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  1. Why do people bother saying not to get something without saying what to get instead? Then not reply to asking what they think is better. This site gets dumber every day, I don't know why. I guess the larger LTT grows on YouTube the dumber the crowd it draws in. I don't know if I could make more useless posts if I tried. OCN is definitely better, doesn't make me feel like I lose braincells every time I read a post.
  2. They're better than the EC2-A or EC1-A thumb buttons, which are the only right handed mice from Zowie. This still looks like the best mouse from Logitech despite the side buttons, the weight and shape are great. I really don't think Logitech has a better choice, I dislike the shape of the G303 and know the Pro G wouldn't be as comfortable to hold, even though it has better thumb buttons. Not really interested in anything from Razer or Steel Series, or the FinalMouse stuff. What is like the G403 but with good side buttons without anything else being worse? I h
  3. You select Manual These forums must really be dying, how has it been an hour and no answers for such a simple problem
  4. I can't even imagine how bad those sound
  5. Anywhere I can buy this for a fair price? It's $70 USD = $90.96 CAD but it's $100 on their site. The only Amazon it's on is UK where it's 60 euros, even though $70 USD = 62.75 euros. None of the discount coupons work on the inflated Canadian price, but you can use them on the US site to get it cheaper. I'm fuckin tired of overpaying for everything for no fucking reason because Canada They're giving Europeans a deal, but fucking Canadians for an extra $10 because it's 96 cents over their round number of $90. Nice rounding skills Logitech. Round 2.75 down f
  6. Logitech just announced the G403 which is a much better shape than the G303 for almost everyone with normal human hands.
  7. I just linked a random one. They're all pretty fine, the "Great" ones have 8+8pin as shown for extra power delivery and 10+2 power phases. Those things aren't too important because Pascal is pretty locked down with the BIOS situation. They're still better obviously, it just depends if you think it's worth the extra cost. They'll all perform pretty equally out of the box and with basic overclocking via a utility like MSI Afterburner. It's only if we get a Pascal BIOS editor that we will really be able to take advantage of the extras on the "Great" versions. The
  8. You'll have best chances of avoiding interference with an external sound device if that's what you're looking to do. If you want an external DAC/amp combo that's also capable of good 7.1 surround, Creative SoundBlaster G5. It's only $96 on Amazon right now.
  9. This page has a comparison list for all your choices (scroll down a bit) http://www.evga.com/Products/Product.aspx?pn=08G-P4-6274-KR
  10. K. EVGA only shared this on their official Facebook page. Definitely not endorsing G2A as well. Make sure to do the typical fanboy shit everyone does on these forums and ignore this and continue spreading bullshit.
  11. Gigabyte is horrible and should be avoided at all costs. I'd say EVGA and MSI are the best you can get in North America. Depending on where you live you might have some other great options, like Palit. I don't know what your options are in Japan.
  12. Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse is pretty much the best. I currently have a Zowie EC2-A