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  1. What you are looking for are Active Directory's roaming profiles. And for the applications, usually an image is taken from a machine with the desired software and then cloned on the computers that you want to deploy. It's also possible to deploy MSI files with a GPO however I wouldn't recommend that unless it's really necessary.
  2. I used to play a lot of MW/MW2, not so much of MW3 but still had fun in split screen. If they keep it clean without all the Titanfall-like jumping and futuristic shit I may buy it.
  3. You shouldn't worry too much about the distro, just pick one with a big community so you can get help more easily. People usually suggest to start with Ubuntu (or a Ubuntu based) distro, so that community has become a welcoming place for beginners. PS: if you have an nVidia GPU and want to use the official drivers, use xorg instead of wayland.
  4. Sure why not pay for adware that will run like crap on a system that old? By your answers I'm kind of guessing that you are trolling but making OP waste $100 on a Win10 license is a d**k move. Anyway, you should look at a lightweight distro, something that uses LXDE would probably be your best option. Ubuntu will NOT go well with that machine, it's too old and GNOME3 needs memory.
  5. What guide are you following and what errors are you getting? We can't really help you without any info. Also WSL at its current state is not designed nor suitable for that, yes there are workarounds but it's not worth the effort and it's better to run a VM.
  6. Honestly if you are a beginner, rolling release distros are not ideal. You may want to stick with something like Ubuntu for a while and then if you want move to a rolling release take a look at Arch. It has a big community behind and the best documentation you can get. Also you can get MATE up and running on any distribution if that's what you want. BUT having said that, if you really want a ready to go rolling release distro with MATE take a look at Manjaro.
  7. If internet recovery is not available on your machine you can use another Mac to make a bootable USB, there's an official guide here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201372
  8. I would highly suggest to buy an actual enclosure take a look at a 4-bay Synology or QNAP. Check the hardware requirements here: https://freenas.org/hardware-requirements/ Freenas You can setup alerts Yes Are ok with losing 12TB of data in case your only drive fails? If the answer is yes get a 12TB drive. If the answer is no get a NAS and remember that RAID is NOT a backup if two drives fail you lose your data, if you get a ransomware you may lose your data, if for some reason your hardware gets damaged you may lose your data, and I
  9. As the name itself implies its a "hack", if you want something reliable this is not for you.
  10. GPU is not a priority, I don't plan on gaming on it.
  11. I need a new laptop, I've bought a cheap one (it had an i3 I thought it would have been at least half decent) recently but it's pure crap and I cannot work with it, Visual Studio takes ages just to boot and forget about running the Android emulator. I need something powerful but more important something with good build quality, I don't want something that will fall apart after a year, I do have a good desktop but I prefer coding on the couch and on my current laptops it's not easy. Max budget: €1000 Ideally: i7 and good display (1080p it's fine I don't care
  12. I'm looking to buy a new car, I don't earn a lot of money so my choice is a bit limited but so far I've narrowed it down to: VW Polo Ford Fiesta Ford Focus and maybe the Opel Astra I also really like the Golf but it's a bit out of my budget so I don't think I'm gonna get that one. Out of these which one would you pick? Also do you have any other car to suggest (ideally I'd like to stay under €16k but I can go up to €18k if needed) Since I work 30km away from home I do at least 60km/day, so... I want a diesel engine it's gonna be less expens
  13. Bitcoin mining(or altcoin): You are only gonna lose more than you earn Programming websites: Could work Working at a farm: Could work Repairing PC's: Could work Building PC's: Could work Hosting Servers: You are only gonna lose more than you earn Youtube: 99% chance you won't get more than $10 out of it
  14. We already tried, unfortunately they don't have empty boxes (or at least none that they were kind enough to give/sell), we didn't ask to take photos however.
  15. According to google you got at least your money back if you haven't sold yet.