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    IAcKI reacted to Gamer Schnitzel in Mining Farm with 78 GeForce RTX 3080s Spotted: Capable of Generating $128,088 Per Year   
    The cryptocurrency market has to die. From a logical and rational point of view it makes no sense whatsoever to convert electricity into an online currency. It literally has zero purpose. No I don't care that it helps you dodge taxations or that you are able to make an income from this. Electricity usage is already high enough in the world, we don't need morons running graphics cards day and night for nothing more than just money making reasons. I doubt Americans are able to understand my argument or care too much about environmental consequences but I can definitely see the EU stepping in one day and regulating this because it literally defies logic from a humanity perspective.
  2. Agree
    IAcKI reacted to tim0901 in Cyberpunk 2077 Removed from the PlayStation Store (and Microsoft's Also Offering Refunds for It, Too!)   
    There was some legal stuff in Australia but I don't think it ever went to court it eventually did and they were fined some pocket change. Sure that ruling forces them to implement it in Australia, but at the end of the day Valve will have done the cost analysis and worked out that introducing the policy globally will probably still work out to be financially in their favor - for example it's better for people who are hesitant about buying a game for whatever reason. They could just as easily have only introduced it in regions where they're required to. No, Valve isn't doing this just to be "the good guy", but sometimes "being the good guy" and "more profit" just so happen to line up.
    The source I linked is an official EU website (.eu domain) so it's about as official of a source as you're gonna get. It may sound dumb - and I kinda agree - but, believe it or not, that's just how the law works here.
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    IAcKI reacted to jollander in Blackmagic Laughs in 12k 75FPS   
    Anyone else more interested in 4k 120 & 240? 🙃
  4. Agree
    IAcKI reacted to divito in Your unpopular (non-political, non-offensive) opinions!   
    Probably is more regional. I don't know very many people that don't utilize ketchup in some manner. I can eat it, but I don't like it or prefer it over not having it on there. But that brings me to another unpopular opinion I hold:

    Outside of bacon, mayo, or cheese, condiments shouldn't be added to food. They detract from the actual food, and if your food needs condiments, then they aren't good enough.
  5. Funny
    IAcKI reacted to BobVonBob in Burger King advertiser abuses twitch donation system   
    Just reprogram your TTS system to replace "burger king" with "mcdonalds" and "whopper" with "big mac". That'll stop them real quick.
  6. Agree
    IAcKI reacted to Sauron in CoverGate: CamCover damages Macbook.   
    Right, so you're OK with an x86 cpu (all of which come with a backdoor), a microphone, web tracking and deanonymization, proprietary software you don't know the workings of but the webcam is where you draw the line? I don't care if it's theoretically possible to look through the webcam without alerting the user, as I said if we're at that level of access they already own you - and they don't care about keeping hundreds of GB of a random person's camera feed that they then need to sift through.
    It's infinitely more efficient to mine personal information, keystrokes, website visits and a myriad of other things that can be combed with software. Covering the webcam is a useless placebo for people who don't understand the first thing about computing privacy and security, so they can relax and keep purchasing products that don't respect their freedom.
    Are you kidding me? What information does that give them that, say, your current location data doesn't?
    Again, the webcam is literally the least of your problems if that happens.
    It also takes less effort to wear a tin foil hat on the street, why don't you do that? Aren't you scared of solar radiation and 5g? It's so easy, better safe than sorry, right?
  7. Agree
    IAcKI reacted to Sauron in CoverGate: CamCover damages Macbook.   
    Hot take: covering the webcam is unwarranted paranoia. If someone has access to your webcam they already have full control of your computer and them watching your face while you browse facebook is the least of your concerns.
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    IAcKI reacted to Bombastinator in Blizzard employees post their salaries to protest   
    There are a couple countries where salaries are public information and posted nationally.  I’ve long thought it was a great idea.  This whole “salary is no one else’s business” thing benefits only the employer and damages everyone else. The only thing it does is permit abuse.
  9. Agree
    IAcKI reacted to AdmiralMeowmix in Epic Games integrates into GoG, and Tim Sweeney advocates for universal game ownership across all platforms   
    "Game ownership should be universal"
    "Also only buy games from us because exclusivity"
  10. Informative
    IAcKI got a reaction from ImNotThere in Arctis 7 wireless vs arctis pro wireless   
    Yeah they are worth the 200 as I'm sure they'll last a long time and battery degradation isn't a problem like most headsets
  11. Agree
    IAcKI reacted to Ashley MLP Fangirl in eBay is port scanning your system when you load the webpage   
    if it was some random site sure, but like, this is ebay. people bidding on auctions using bots etc is a problem on there, this will help solve it. i don't see the problem. 
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    IAcKI got a reaction from emilianopollero in GTX 1060 idle temp 44 spikes to 82 after 20 seconds of gaming.   
    Check your fan curve. Sounds like the fans aren't spinning up correctly.
    If the card is out of warranty it may be worth taking off the cooler and reseating with new thermal paste.
  13. Agree
    IAcKI reacted to SupaKomputa in Seagate Barracuda   
    Get the cheapest. They're not that different.
  14. Agree
    IAcKI reacted to Brooksie359 in G2A confirms stolen game key sales, pays $40,000 to Factorio devs   
    That's such a cop out. If they want to sell it for less than they should do so everywhere because that would be fair. Not to mention that if someone is impoverished they wouldn't have the money to build a pc to pay the game on. Also I why wouldn't the same apply to people who can't afford it in the US? If someone in the US can't afford the full price should they get the lower rate? Should it be arbitrary applied based someone being from a region of the world? Honestly I find it funny that people think that companies doing regional pricing isn't wrong. 
  15. Informative
    IAcKI got a reaction from Windows9 in New switches and why not to use cooking oil to lubricate your keyboard   
    Optical switches disturb a light source to activate. Traditional switches have contact points.
    Razer show quite a good breakdown.
  16. Agree
    IAcKI got a reaction from AshRiver in Is it worth it to wait for nvidias 3000 series gpus and amd 4000 series cpus   
    Depends on if you need it now. By all rumours the 3000 series seem worth waiting for. Not looked into 4000 series rumours though so can't comment.
  17. Agree
    IAcKI got a reaction from Mateyyy in Is it worth it to wait for nvidias 3000 series gpus and amd 4000 series cpus   
    Depends on if you need it now. By all rumours the 3000 series seem worth waiting for. Not looked into 4000 series rumours though so can't comment.
  18. Informative
    IAcKI got a reaction from AshRiver in Next Gen consoles may have Ultrawide support   
    Where have you heard that? More like equivalent to 1080ti/2070.
  19. Agree
    IAcKI reacted to 5x5 in Why I switched from a 3700X to a 9700K (a reaction to Linus' Why I still love Intel video)   
    Just wounds like you messed up your cooling mount and didn't even bother fixing it. Since the 3700X runs perfectly fine on the stock cooler
  20. Agree
    IAcKI reacted to 5x5 in Intel Core i9-10900K CPU Flagship Review ""Leaks"" Out -Wccftech (Much salt needed)   
    When the minimum cooling requirement is a 240mm AIO, your CPU is a hot mess. Using insane amounts of power, insane amounts of heat and needing insane boards for 4% more gaming performance? This is sad
  21. Funny
    IAcKI got a reaction from coolvrdude in HOLY $H!T - Man-sized UPS   
    Got his priorities straight then!
  22. Like
    IAcKI got a reaction from acegard in Electric Violet: I finally stopped settling and built my dream PC   
    Looks super clean!
    Nice work!!
  23. Agree
    IAcKI got a reaction from Corsair Nick in High air flow   

    Corair 680X. Spports 3 3.5" HDD and 4 2.5". High airflow with 360mm Support albeit in the front.
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    IAcKI got a reaction from kelvinhall05 in youtube intro HELP   
    Oh yeah my bad. When scan reading doesn't pay off 🤦‍♂️.
  25. Funny
    IAcKI reacted to BobVonBob in Peel off the new top - Apple refreshes macbook pro 13-inch   
    The whole burning your house down part didn't do it for you?