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LGA771 Server - Best budget dual xeon

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got working server with LGA771 motherboard from 2007 for free - X7DBE, rev.2 (Dual CPU), 3x redundant power supply (SP762-TS 760w) and 7gb of RAM for free.


There was Xeon e5335 in one cpu slot and other cpu slot was empty. Which budget xeon to buy? Pair of E5450 and overclock it? Any other suggestions?


I am in process of cleaning it and putting it back. I have put several PCs together, but never had server in my hands, so it's new learning curve for me. Wish me luck.


Thank you.



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Welcome to the forum!


Here is something you're gonna learn about server hardware. In many cases, the memory technology used for servers is VERY different from desktop memory. Servers often use ECC registered memory while desktops do not.


I would buy 2x xeon E5450s.


Finally, you can't overclock servers at all. Aside from reading the board schematic and performing hardware mods that would require an electrical engineering degree to pull off, you cannot overclock a server.

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It's good to tinker with this, but I would not keep it on 24/7 since it is a power hog. The money you'd spend in just powering it over the next 1-2 years would be better spent on an old R610/R710. Also the overall speed is going to be slow, especially if you try to virtualize some servers - just to keep in mind.


I won't knock it entirely, as it is something to get your feet wet - just start considering using other hardware sooner than later. Even if it means virtual machines on your desktop.

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