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  1. I had to google what the fuck "verified actual gamer" was. What a stupid concept. Makes me want to get one from it just to scalp it on ebay to prove how stupid it is.
  2. That's datacenter x-point which is so absurdly expensive that I'd be amazed if anyone put it in a desktop. (I don't remember seeing any followups to the 905p on the SSD roadmap. Intel's SSD division is kinda in hibernation right now pending their sale)
  3. Is Ryzen still finicky about memory selection and settings? (I legit don't know since I only run Intel stuff due to it being cheaper cost to me than AMD)
  4. Optane 905p is basically the fastest that exists because it's not NAND memory. There's other SSDs that achieve higher "paper" throughput but Optane is the fastest in the real world. It costs like $1.50 / GB though.
  5. The vast majority of people in the US are basically doing this. Plug in your income, subtract out the standard deduction, and you find how much tax you owe from a table based on that number. Subtract how much you paid during the year (withheld from paycheck) and you either owe a bit of money or get a bit of money back. I literally do my taxes in about 20 minutes every year. TurboTax has all my personal info already so I just need to import stuff from a few accounts and the software does the work. It's hugely exaggerated when people act like doing their taxes is a massive burd
  6. I just modified a Bykski backplate with a DIMM waterblock. Works great. Also in typical EK fashion...that backplate they're using is hilariously thin and shitty compared to the Bykski one. Going to warp like a mo-fo when you go to actually tighten it and it's not going to compress thermal pads. And wouldn't ya know it, mine does a better job than theirs too: This is running at unlimited power (about 700W from the wall) while mining.
  7. The mosfets are being covered, and that's the only part that matters. Caps and inductors are passive components and don't need cooling.
  8. It wouldn't cost me any money to move from my current 10850K to a 11700K. Should I do it? I'm leaning towards yes since the overclocks seem similar and then I'd reap the higher IPC.
  9. Basically describing how every business makes money You're basically arguing that every business should be forced to open source everything they do? Good luck with that.
  10. That EK 3090 is shit. They took a reference 3090 and put a waterblock on it. It's lower spec than even the TUF. Also: Thermaltake Core G3. $70 and it's pretty much the same size, and I've actually flown with it. Anyone spending $400 on a case is a retard.
  11. TLC vs. QLC nand memory. On paper QLC is less durable than TLC which is less durable than MLC but in reality SSD manufacturers have mitigated the differences.
  12. For daily use, nowaays just about every SSD performs very similarly. Just get the QVO and call it good. Or any number of adata, crucial, hp models that also perform very well. NVME drives have really good "paper" performance but it's again not very noticeable difference in daily use.
  13. Random barely related story: I had a silicon design course where we were tasked with doing silicon-level design of logic gates. and, xor, nor etc (where you're drawing the gates like a 2d model with various feature sizes). Being my normal procrastinating self I started late and ended up really only having time to do the design for and, or, and I think an inverter gate. And then I had the realization that all the more advanced logic gates can be made using just those 3 basic gates. There was a lot of copy pasting and inefficiency of wiring together waaaay too many and and or gates.
  14. No. In fact boiler plate contract language has a section that says to the effect of "if one of the provisions in this contract is found unlawful the rest still stand"
  15. What does he want Apple to do? Be forced to maintain a relationship with him under any circumstance so he never loses access to digital services? Refund him for stuff he bought years ago, so whenever you want to "cash out" your account just get it banned? Get all his porn mailed to him on a flash drive? The fact he even got banned says something cause he's the first I've heard of.