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  1. I have an MSI laptop with one, and I can tell you it's gonna struggle. I got by playing BF3 multiplayer on low settings @ 1080p, but that's about as much as it could handle. I still use the laptop for more basic games though.
  2. That's really not true... though it does vary from mouse to mouse. Not all wireless mice are the same. Your MX Master is definitely on the high end.
  3. Yep! Liquid cooling is very effective, but sealing off everything entirely, even from passive airflow certainly presents a problem. It would be very interesting to see how it could be dealt with, but it might not be a good starting point for modding.
  4. Honestly with the amount of things you'd be keeping outside of the desk, and the fact that you're running fans elsewhere, I would consider having filtered airflow for the desk. Desk computers are primarily designed that way for a good reason. You would also be able to avoid hanging radiators off the back of the desk and the entire system would look cleaner. If you need to make things a bit more unique, perhaps design a nice hinge for raising the glass top (assuming that's the route you were going) for maintenance and cleaning.
  5. Heat will build up with time, likely not enough to be a problem if your radiators are outside of the desk... though it's hard to be certain. Especially if you are using full coverage blocks for everything, it really shouldn't be an issue... but there are components that you may want to consider keeping outside of the desk if it really must be sealed. PSUs don't get very hot normally, but in a completely sealed desk, it could potentially be an issue. Mechanical hard drives also produce a surprising amount of heat if they don't have at least a small fan blowing over them. You will also want to make sure that you're using a full coverage motherboard block to cool VRMs.
  6. Do you mean you don't want any fans at all? So passive liquid cooling?
  7. Myself and a few friends of mine have had issues with Razer peripherals... but I haven't heard anything negative about Razer's laptops.
  8. Most people lean towards full size mechanical keyboards for durability. MX-Reds don't have the audible click, which would help with the noise issue.
  9. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. There are things I like ultrawide for and things I do not. Objectively, 21:9 still has some support issues and you do take a loss in refresh rate. I personally prefer to keep the extra refresh, since I play so many games that do and do not support ultrawide resolutions... or just have janky support like Overwatch.
  10. Are you looking for a 24" or 27" display? The Dell you're looking at is 24" at 1440p and that's a bit too small for that resolution, in my opinion. I prefer to stay at the 110ppi sweet spot and avoid display scaling in Windows. That said, I've had a PG279Q and I currently have 3 of the Dell S2716DGs and they've all been great. I will say that I had some trouble with the Dell monitors making an annoying electrical noise, so I got replacements from Dell. Their customer support is fantastic.
  11. Cool! Thanks guys. Depending on when I can upgrade, I'll probably get a 6P or wait for the new version.
  12. So basically I have no idea where to start looking for phones these days. I've had a couple Galaxy phones in a row (currently S5). I'm tired of Samsung bloatware (and I've had some bad update issues) and battery life is important to me (resolution not so much). What would you guys recommend? Price isn't really a concern, I just need to be able to get it from Verizon and it needs to be Android. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  13. I'd actually be able to get some great use out of that projector even in my tiny apartment. I have to say the idea is intriguing. Many a Smash tournament must be played. Gave LG a follow as well. I'm @DaftTechTips on Twitter
  14. As people have already said, we don't know the exact performance of a 1060, but with the way things are going, 3GB if VRAM is often not enough for max settings in newer games. Hell, the 4GB on my 980s isn't enough for the new Tomb Raider, Shadow of Mordor, and a couple other games I'm forgetting... it's becoming more and more common for high resolution textures to raise VRAM requirements. Rainbow Six Siege also has an "Ultra HD Texture Pack" that recommends at least 4GB of VRAM at 1080p.
  15. I'd also add that bay reservoirs have more points of failure than a tube res... and a tube res is easier to mount in random places (especially considering your need to mount a bay res sideways).
  16. 1 - MBR cannot handle HDDs 2TB or bigger. 2 - You will have to pick MBR or GPT for each physical disk in your system individually. 3 - You won't have to worry about it on an external drive. 4 - There is basically no reason to use anything other than GPT at this point. It'll work with everything. 5 - When you boot your system your motherboard basically just goes through the boot order you set in bios and launches whatever it can first. 6 - This is also probably something you won't have to worry about. Windows just needs those files for... reasons... lol. Edit: I should also say that the system reserved partition will not allow you to recover your system in the event of major software failure. It's just there to keep track of boot data for Windows.
  17. So a couple months ago I started noticing that Steam would occasionally start game updates that wouldn't actually download anything. The updates show up like any other, if I start the update before it's scheduled, it finishes immediately. This was never really a problem... until today when I noticed that it did this for no less than 118 different games in my account in the last 24 hours. That's a bit more than 1/5th of my games. Has anyone else noticed something like this? I can't seem to find people with the same issue.
  18. The only problem I have with Vessel is that their payment service is down, for me at least. It's hard to subscribe if they won't take my money.
  19. Rig name: The Heavy V2Cpu: i7-4790K @ 4.7Ghz (The clock doesn't get reported correctly. No surprises there.)Gpu: SLI 980's (No SLI scaling to be had.)Ram: 16GB 2400MhzScore: 8.8
  20. I just had this same issue, apparently it's still not fixed. Might want to check on your sponsor, @LinusTech @Slick
  21. The game isn't locked for me. I'm regularly seeing 80fps or more.
  22. Sorry to necro an old thread, but temperatures readouts are working with Core Temp in Windows 10. Just run CoreTemp and switch All CPU Meter's temperature readout settings to "ON (CoreTemp)" and turn off the error message. http://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/
  23. I'd check your warranty and get a replacement. Running a clicking hard drive is risky business.
  24. That's because the colors are off. lol. Welcome to the temporary green-screen set.