolt/overclock the CPU for you and call it a day.
  22. @unclewebb Helped me out with my 9700f using this same board. I was able to run that CPU without power limits fine but I wouldn't even try it with that 9900k. That sucker is gonna pull some power with no limits.
  23. That motherboard is so bad, this is gonna make me have a flashback
  24. I love how people don't attempt to clean stuff they want to sell. Here's a pic of my dirty ass card, pay me and you get to clean it too