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    Forever trying to make my rig quieter...

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    ASUS Maxims VIII Hero
  • RAM
    Corsair Dominator 16GB 4x4
  • GPU
    1080Ti Strix
  • Case
    Corsair Carbide Air 540 White
  • Storage
    Seagate Barracuda 1TB, Samsung 840 120GB & Samsung 840 Evo 250GB
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    Corsair AX760
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    Dell UH2515H - 2560x1440
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    Corsair H100i
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    Blackwidow Chroma - Orbweaver Chroma
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    Deathadder Chroma
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    Razer Seiren - Sony MDR-7506
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    Windows 10

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  1. Just go for a decent 80plus modular/ semi modular PSU from a reputable brand. Seasonic, Corsair etc.
  2. But I'm using them numbers as a guide to how many would subscribe to this. People are very funny already about buying used tech, especially if it's there parents buying it for them etc. Then going to an 'unknown' marketplace will just add to the hurdles to overcome. It a nice idea but real world I think it's too niche for the scale it would need to be.
  3. The problem I'd imagine is just the variation in the audience. 10million people isn't that much against all the amount of people there are even in 1 country. And even then the percentages it would appeal to a even smaller (Only 600,000 on the forum). It just comes down to the logistics of it, and there are already much better options in everyone's relevant country.
  4. Sounds like 8 pin to me then. No easy fix I wouldn't imagine
  5. Probably the 8 or 6 pin in the card gone, maybe both. Lights and such will still work as you'll still have 75w from the PCIe slot. Not sure how you'd go about testing power to the card from the 6 & 8 pin though.
  6. I did a year of College here in the UK (Equivalent to Junior Year of High school I think). Decided I didn't like it and applied for an apprenticeship. Only applied for that one because I knew I was going to do everything to get it. I did. I'm now working in a field I wanted to and the company are paying me to attend university. I guess it depends in which field your degree is, if I'd have gone to do what I wanted I would hope I could jump onto a graduate program pretty quick.
  7. I've dabbled 3-4 years ago so will have to brush back up on it all and give it a try! Thanks.
  8. I've honestly not looked into it massively. I was completely disheartened by it and knew about the crap Internal Thermal pasted I thought that's what I'd got and knew I'd never achieve much with it.
  9. Yep was bought new and was a problem from day 1.
  10. I looked at delidding but when the chip was still new and I was a little earlier in my career a bust chip wouldn't have been good on the bank account. I may give it a go now then. I've been running at 1.25 on stock clocks for 2 years but to get anything more than turbo from it is when I need to crank it. Or for the short while I left it on Auto.
  11. So I've had my 6700k for a few years now, I noticed when I first got it always ran a little hot. I gave it a a few months before trying to get an overclock. I was able to get a 4.4GHz OC but the voltage was up at around 1.4 to achieve that and honestly I didn't feel much noticeable improvement but the chip was running much hotter. When return to just standard settings I noticed the voltage even on stock was rising to 1.35 when in auto on base Turbo. I tried setting it to manual and wasn't able to get it to boot with less voltage than 1.25. I was just wondering if anyone has had a worse CPU than what I appear to have gotten and if there is anything to remedy this? I've tried reseating many times with different compounds but my temps are regularly at 75C while gaming even with an ambient of around 15C.
  12. will all be to do with payment information. Let's be real most won't know who Yvonne is over Linus...
  13. IAcKI

    Banner Size

    Hey guys, what the best banner size for on the forum, trying to find a cool one but they all seem too tall. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. All relative as said above, you want as many cores with good single core performance at a decent clock speed.