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I wanna thank u guys first because u guys always made me do the right descion when it comes to pc building. Second i have problem with my monitor. I bought the asug pg348q 2 years ago. And im gonna say im not happy with it. Im not happy with the fact i can't play my games with uncapped fps at all. Like if i wanna play pubg with uncapped fps i get stuttering like crazy. The only way i can play without stuttering is i need to cap my fps under 100 with v sync on in nvcp. And every game is the same. Like some games doesnt like g sync. And im stuck with g sync. If i knew this problem about this monitor. I wont pay 100$ for it let alone 1k. Im thinking of selling it and get something better that wont lag when i uncap my fps. And with g sync as an option. What do you guys think? And what do you recommend for a new monitor!

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