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  1. I don't have a facebook account (or maybe an empty one from years ago, not linked to any app or website, as i don't want to use Facebook (even though i know IG belongs to Facebook) And yeah, i don't have emojis either on Android (thought i have them on the web browser)
  2. Hi Does anybody knows why i can't reply/quote DM on Instagram? Be it on Android phone (S10+ latest android version, latest IG version or on the web browser version, i never had any "reply" button (yeah i tried everything, including swiping left, or pressing the post i want to reply to), i can't quote any message, no settings seems to change that. All i see on the internet is "swipe left" or "press the message you want to reply too and the option will appear" but nope, nothing, when i press the message, i got "like, report, copy text" pop up and nothing and the bottom like on images
  3. Thanks for the reply. That would be for video editing (1 man/no nas for working on files, just for storage) Offline backup and local backup would be performed as often as possible (if new content is produced/new work done) regardless of building a raid or not. I currently have a 2tb Nvme pcie 4 (no raid) (and another one for cache/scratch) but the crazy high speed are useless for the files i would be working with non raw (except if Pro Res Raw, but not hollywood grade camera raw files) so i thought maybe it would be a better idea to have a large capacity (like 2x4Tb SSD in raid 0 coz 1000
  4. Hello I'd like to set up a SSD Raid 10 for video editing (on a local machine not on a Nas) My objective is to have 8Tb with 2x 4Tb Samsung 870 EVO for the Raid 0 but i'm not sure i quite understand what i must do/can do for the "1" redundancy part. So i have few questions : 1. Do i have to use another 2x4Tb SSD (8Tb Total) for the redundancy? or can i use just use1x4Tb (coz i'll never more than 4Tb sitting still on the Raid 0, once the project is over, all files would be stored somewhere else) to have some sort of redundancy? (i'll make frequent backup so my main r
  5. Hello, From PPT, TDC, and EDC how importantly (in which order) to they impact temperatures when raised? I guess the higher we set them, the higher the temps goes (i have a 5950X) right? Thanks
  6. 69-70°c even idle (95% of the time i'm idle) is normal? i thought it was pretty toasty to have these temps al lthe time. i thought it would be more like 50°c if the motherboard is not under load (like video editing or gaming). What motherboard do you have and what temps does your chipset has when idle out of curiosity?
  7. Hello, does anybody knows the thickness of Dark Hero Thermal Pad? I used to have a Crosshair VIII hifi and applied a Gelid Extreme 1.5mm pad and it was fine, but i don't want to tear down my mobo without being sure first (coz no more pads) et also known if a gelid extreme instead of their thermal pad would be beneficial (coz it's running constantly at 69-70°c! pretty hot for a chipset no?) Thanks
  8. thanks for you reply. As far as i know 10 000 (20gbps) instead of 9000Mhz is achievable by 100% of the RTX3080 (maybe they didn't do it because of vram heat on the FE model for example), so i don't think it could ever be an issue, and if it is, i'll just tell me to just enter "0" instead of "500" in the memory clock, to go back to the initial memory clock, super easy for anyway (only the voltage curve would have been been a hassle for him i think Most (not all) people overclock their 3080 FE at 21gbps pretty easily (20gbps is fine for me) to what i've read.
  9. Hi, I spent some time testing my RTX3080 FE after a repad (-20-25°c o nthe vram), trying to find the good balance between speed and temps/noise within MSI Afterburner, creating a "defintiive" curve for my voltage/speed and fan speed. My brother got the exact same RTX3080 FE, is it possible to export my settings so that he import them for his card? Knowing my voltage is safe for the speed and would work on 99% of card - 806mv for 1785Mhz + 10000Mhz for the memory, as i undervolted my card. I know we can save the profile from the folder, in MSI Afterburner, but i don't know if th
  10. Thanks guys that did the trick! Though what's weird is that maximum performance should normally keep speed and voltage at their max settings even when idle (that's why i don't want this mode and used "normal" mode (and so will have to set the power management setting for each game) BUT strangely, even set globally, the "maximum performance" mode allow speed and voltage at idle, no difference with the "normal" mode besides now not having this weird bug with frame limiter Drivers 466.77
  11. Hi I wanted to use the frame limiter from Nvidia, but it creates a weird bug with my GPU (a RTX 3080 FE) speeds and voltage and i can't find what/why it's causing that. When i have my frame limiter set to 58fps (to play at 60fps) on RTSS the game has no problem it runs at 58fps, the speed and voltage are what my curve in MSI Afterburner is set to. When i use the nvidia frame rate limiter (tried global or per game) also to 58fps (tried also at 59, 60fps) the game deliver only 45-47 fps (whereas my rtx3080 can run al lthe games i tested at 90+ fps) ... AND the speed
  12. Should i just try 14-15-15-35 and the rest on auto? i mean is it riskless for the ram? (meaning it will jsut crashes if it doesn't handle it but no damage?)
  13. Hi Could anyone share his complete timings overclock for a Crucial 64Gb (2x16Gb) 3600 CL16 Kit (exact ref : BL2K32G36C16U4B) in order to reach CL14 (or at worst CL15)? I tried using Dram Calculator, but even the last version doesn't support my kit, so i have no clue what to enter as values as there are many, i just know that this kit is easy to overclock (interested in tighter timings, not high speed hough) Thanks
  14. Found the answer to my problem (it might help others who knows). I just needed to lower the "power savings" cursor to "best" (it was on the middle position) in Windows 10 settings
  15. A CPU that get hot because it's at load/doing heavy tasks, it gets its temsp for reasons. When my 3950x and now 3950x suddenly start going up to 80°c with CPU usage below 8-9% and doing jsut browsing on internet or word, then yes, it's spiking for no reason. But if you have an explanation to that (idle CPU usage BUT 100% CPU usage temps) i'm curious to know them (i had a 3900X prior these CPUs and never ever it happened something similar, temps were rising ONLY when CPU was under load, not when idle doing the most basic tasks that can be handle by a 15w CPU (where my CPU would suddenly go