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  1. I have an Asus motherboard, and I haven't used it in a while. From what I can remember, it tries to overclock your system and tune your fans. It usually overvolts the shit out of your CPU to make 100% sure it is stable, so I'd prefer manual overclocking if you know how to do so. But yeah, if the software optimization was unsafe to run, you would definitely have heard about it. I'm not sure if they are liable for anything that breaks, I mean who ever reads the terms of use, am I right?
  2. I feel like there are things that should stay the way they have been for a while. They are brutally pushing the control panel out of the way, while not really bringing a good replacement. On top of that, it is sloooow. We have old dual core stations at work which work wonderfully with Windows 7. Windows 10 runs quite badly on these devices because of the smart graphics it would seem. Also, I do have a laptop with it. Love the design, would not go to Windows 7, but COME ON. It takes a solid 5 seconds before the log in screen registers anything, on a decently powerful laptop
  3. I get where you come from You got really unlucky with your phone At work we use Samsung Galaxy S8's. Out of the handful of people that have these, one of them has exactly what you describe. Plug falls out, you have to wiggle it etc. In general they are really nice and tight like any other USB port.
  4. I have a different model, the Freedoms. Noteworthy bad things to say: Hissing sound at low volume levels (white noise, etc.), fit is hit and miss. One day I can wear them for 8 hours, another I can't live with them for 30 minutes. But they are by far the best IEM's I have listened to (and also the most expensive. Then again, I come from cheapo Sennheiser C300II's, so I expected that. I quite like the equalizer feature, but it lacks basic things, such as password locking the device (so people don't **** connect and it yells "HEADPHOOOONESSSSS CONNECTED" while killing my ea
  5. Ok, thanks to all of you for helping me, I did not know I could not get away with just a DAC. Q: What headphones? A: Currently, Sennheiser g4me ones, apparently based on HD598/558 drivers, so not so much gaming headset, but I plan on picking up either a HD6xx or a DT 990 Pro through work. I had looked at the Fulla, but by reviews it does not seem to be all that great, both build and a little bit sound quality. I will keep looking, especially at the sticky that was pointed out, thanks for now.
  6. Hi there! I was looking at improving my audio as I listen to music and podcasts alot (both at work and at home). I was under the impression that a DAC is where the "quality" comes from and the AMP is just what amplifies the power, so if you already have enough power you don't need one? But then I looked at the Schiit Modi 2, and it seemingly has no headphone-out, how come? My budget is £125 (EU), so if you have other suggestions, they are welcome.
  7. I do not think I was clear, what I meant by downgrading my build is, the Windows build - the version of Windows
  8. Hello community, Ever since I upgraded to the latest build of Windows, I have had issues with watching videos, talking on Skype and so on in the background, while playing games. It is lagging, all of the GPU power goes to the game, where it usually would just drop a few frames in the game (which is fine cause it is usually running a bit too high FPS anyways). It has been going on since the Windows build 16232.1000 - I have updated drivers and BIOS, and that is about it. I do not wish to downgrade my Windows (roll back the update) or to play borderless windowed, so I am ju
  9. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Q2GTRG $200 over budget, but a solid setup, with most of your previous choices
  10. The Inspiron and XPS models are rather nice. We have a few of them at work, and they have a quality feel, without being that heavy. The Yoga, I have had a personal bad experience with their trackpads, both the Thinkpad and the consumer model. The bottom .5cm doesn't register mouse clicks for whatever reason (physical click). I ended up ditching it due to this, but then again I have quite small hands, so this might not be an issue for you. Other than that, the Yoga had a nice feel to it as well, and a really nice screen once calibrated. If I was to put my own money on a new l
  11. Your bank if it goes wrong. As mentioned in a few posts before this one, it'll be more safe just to do a cut-out in the case rather than the GPU.
  12. Does anyone know of a JLab distributor in the EU? If I were to order them from the US, I would pay approximately 50% more for the product, and $150 for getting it shipped. Just wondering if it can be true, that they only sell in USA.
  13. I guess you can say I am adding salt to the optimization wound, above 50% CPU usage in the menu, and half a minute load time to enter customization. Could be true that Multiplayer needs slightly more RAM, I just haven't seen it myself. RAM sits safely at 70-80% utilization on Sinai Desert. It would make sense though, assuming LTT uses Singleplayer to benchmark their games (for more consistency)
  14. Did a bit more reading, seems a newer version of the PWM D5 is better at being controlled.