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  1. Swap that I3 for a i5 10400, they are cheaper than what you listed on amazon all the time
  2. I've had more issues with ryzen than I've had with intel over the last 13 years. Sure it isn't best bang for your buck but I prefer having on board graphics in case something happens too. This is the first chip I didn't feel the need to overclock
  3. Got a good deal on a new i9 10850k. BB price matched amazon and used my 10% off coupon so around $400 with tax for the cpu. Was wondering if owners here have overclocked it and had luck or if it's just a high temp mess. I haven't even tried messing with it, honestly happy with it's stock speeds. Using a evga clc 280mm at stock it stays locked at 4.8-4.9ghz and 60c for temps.
  4. Be happy with what you got on that cpu. It's really not bad
  5. I'd buy a used intel CPU without a worry, AMD on the other hand I would worry about the packaging being good enough, pins on the cpu is a horrible idea
  6. You'll be fine with the 10700, hopefully you got that while it was in stock
  7. 100% agree with you on this, the hit in FPS from high to ultra is never worth it. I use a 3440x1440 34 inch ultrawide with a rtx3070 and have 0 complaints, I also don't play on ultra unless it's old like fallout or siege
  8. 1080ti is like a beefy 2070 super, which should be ahead of a 5700xt. I've got a brand new never opened 5700xt just sitting here, been meaning to list it, thanks
  9. I wouldnt even worry about replacing the motherboard. Biggest issue is it only comes with 1 8gb stick of ram. You'll need to get another one but all in all for a pre built if you can get it right now at that price with the 5700xt in it I'd probably go for it
  10. I would go intel here but I'm biased after having issues with ryzen
  11. I just sold a i5 10400 for $120 not even a week ago. The cpu was decent I'll give it that, I used it for a few months until I upgraded this week to the 10850k. For gaming it wasn't bad at all
  12. The problem is getting a new ryzen chip without paying a scalper for it. I was looking to do a new build and ended up getting a i9 10850k. BB price matched amazon at $429 then let me use my 10% off birthday coupon on it. $386 before tax was good enough for me to buy it
  13. IDK how I go this thread mixed up with someone else's that's my fault. It has to be the mount on the cooler, I've done it before a long time ago
  14. Either the cooler isn't mounted right or the pump isnt working for some reason and I'd be willing to bet it's something with the pump not being plugged into the right port on the motherboard
  15. Do you have all the cords plugged in? You might not have it set right on your board. What mobo plug do you have it on
  16. Clearly something aint right. How are you monitoring temps? It sounds like the cooler isn't mounted right. I had a 10700k that I pushed pretty hard and it didnt get anywhere near that hot
  17. Cost to performance the new cards are great, getting one would be a pain even if we didn't have the Rona going on right now. Sure it wouldn't be this bad but it wouldn't be easy to get
  18. Are you using DLSS? What resolution monitor? If your 2060super is doing fine in all other games I'd look into your CB2077 settings and play around with it. I have a 2060 super on a 1080p monitor and it's chugging along just fine
  19. I'll take the nvidia card over the amd priced equivalent any day for DLSS. It makes such a difference in framerate that I feel like it's worth it
  20. I already got this for free from epic a while ago