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  1. Why are people acting like sandwiching a TEC between a waterblock and a coldplate is some revolutionary concept? This shit has been done over and over...spoiler alert: it doesn't really work at all. There's a reason you don't see anyone using TEC's for "extreme cooling" and it's not because it's some wildly difficult thing to build, it's because the efficiency is piss poor and you get thermal runaway with any serious CPU heat load.
  2. Intel still generating more in profit than AMD makes in revenue. The final endgame is it comes down to marketing and price war and Intel can win that with ease.
  3. Assuming you didn't do something dumb like run the CPU block in parallel with the GPU blocks.... You shouldn't use 3/8"/10mm tubing for long runs. You should adapt 1/2" or 5/8" to 3/8" at the PC. Here's some useful info for you showing resistance of various components, resistance of 10' of 1/2" tubing, and what a D5 vario is capable of: https://martinsliquidlab.wordpress.com/pump-planning-guide/comment-page-1/ Here is pressure curves of various pumps, in series the curves are additive. IE the curve multiplies by 2 if you have 2 pumps in series. PMP-450 is Koolance's
  4. I echo everything here. TEC's are just a low efficiency nightmare. You can burn 5000W and barely do better than refrigeration. Every TEC implementation I've ever seen made commercial can't actually handle more than a couple hundred watts and gets overwhelmed with a CPU load.
  5. Purging with argon would be the best strategy because then you can detect moisture by the presence of oxygen. Argon is also heavier than air so you can purge-fill from the bottom and all the air comes out the top. But it all depends on building an airtight enclosure that also needs to have cables passing out of it. It's not a super trivial task and would require some fabrication. I thought about doing it but then I realized that there's really not that much benefit to going sub-ambient unless you go DEEP subambient...which you can't easily accomplish without temporary things li
  6. The term "purchase" typically means you actually own something. They're trying to argue that purchase means "unlimited term rental" which is still just a rental. The legal question is always "what would a reasonable person think" and I don't think they'd agree with Amazon on this one.
  7. One of these days maybe samsung will realize no one fucking wants a folding phone. If I'm going to have a 1" brick in my pocket it might as well be double battery capacity instead of 75% more screen.
  8. Would you like to touch my LANRig internals where it only has a 240mm front mounted radiator for both the GPU and CPU? Thing feels like a furnace. The best scenario is exhausting through the radiators...doesn't really matter where the radiators are positioned. I couldn't do it with my LANRig though because then the entire case would be a negative pressure dust magnet...cause it can only hold the 240mm radiator and a single 120mm fan.
  9. And even at that you'll still need to probably do a cleanout of the loop after a while and still find build up...radiators are just nasty and should really always have a filter put on the outlet of them (and even at that you'll still get "fogging" from shit that the mesh won't catch). I've had max-hot water from my tap circulating full blast through a radiator (my faucets are hipster-design 1/2" diameter pipe so it couples nicely) for 30 minutes and still get shit in the loop. But really it's cosmetic...the performance of the block in OP doesn't look like it's going to be signific
  10. Here's a link to the pump I'm a fan of: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32216931807.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.14922c64b1nXHJ&algo_pvid=2b6bd4f6-910c-4aa5-a352-3ee14b109c6f&algo_expid=2b6bd4f6-910c-4aa5-a352-3ee14b109c6f-4&btsid=0bb0624116022000240153352e4bfc&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ If you search "SC-600" you'll find it on Amazon for 2x the Aliexpress price. I've taken one apart and it indeed does have a ceramic shaft and a really nice impeller design. The "paddle" impeller design that was linked ^^ is not good at m
  11. Your temps seem fine...you're not going to significantly decrease them going custom because the total heat loading is the same. At best you can throw a ton of radiators in and get less heatsoak from the coolant heating up. Bykski and Barrow stuff is also good. Even one of the cheapie pumps that I have in my LANRig (couldn't fit anything else really) has been working fine for a long while and it uses an impeller design that (from my Iwaki pump experience) is supposed to make some pretty good pressure. I use a Bykski block on my 1080Ti and it's as good as any other GPU block I've
  12. Yep, at the same TDP. So it's a wildcard really of scaling of power vs. voltage vs. clock. If this thing is running 4.8Ghz and it's consuming 125W then it's not great power efficiency but the performance per clock would be incredible vs. 10900K. I would guess the clocks are going to be the same as Comet Lake because it's the same fab process, but it's really unknown.
  13. Relative to Comet Lake, Rocket Lake is expected to be 90% the performance with 2 fewer cores at the same total package power. So based on that about 12.5% IPC boost. Yeah looks like there's supposed to be an 8C+0A Alderlake part. That'll be the one I'm interested in I got my shit mixed up, Alderlake is supposed to be ~25% better IPC than Comet Lake. (EDIT: and DDR5 support which seems suspiciously correlated to recent articles about Q3 2021 availability..although we're probably at a point where unless you have 64 cores getting thrashed you don't need DDR5
  14. You're the closest. I've seen the benchmark(s) for Rocket Lake and it is something like 20% better IPC cause Willow Cove. No idea why it's dropping down to 8 cores though from 10. Then you get Alderlake with Golden Cove in 3 quarters with it's 8+8. Which is kinda Broadwell-ing RocketLake giving it a short lifespan. Also no idea how good the atom cores are going to be but they're the newest latest greatest gracemont cores that I don't think have existed in any previous products. I'm thinking my move is going to be Alderlake and disabling the Atom cores to free up thermal room fo
  15. You do need to be somewhat careful of metric vs. imperial. Is the tubing really 1/2 ID 3/4 OD or is it 13/19mm? You can get some sketchy fitment if you combine metric tubing...just one of those things to watch out for. 3/8 ID x 5/8 OD I know I've had a leak when I used 10/16 tubing (Mayhem Ultra Clear) with a 3/8 x 5/8 compression.