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  1. Eyeglass cleaner. And cotton balls because they're cheap and don't leave lint. Also you don't really need to be worried about getting it super clean. A bit of residue or fog or whatever on the surface won't affect performance at all.
  2. It's the blue sub pixels that end up dying. So anything that is using a lot of blue to be displayed or pure white will burn. Samsung tries to mitigate it by making the blue subpixels larger than the red and green ones so they're effectively redundant on their own but it's just a mitigation that doesn't work all the time. I think there was discussions years ago to manufacture extra blue subpixels or something but I don't know if they ever did that.
  3. Pepperidge Farm remembers the E8400 legend Core2 that was 3.0Ghz base clock (boost didn't exist) and you could easily OC it to 4.2Ghz or more. Those days are long behind us. I think I have my 10850K "only" 5.1Ghz which is just about where the boost clock is anyways and my 3090 I only can do like +75 on the core because it already boosts so high. Oh and their entire business model was doomed to begin with. You can't sell binned CPUs at a high enough cost to recover the volume that you need to process to find the good ones. I've bought 25 of them at a time and only
  4. Early adopter? Homie, this has been a problem with OLED's since their use on phones. Meanwhile I leave shit open on my desktop so long I get image retention with an IPS screen (that goes away on its own)
  5. I really just need to make my loop-reveal video or some shit and Fiverr an editor for it. But yeah I've basically done what you're asking for although I don't have capability to go sub-ambient because then my desktop enclosure would have to be fully air tight and inert gas purged and routing cables out while maintaining that would be a pain in the ass. I've scoped it out but decided it's not really worth the effort. I've gone sub-ambient water on a bench setup and it doesn't really buy anything but condensation problems. You need sub-zero to really get better overclocks. Anyway
  6. It's going to be transparent to you because the OS and microcode are going to be scheduling tasks anyways. The idea is that minor tasks (background processes, light game threads like sound/network) get shoveled to atom where it keeps the Core from getting interrupted and the atom cores work far more efficiently than Core does. Roughly each Atom core counts for 60% of a Core, and yeah Intel did explore just putting 12 Cores together instead of doing 8+8. Long term the goal is laptops and datacenters. Intel is trying to get ahead of ARM taking over servers with 9000 core boxes, so
  7. Shortage is probably intentional to a degree because covid had nothing to do with slowing down semiconductor manufacturing. If anything it was the only operation that was "at all cost" and kept running even as everything else around the fab was emptied out. So now you have a sweet excuse to jack up your pricing on your 30 year old fab that was probably barely worth operating pre-pandemic.
  8. The sata controller is the chipset on that board. I don't think I've ever heard of a chipset dying.
  9. Cheap SATA cables can cause problems like this. You'd think "it's all the same" until they drop drives randomly or only connect at Sata II speeds instead of III. And that's when I stopped using the ones included in packaging.
  10. Anyways, this dude just took Swype and put it on Apple Watch. Much innovation. Love seeing Scribble though. Looks like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graffiti_(Palm_OS) is back and kicking. You could get crazy fast at typing with it.
  11. Good luck with that. I look around at the people who can't even be bothered to replace their cracked screen protector and know for certain no one is going to be swapping modules or taking apart their laptop at a significant scale. That's also assuming you find someone who wants a no-name brand laptop for $1000. And even if it does work, Framework hasn't done anything that's patentable. So HP/Dell are getting free market research from them and can go implement it themselves. Also LOL at how much of a ripoff LTT store is. White label shit like that from China at 60%
  12. Why the fuck do we need 16 boards from a single brand?!
  13. Hmmmm...interesting. I normally just do a iCloud pull cause I'm too lazy to plug my phone in. EDIT: and ironically when I plug my phone in, it doesn't get recognized at all. Not even charging. Must not like this USB hub.
  14. You misunderstand. I wasn't expecting a phone with huge differences but I was expecting a little more substance. They could have baited me to go 12->13 if they put some marginal camera improvements like 480fps, or put touch ID back in the power button, or even putting in Wifi 6E since consumer access points are going to be rolling out in the next 12 months that support it. 8 had wireless charging, X had OLED, 11 was way better camera, 12 was redesign and 5G. 13...uh...new color mainly. Really should have called it the 12S. TouchID alone would have instantly had me and pro
  15. Why does Microsoft want to risk getting sued again for browser shenanigan when they don't get anything from people using Edge? $1 says whatever douche is in charge of Windows came over from Edge team or some shit at Microsoft and is just butthurt no one wants his shitty product.