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    Ryzen 7 2700x @4.1ghz
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    ASUS ROG Strix x470-F
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    16gigs of DDR4 3266mhz
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    MSI GTX 1060 GAMING X 6G clock @2100MHz
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    Corsair 460x painted white.
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    Samsung NMVe 960 evo 250GB SSD, 128GB of sata 3 ssd and 4 TB of external hdd storage
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    cooler master 500watt PSU
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    1 29" ultrawide two 23" 1080p monitors
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    Deepcool castle 280 RGB.
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    Audio Technical m50x.
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    Windows 10

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  1. Yeah, def a good AMP would bring the most out of those headphones. But If I were you, I would first buy the headphones and try them bare first, then maybe if I had a store that would offer some decent AMPs, go there and do a blind test with and without it. After that, the conclusion is subjective. Btw, what primary purpose are you planning to use those headphones anyway? Professional music production work or just listening to music or gaming? And do you happen to know the impedance of the headphone?
  2. I've been using the m50x for about 2 years now. And well, some audiophiles will say it's just a piece of extremely overhyped equipment and I would agree to a very small degree. But I don't think it's bad for this price point though. The best thing about these are the highs and treble and for the mids, I think not the most even but still good. It's pretty good for monitoring audio or vocals. The bass is kind of overpowering which is the thing I don't like about this. But when you're using an EQ to personalize the frequency ranges according to your preference, it becomes way better for liste
  3. So it just so happens that whenever I'm going to start recording with Audacity, it spits out this error and doesn't start recording. So now when I'm monitoring the Microphone, there's an extremely high pitched noise but I can hear my voice with shit quality. Wtf's going on?
  4. PatXioPC


    Wow! May I know the specs?
  5. That secondary 4pin is there only to satisfy the CPU's more current drawing needs when it's been heavily overclocked, that's it. You could get away with plugging just the 8pin in and I guess with your PSU, there's no 4pin connector at all? I wouldn't recommend doing that though. Your GPU vendor's reference design may be suited to work with both 8pins connected.
  6. So I've paired these (1 , 2 , 3) three monitors as a triple display setup. But after me having them run at their rated refresh rates, I'm encountering a lot of awful stutterings. They are connected through display port except for one which is connected through HDMI since that one doesn't have a display port. I'm not sure as to why this is happening, as well as how to fix this.
  7. btw what if they say so, that, they are not able to find any issue, what would i be supposed to do then? since my issue is very hard to detect and would only ever show up after 4-5 hrs of p95 testing or so? Wouldn't they be way busy to take that much time to determine a single board?
  8. I didn't do the RMA process myself though, I've had it done through a local shop who I'd bought it motherboard from. So i'm not familiar with how it's supposed to be done. could tell me more about these terms?
  9. well I mean, I certainly didn't say that specific thing to them lol. and as far as I know, on the x470-f gaming is the second highest-end model from Asus, and the one above this is the crosshair 7 hero on the x470 chipset at least. And the one i received from them seems to still have the OC presets still saved on the bios. so do i conclude that they sent the same mobo I originally sent? if so, I guess besides the fact that it's bent, it may also give me the same issues I used to get with my original board in the near future. Should I have mentioned that I want a new mo
  10. if you're wondering, this is their rog x470-f gaming which is just a year or so old chipset. And I've been very nice to them and nicely asked them to not fuck anything up this time even after they messed things up so bad. I've also mentioned that my production business is dependent on that machine, and they are just fu*king me up. and if i ask them to give a different model of the same chipset, there's only one upgraded model available which is the crosshair 7 hero since i'm not supposed to get a lower end model. i highly doubt they will have that in stock since the market in
  11. And that would be ASUS for ya. idk if it's same for most people as well but ASUS's RMA department has been just a bunch of professional a%%holes. it's been the 4th time i'm RMAing this in a raw, waiting for over 6 months. Every time they would send the mobo with something fucked up.
  12. So after I received my motherboard from RMA, it turned out to be a noticeable flex (as you can see in the picture below) on the bottom right corner (where the f_panel headers are). Although, upon the usage of a couple of days, I haven't encountered the same issue I had beforehand or any other for that matter. so I'm confused as to whether I should be running with this or re-apply for RMA. i have informed them right away and since i haven't detected any issues with it so far, i'm not gonna wait another 15 days for RMA to be complete. what should I do?
  13. I've never heard of this brand anywhere but just from assumptions by the specs, I would say it is probably a tier 2 - 3. Don't take this for granted though, it might fall even under worse tier judging that it probably doesn't have adequate hardware to fall in a better tier despite being 80plus gold certified and being semi-modular.