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  1. Hi, i’m building my first ever pc today and after hours of figuring what to do and putting in all stuff the right places i finally get to boot up my pc, but i couldn’t because whenever i try to open up BIOS to install windows i just get a black screen with a white underscore.( frozen not blinking ) i don’t know what i’m suppose to do. any help? this is my pc Ryzen 5 2600 Gigabyte B450 Gaming mATX Silicon Power 2x 8GB DDR4 -2 2400M gigabyte RX570 8GB Silicon Power 256GB SSD Western Digital Purple 2TB HDD Corsair CX550M semi modular power supply
  2. my ping is only high playing fortnite and overwatch so far they are both about 160ping, i tested some other games like gta 5, csgo and apex legends and they have normal ping at 30ping.
  3. Hi, whenever i game, it goes at a constant high ping of about 180ms, but while doing speedtest and calling on discord its only 5-15 ms ping only. downloading stuff also goes over 10mb/s second. any help?
  4. needed a laptop that would last me for quite a while, i like to keep my games at 1080p60fps but i wouldn’t mind low settings. the 1660ti version has an 512gb ssd + 2TB hdd and 2060 has 256gb ssd + 1TB hdd. they are both the same price. i play mostly fps games like apex legends overwatch battlefield etc.
  5. well, I'm not in the us so price will be mixed up, i work like photoshops and stuff but mostly gaming of course
  6. I want to build a PC for mostly gaming and some work, so should I have the i5 or the 1600? the GPU I'm using is MSI GAMING X RX 480 8GB or screw the non X and buy a 1500X?
  7. RX 470 STRIX + Free gift HITMAN 2016 = 193USD RX 470 MSI GAMING X+ no gifts =206 USD Im going to sell HITMAN for 20 bucks on ebay anyway because stealth is not my type. I saw Benchmarks and i found out that the msi one has 3-5 more fps increase over the strix so i dont know which one is more worth it.
  8. hi, so I just want to safe as much money as possible to build a PC, I'm considering used PC parts. but idk which parts is good to buy used and which parts is not good to buy used
  9. So, in my country, the prices drop a lot, making it getting the rx 470 8gb only 12USD more than the 4gb rx 470, so idk if it is worth it.
  10. alright so me and my friend are trying to play titanfall 2 together, but whenever i press invite, then he open my msg box from origin, it says that (friend) invite you to a game, but no longer available to join, i was just in the main menu, i tried my friend to invite me but still doesnt work. any help?