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    i5 4690K @4.4Ghz
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    MSI z97 SLI Krait Ed.
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    2x8 16GB Kingston HyperX White
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    Sapphire R9/390 @1125Mhz
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    Corsair Air 540
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    WD 2TB Caviar Green
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    Corsair CX750M
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    Benq XL2430T
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    CM Storm Nepton
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    Logitech G710+
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    Logitech G303
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    HyperX Cloud
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    W10 Pro

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  1. Will give this a try, havent known about it since im new with vega.
  2. i've compared mine with yours and seems like only way we differ is 'GPU Load' where you have loads that are constatly 96-99%, mine is all over the place... any ideas as to why this could be? i have a 4690k running at 4.2ghz all cores so i dont think that would be the bottleneck but what?
  3. Ok so here is my situation, while playing COD Warzone and monitoring my GPU with GPU-Z i noticed that the game uses the full 8 gigabytes of my VRAM and im playing on a 1080p monitor with competitive video settings (while not potato mode most things are set to medium/low), also in game while my FPS never really dips below 80, sometimes i feel these microfreeze moments where the image is stuck for a couple of MS... any suggestions as to why this can be? P.S My GPU (VEGA 64 on Stock Cooler) is undervolted and overclocked and i also have a 2nd 1080p monitor with discord/whatsapp running while in game.
  4. OK so here we go, before anyone attacks me saying this topic belongs to the 'audio' section, ive checked its description and it was all hardware related. With that out of the way lets get back to topic, so i was making some modifications to my music playlist and i thought ''why dont i make a topic where people can share their playlists or favorite songs so the community can expand their music listening experience?'' AND here we are! I will start with my own playlist; it contains many songs (347 at the time of making this) from many genres and gets better as you go along, and its clearly the best playlist created ever so rejoice!
  5. if i remember correctly that card has dual bios, so maybe flick the switch and try again?
  6. At least this guy pointed out that we were all in the wrong about our expensive PSU's, shame on us. thanks dude! I will eat my current PSU and buy a cheaper one!
  7. i hope this is a joke, even then you owe an apology because its a stupid one.
  8. where there are no carpets, but even then you would probably be ok.
  9. Ok so, here is my situation; i have a external harddrive that i use to store all my movies and pictures and stuff in and it works perfectly fine on my PC, everything is foldered, organized and where its suppose to be, however, starts when i plug this harddrive to my TV (Sony XE8005 Android TV) and its really interesting, so... when i use VLC on my TV which i downloaded after i got the TV the HDD works perfectly fine everything is where its suppose to be but i cant use VLC all the time because VLC doesnt work well with HDR you see it HDR's the black bars on 21:9 content and its not a oled panel so those black bars with HDR on becomes basiclly grey so the TV's own player to the rescue yes? YES. the TV's own player works just fine with HDR local dimming keeps working and black bars are BLACK!!! BUT but but... the TV's own file explorer has a problem, it mixes everything up all the folders and whats inside them, for example; if i open movie A's folder i find movie Z inside... i think you get the idea so help please ::) TLDR; TV's file explorer mixes all the folders and content my otherwise perfectly fine working HDD.
  10. So im in need of some quality in ears for when i go to the gym, i currently have sennheiser cx1.00's, they are fine but i want something better with punchier bass as you know by now i will go to the gym with these and sometimes you need punchier bass. (btw im no basshead so please dont over do it )
  11. 1080p is a little too low of a res for ultrawide imo, so i would go for the 1440p 27''