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  1. My question is how are they different from each other? Do some of them have quieter fans better caps batter cables? How can i know and justify the price increase. Most people will just look at the wattage and 80+.
  2. You're right jonnyGURU. But how can I know which one is better? Other than wattage and 80+ rating.
  3. ive seen the TX850M for around 130$. compare that to a 150+$ for a RM850x. why is it more expensive? the same goes for the Seasonic FOCUS GM-850 and the Seasonic FOCUS GX-850. the look identical to me other than the modularity.
  4. The i7 10700k is ahead of the 5600x here: https://youtu.be/JSwe1cOkZbY why is that?
  5. The question is who is in their right mind will buy a 5600x for CS:GO??? It will run on anything. And competitive games are all easy to run even on old hardware
  6. You are right. But its not a realistic use case. Most people will play it 1440/2160p
  7. Wow. I've looked at them. It's really weird. Am getting mixed results. My friend has a 10700k and a 5600x and benchmarked them for gaming at 1440p. The i7 was at least 5% better. And the i7 gets better gaming performance here as well https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i7-10700K-vs-AMD-Ryzen-5-5600X/4070vs4084. And i personally think getting an 8 core cpu is the safe choice for the future. A few years ago 4 cores was the sweet spot not 6 and its only logical that 8 cores will be the sweet spot in the future.
  8. Could you please post the benchmarks or whatever method or source you got that says the 5600x is better.
  9. AMD has improved their 5000 series CPUs significantly. Huge gains in single core performance and all around a better gaming experience than last gen. But i really can't accept the price (assuming you can get it at msrp). The R5 5600x is 300$. An i7 10700 is cheaper now with 2 more cores. I just got i7 10700f for 230$ and a 10700kf for 285$. Better performance and a cheaper price with 2 more cores. Why are people paying over MSRP for the 5600x?
  10. Thank you. Do you think that different models of the same GPU will have different performance?. Same as the example i mentioned in the post above
  11. I was wondering what GPU is the best for mining (high performance with a low power usage rate). Is it the RTX 3000? Or maybe an older AMD?. And can different models of the same GPU have different performance? For example is the gigabyte 3080 vision oc better or the aorus 3080 extreme?.
  12. You are right but i need the RGB it will increase my fps by 70%.
  13. I am looking to buy 2 RGB fans for my NZXT h510. My MOBO is an msi b460A pro. How can connect i connect RGB fans without an rgb header? Do i have to get fans that come with a controller?