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Gaming Rig, Top to Bottom

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello all,


So at a crossroads. Currently have a Asus Zephyrus which I will be turning over to a new owner due to my distaste for it (battery life, cooling system, performance, keyboard, etc). Got a couple options for replacements I am looking at. (A) buying a similar (but significantly better) replacement laptop, presumably the Aero 15X; (B), waiting for CES and seeing if there is anything worth the sky high prices I am sure will abound with the RTX enabled laptops in a month; (C) getting a cheap laptop plus a decent small factor desktop. Using for coding, work, gaming, and school. Budget is roughly $2500-$3000 for everything (including peripherals). Goal is to game at 1440p max settings AAA titles, 60+ FPS. If you can acheive a system that can reliably meet those results for less than the available budget, I won't complain. Considering an Asus Vivobook, Acer Aspire 15 E, or Huwaei Matebook D as my laptop options to use in combination with a desktop (preference being the matebook). Can I get suggestions on what to do from the three listed options?


Note: For peripherals, I prefer Corsair Keyboard (K70 or K95) and Proteous Spectrum for mouse, but I will consider what is suggested. I prefer AMD to intel/nividia simply because I like to support open market competition and their products have been top notch recently. I am ok with buying used/refurbished parts if from a reliable seller, and am able to purchase immediately so if you notice something on Ebay or Amazon or wherever, feel free to throw that in.

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If you didnt like the zephyrus you are not going to like the aero 15 any more. You have a decent laptop for the category you are looking at. Changing to another portable gaming laptop os going to give you the exact same issues you have now.


Either look at a more substantial/less portable laptop or get a desktop and laptop combo.

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