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  1. An extender connects to WiFi and makes another network, while an AP connects to Ethernet, which is faster.
  2. Usually, anything that works with 7 or 8.1 works with 10. Give it a try.
  3. Has someone run Ethernet in your house? If yes, you could buy a few wireless access points and connect them to Ethernet.
  4. The problem with that is that some people think that updates are bad, and do everything they can to disable it. Some also never bother to restart their computer to finish installing them, and when they do they get hit with 135 updates that are pending installation. Windows 10 tries to fix this by forcing automatic updates, which will be installed as soon as they're available. Windows 10 also ries to schedule a restart during the time when you are not using your computer. And it will warn you 1 day prior to restarting. For power users who have programs that integrate deep within the system and which could be broken by Windows updates, there is an option to delay the updates. And finally, for 10 Enterprise, you can opt-in to an LTSB (Long-Term Servicing Branch) which will only get security updates.
  5. PSA: Do not update to cm-12.1-20150718 without backing up.

    1. harrynowl


      broken nightly?

    2. Speedbird


      Yep. Nfc Service is broken and pops up an ANR dialog. Pressing OK just makes it pop up again, making it impossible to do anything. I managed to roll back to yesterday's nightly, but it's still "Optimising apps", so I'll see if that helps.

    3. FuzzyYellow


      I'm still on CM11. blech.

  6. Could you please mention one of these 'other methods' you speak of?
  7. @pspfreak found this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Windows-7-Pro-32-64-bit-COA-Proof-of-License-Sticker-Desktop-Computer-/161765928760?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item25aa002f38
  8. No they won't. The programs will have to be reinstalled, unless they're portable. Steam is portable, so the OP doesn't have to worry about his games (if they're on Steam).
  9. Well, you have to back that stuff up and reinstall. You can keep your Steam games, and you should have a copy of your servers and mods. Windows settings you have to set up again. You would have to reinstall Winsows. You can find an ISO from https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B6bNnleDp7llcGdMR3FEcjRjTGM&usp=sharing
  10. Hello. I have been running a website for quite some time now, and got a domain and TLS certificate free of charge. However, soon I plan to add a subdomain, and I would need another certificate for that. I only want domain validation, and it should also require minimal setup. Right now the cheapest I found was PositiveSSL from my domain registrar for 8 euros/ year.
  11. You could use the chipset drivers from AMD. They should provide some. Or you can try Windows 8.1 or 7 drivers.
  12. Ctrl, Shift and Alt are modifier keys and you can't bind a button to it. This is not a bug with the software, it's just how keyboards work. Pressing Ctrl, Alt or Shift at a Press Any Key prompt won't detected too.
  13. Security and performance improvements, new features, better hardware compatibility (drivers).
  14. Windows 10 has reached RTM. 10240, the latest build for Windows 10, from the new TH1 channel, will be generally available on July 29th. For now, Insiders can upgrade to that build and enjoy.... Windows 10.

    1. Mushious


      Do we need Windows 10 preview installed to be able to upgrade or can past insiders do it now too?

    2. Speedbird


      For now, the only way to get 10240 is by an In-place ESD upgrade from an existing instalation.

    3. Mushious


      Yeah I figured as much. Running 10240 now, it's not RTM but it is a RTM candidate. 10400 will be RTM.

  15. Streaming Portal 2 w/ pspfreak! http://www.twitch.tv/speedbird737

    1. Pugs501


      wish I could watch


  16. Oh well, thanks anyway. I guess I will figure something out myself.
  17. It seems that Microsoft has taken it down, it's not working for me either. I will PM you a download link for an ISO.
  18. This ISO is an evaluation of Windows 8.1 Enterprise. To make a USB for Windows 8.1, Microsoft has released the Media Creation Tool, which is available at http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/create-reset-refresh-media This uses compressed and encrypted ESD files. If you would rather use the conventional WIM file for installation, PM me.
  19. The other system already has 1866 MHz RAM, so that won't work out. My motherboard is a Gigabyte F2A88X-D3H.
  20. Last time I checked it was bottlenecking (GPU usage was 70%) whileplaying The Crew. However, since then I have overclocked the CPU to 4.3 GHz, so I'm not really sure.
  21. Maybe they were. They are Tesla, so they could be rebrands from the 8 or 9 series. This thread was written for people who are upgrading from the previous generation and want to avoid buying the same card again. Anybody upgrading to a mid-range or high-end modern card from anything older than the 200 series will notice a performance improvement.
  22. I decided not to go older than the GT200 series, as most cards older than that are irrelevant today.