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  1. N95 has nothing to do with the rating of the exhaust filtration. The source you're quoting is wrong because they're only thinking about dust mask styles of N95 masks, not respirator styles that have valved+unfiltered exhausts with N/P/R-95/100 rated filters. Also, try being less of a dick. You can be better than being both a dick and wrong at the same time.
  2. Mayhem X1 with the normal 10% concentration. I too would guess it's just the viscosity changing...probably would see similar behavior with plain water?
  3. That is way too high of a voltage for 4.8Ghz. I'm at like 1.38V or so to hit 5.1 rock solid for unlimited amounts of OCCT / P95. It's not a dangerously high voltage just a very pointless high voltage.
  4. I've seen a few reports of the Clear fluid getting a bunch of floaters in it over time. Probably they didn't put in biocide in a bad batch.
  5. I would guess it's not filtering the exhaust which makes this mask a fail for a couple reasons. a) The main reason for wearing masks is to not spread to other people b) You can't fly with a mask that has an exhaust valve on it because of a) You might as well buy a half face mask respirator from 3M and then you get known good quality. It's also suspiciously light on details. Zero pictures of the inside of the mask and no mention of how much those expensive RGB filters are going to be to replace.
  6. I'm annoyed by every piece of code with conditional logic (read: literally every piece of code) being called "artificial intelligence". Or nested loops "machine learning".
  7. This is pretty much all chinese IOT things. They just slap together generic firmware that has way more modules than it actually needs (sure let's keep that SSH server running on my "smart" dildo), don't bother changing any passwords cause that would take intelligence and/or effort, and then put it up on alibaba for some frat bro "entrepreneur" to slap their logo on and market the shit out of. Or D-Link. D-Link does this too cause they're just a shitty "name brand" company. You can find this same story going back as long as IOT has been a thing (~the last 10 years).
  8. Sorry for the chart overlays but the lines to care about are the teal color = flowrate on a range of about 185 L/h to 210L/h . The other lines are various components on a scale of around 29C up to 40C. The temperature spike around 11PM and corresponding flowrate increase is from when I turned off the whole-house loop pump to do some upgrades (smash that like button to see more of that! no? ok then...). The desktop loop is heat-exchanged with the whole house loop so it keeps running. Mildly interesting that hotter fluid = more flowrate. The trends in the lines are f
  9. At that point you know what also works? Put a gun to the head of the guy whose account you're trying to access.
  10. A PSU failing isn't going to be a gunshot or grenade going off... I had a first gen AX1500i (platinum...second gen was titanium rated) fail on me after several years. The failure was "I shut my desktop down...and then it never came back". No noise or drama. Also, it's highly unlikely you'll ever want more than 1000W. My desktop (10850K and shunted 3090) tops at 850W from the wall. You just don't get any higher without doing multi-cpu multi-gpu setups and both are pretty much dead ends nowadays.
  11. Looks like the trash that comes out of rads that aren't cleaned. They throw off chunks like this and will also fog the entire loop (that grayish film left of the jet plate)
  12. $20. It's a fucking *job* you're not going to be hanging around building computers and fucking around on someone else's payroll.
  13. You need voicemeeter to tell you what the mic output volume is. You want to aim for about -10dB with your speaking volume. Some software like Skype will automatically lower the slider to hit an average volume. I dunno about the direct monitoring thing...quick googling seems to indicate a lot of people have issues with that box and direct monitoring. Both my M-Audio M-Track and GoXLR just worked out of the box with zero latency.
  14. A hedge fund wants to make money which means they'll kill the cow for the meat short term instead of getting milk from it in long term. It's pretty much their default suggestion of "fire sale everything". The dude does have good points though. Something to the effect of "the management was getting paid handsomely to fall behind the competition" was like "true that!". From personal experience I don't have any confidence in the leadership. Bunch of old bean counters who don't understand the tech they're in charge of. I think their goal was to make the revenue grow on paper but n