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  1. Hi guys A friend of mine use to mine bitcoin . But since he stopped it because he didn't see it much profitable anymore. He have like 20 gtx 1080's laying around . I thought of using them as a resenting service . Like we render 3ds max . Or animations faster and we get rewarded for that. My questions are how . Are there websites for that ? . What softwares do I need ? . What internet connection speed is needed.... . Thanks guys . I really appreciate that .
  2. we don't have such service here in my country . the data that i have is important enough to make me try anything to save it . but not important enough to lose a lot of money for it . i was told that if i find the same hdd . they could take off the motherboard with the connectors and place it on my hdd . i would like to know if i can just take off the connectors only without the motherboard of the hdd . then put them into mine .is that possible or doable ?
  3. hi guys first of all let me explain how i got here ever since i bought my pc a mistake was made by one of the company pc builders they badly placed the hdd and because of that the sata cable kept disconnecting from hdd connectors and so i had to open the case and play with it a little before it goes back to normal . but while doing that for more than a year i finished by breaking the plastic holding the connectors together . now it's inside the sata cable but i didn't stop there . i tried to directly reconnect the pins inside the sata and it did work once twice and now it just r
  4. hi guys i'm going to travel for 12 days and i have a very low end pc . i'm looking for some great games to kill time over there . i have 4gb of ram and a intel i3 , intel hd 4400 give me some fun games that would work even if in low setting . thanks
  5. great mate , last quastion . i think i'm gonna buy one of this 5 phones , umi plus extreme , umidigi s2 , Smartphone Xiaomi Mi Max 2 (noir) - 64 Go , or mi5s or LeEco le pro 3 any perspective on this ?
  6. also while we are talking about a phone that didn't came out yet . i was looking forward to the vernee x he looks like a beast , will he deliver ?
  7. i'm looking at your phones , gaming wise i like very demanding apps an games , i play a lot of different types from just points and click to high graphics . by gamling phone i mean a phone who can play any games that i wishes without having to ever ask the question "but will my phone be able to running it just fine ? " this is the kind of gaming experience i'm looking forward to
  8. hi guys i'm a gamer first that's my single priority for the use of a phone i want the best sheap phones for my budget of 350 dollars and less , i don't care about looks or anything else , as long as it game well and have a good battery life , i can forgive the rest . thanks
  9. where can i sell my account ? or if it's not against the forum rules i can post it here
  10. i live in africa and i'm broke and need money .20 or 30 bucks would save my ass right now . you didn't miss anything
  11. hi guys . i was wondering if there is any specialized website for me to sell my account or any other way to sell my bf1 used key thanks .
  12. i did understand that but i wanna know how ?, i mean the print server must be connected directly to the printers then how can you bypass the print server in the first place is beyond my understanding
  13. hello i don't understand the part of this video that starts from 17:33 and is about branch office direct printing i got confused about that print server thing ,
  14. ahh ok so the everyone option is here to make sure even if a new user is here who isn't registered still can have access without the need to create a new account for him , but is this the same for servers too ? because you are talking of a local home scenario , if we talk domains rather then workgroups , is it still relevant ?