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  1. To add on to my comment, you could do something since you stated that you're about 10.5km away from a fiber optic equipped city. If your ISP provides FTTH (fiber to the home) you could ask them to install the line required (or find out if it already exists) to link your house via a fiber cable to the city's grid. This option is most likely extremely expensive for the average person, though. It's only an option because fiber cables are able to run much greater distances than copper. You still need two end points. His ISP, or a service that offers air fiber via pointing transceivers
  2. Network speed is as fast as your slowest link between two points. If the bottleneck is your satellite connection you will only have speeds that fast.
  3. It's doing a good job then.
  4. I'll bite. There are many ways to do maintenance without taking the forum down, and 90% of the tweaks we do are completely invisible and require no interruption of service (which is why you don't hear about them). The only time we do maintenance where we need to take the forum offline are when we're working on a critical piece that is either dynamic in nature or can't physically be online or powered on while we're working on it (such as physical movement of the pieces). Long story short, you only hear about maintenance and offline notices when we're doing something that requires there
  5. We have disabled some functionality of the forum that is known to cause high load issues while we run the new office campaign. We realize this is a useful function but please bear with us as we try to stay online while under this amount of high traffic. Thanks Edit: I've actually turned some of the search functionality back on as this particular case was not intended. The "View New Content" button should also work.
  6. Unfortunately it's our host. We just have to ride this one out. Buckle up people.
  7. It is having a moment. Plans are in motion to rectify it all, coming very soon.
  8. Unfortunately we do not discuss moderation openly on the forums. If you have a question about moderation in general please contact one of our lovely green names.
  9. I am the official destroyer of unofficially official officiators, officially and unofficially.
  10. Please see this topic: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/166961-forum-service-degradation-june-15-2014/#entry2221757 Thank you
  11. We're working on it. Sorry for the absent notice
  12. We're working to resolve the issues. Sorry everyone.