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  1. I assume he already has a setup with a board larger than Mini-ITX
  2. More peole are building their own PCs, and they aren't improving that quickly. PCs aren't dying anytime soon.
  3. Maybe means maybe. If that's not the answer you want, ask her what does she mean.
  4. Windows 8.1 is supported until 2023. Also there is no Windows 7 SP2....
  5. Twitch should get a TV network. That way the people running the TV channels won't restrict access to replays or demos.
  6. You probably used an older ISO. For this to work, you need an ISO with Windows Build 10586 (November 2015).
  7. Alright, alright, here's some stuff you should know 1) remove all chipset, SATA and other motherboard related drivers 2) DO NOT RUN SYSPREP! 3) you should be able to boot, and it will ask you to reactivate. the key you got from the key finder is generic, it will not activate on the wrong motherboard. What you should do though is use your Windows 7 key when it asks you to activate. 4) Install all drivers and make sure that there are no Unknown devices in devmgmt.msc (just type that into the start menu)
  8. Thinking of doing some CSGO streams, mabe flight simulation.
  9. I'll say buy whatever is cheaper, they'll both run similar. Unless you are running mods, in which case you should go for 8GB of RAM. I suggest that you run Linux with the .jar server. It's free and rather easy to set up.
  10. You cannot use these functions as Limited Access Member or while Awaiting Validation

  11. It's a feature, has been there since 8.1. I think it is possible to disable it somehow in the registry or Group Policy, if you have it.
  12. I have seen unbreakable DRM before...
  13. Unless you are willing to set up a VPN, no. I suggest you try resetting your router.
  14. You have to forward port 3389 on your router for it to work in that case.
  15. It doesn't matter what slots are used unless running dual or quad channel. In that case, DIMMs have to be in slots of the same colour.
  16. Probably because you didn't insert the memory all the way. Common mistake, don't worry.
  17. Great. Now all AMD has to do is make a good competitor to ShadowPlay. Then I'm sold.