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    Bliss wallpaper
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    computer hardware/software, cars (petrol engines), woodworking
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    actually nothing cause im still on High School


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    i3-7100U 2,4 GHz
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    Ironman SK
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    Kingston DDR4 16 GB, 2133 MHz, SO-DIMM single stick
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    Geforce 940MX, 2 GB GDDR5
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    256 GB M.2 Sata SSD, 750 GB HDD
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    laptop 60Hz + BenQ EW2420
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    some cheap cooling pad
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    c-tech empusa
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    Koss porta pro, Koss UR20
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    Windows 10 pro
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    Acer E 15 E5-575G-354A (all this up there is a laptop, lol)
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    Vernee Mars Pro

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  1. I am sorry, unfortunately I am not familiar in todays laptop market, so I cannot recommend any specific model. If I assume you are talking about Intel Xe graphics on their newest mobile processors, than yes, they are decent performers (of course, depending on the workload and specific apps they will be rendering). But they cannot compare to, for example, nVidia's GTX/RTX lineup, or even their Quadro lineup of GPUs (again, depending on the workload).
  2. I had similar issue with chrome, so I started using opera. Difference in browsing - none. Problem is no more.
  3. I want to say that I am not planning to buy this CPU or anything, I just found it on Ebay. It is an 20 core 40 thread Intel Xeon Gold 6138 processor for 120 pounds. Sounds like a great deal for me but its also too good to be true. Could i be a scam? (just asking) I do not know much about buying and selling on Ebay. Link: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Intel-Xeon-Gold-6138-ES-QL1L-1-8GHz-20-Core-40-Threads-LGA3647-CPU-Processor/153397472845?hash
  4. It is pretty much like this: Gaming - Intel chip Work - AMD chip (you will not see any benefit in excel) I would not go with 9th gen Intel CPUs because there are 10th gen core i5s with solid performance and lower heat output. I cant say much about ryzen 4000 series chips. Time will tell.
  5. My opinion is that most of the people have AMD processor in their main PC and Intel one in their secondary/laptop. I have only an i3 laptop, but I used to own ooooooooold AMD Sempron.
  6. I do not know...... Windows does it automatically, I just noticed the difference in app load speeds - thats why I checked it and tried to find newer updates. The newest I could get was 1909.
  7. Thank you, I rolled it back, the difference is incredible. Hope they fix it soon.
  8. Will it force me to update it back later?
  9. Hi, so my laptop was running as fast as flash but yesterday it updated windows itself (version 1909) and my laptop has become so slow that, for example, discord, chrome or even windows settings take several minutes to open. I have a core i3-7100U, 16 GB DDR4 2133 MHz RAM, M.2 SSD (full specs on my profile). CPU usage is always around 12%. Does anyone know why did this happen or/and how can I fix it?
  10. What do you think, will the prices of "old" RTX 20xx cards drop with the arrival of newer RTX 30 series?
  11. I read something on the intel web page, maybe I got a little confused. may bad
  12. Hi, I have seen several people running a 3000 MHz RAM with an Intel Core i5-10400. I have also seen that this specific processor supports up to 2933 MHz RAM. So my question is: Will the 3000 MHZ RAM work with this CPU out of the box? Will it even work or it just locks at 2933 MHz?
  13. I do not have the card yet, but I was told that the bracket will come with it.