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Atypical triple monitor setup.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have been kicking around the idea of of adding two 4:3 or 5:4 monitors to the sides of my 24 to run as a gaming setup as well as work flow. I know the cringe many of you have on the thought of such a jank design, but if it can work it would fit my budget and my space much more efficiently than three 16:9 screens that I could not afford. I have found that 19 inch monitors at 5:4 are about as close as it gets in height, (20 in at 4:3 would be a bit closer I think but I can't seem to find any made with displayport which I need to make this work.)
My problem is the native 1280x1024 I am unaware if i can have a continuous display that will match up with my 24 in 1080 display. Now I can count, but I just wanted to ask the brain trust that is this forum if anything can make this work properly outside of dropping my resolution on my main display. although I may still try. I'm not picky about gfx, all about the gameplay.

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I have done a 4:3 as a second monitor on W10.  It works fine.  You can set resolutions independently, you just hit a "wall" moving your mouse at the very bottom of the screen lol, have to mouse UP, then left to get it on the 2nd screen.  Besides that, you're good to go. 


Do what your budget and space will allow.

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Yes you can mismatch monitor resolutions, although pixel size (physical) should be identical if you want to be able to have continuity of image between the screens like for gaming).  If it's not you'll get one screen that effectively looks magnified vs. the others.


(I'm telling you this from a machine using 2 1440 screens and 1 1080 screen...all are 27").

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