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    My rig's on sub-thread - "Show of your rig" - page 406.

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    Aliens 2
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    The Thing (Carpenter's 1982)
    Evil Dead 2

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    Resident Evil 2
    Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    Half Life
    Unreal Tournament 1999
    Age of Empires 2
    Baldur's Gate 2
    Fallout 2
    Warcraft 3
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  1. Hi. So straight off the bat, people say that collective minds PSVR showcase stand is the way to go but i read some scary customer reviews, when it fried everything they connected to. The other ones i seen so far were LIDIWEE 4 in 1 charge stand Asterion/Venom stand Power A PSVR stand Is there anyone in the house that could recommend a safe to use psvr charge stand that woundn't burn my stuff. I'd go berserk if that happen, God forbid.
  2. centurion_08

    Legit excited I'm getting a console...

    So Switch is definitely on my radar. BotW, Mario Odyssey and Ultimate Smash look dope af but mostly because my son absolutely adores Mario games like Galaxy 1 and 2.
  3. Unless every square meter of this planet will have an idividual sattelite, they can kiss my ass. I can't even have a convo while driving without losing signal and they want to stream games and charge me money?? haha, gtfo.
  4. centurion_08

    Help me choose a psvr stand.

    Hi. So i decided to buy the psvr and i'm really suprised and happy with it. There's only one BUT.., i don't have a stand for it and it lays around. I found these budget options, so if you could push me towards one of these. I like to mention i don't require the gamepad charging. I have a seperate PowerA dual charging stadion. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/For-PS4-PSVR-Playstation-4-VR-Showcase-Controller-Charging-Dock-Display-Stand-P/401724909351?epid=16025740736&hash=item5d88aba727:g:coEAAOSw0VBcgsK6 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-in-1-VR-Charging-Storage-Stand-PSVR-Headset-Bracket-for-PS-VR-Move-Showcase/273704550248?epid=11028203809&hash=item3fba0fff68 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Playstation-Display-Charger-Stand-PSVR-Headset-Mount-PS4-Fan-Cooler-Controller/333112282653?epid=12016112753&hash=item4d8f0a0e1d:g:exEAAOSwVVlchhlC Maybe somebody has one of them and can share expierience?? Kind Regards Andrew
  5. centurion_08

    Please tell me some great games to play

    Let's go. Unreal Tournament 1999 Hexen 1,2 Duke Nukem 3D World Tour Blood 1,2 Soldier of Fortune 1 Quake 1,2,4 Theme Hospital Dungeon Keeper Rollercoster Tyccoon Deus Ex 1,2 System Shock 2 F.E.A.R 1 with expnansion packs. Doom EX64 Doom 2016 Doom 3 Diablo 1,2 Fallout 1,2, New Vegas Company of Heroes 1,2 Warhammer Dawn of War 1 CnC series CnC Red Alert 1,2,3 Age of Mythologies Age of Empires 2 HD Xcom 1 with enemy within Xcom 2 Aliens vs Predator 2,3 Alien Isolation Tomb Raider 2013 Batman Arkham Trilogy Commandos 1,2 Dead Space 1,2,3 Deadspank 1,2 Total annihilation Tzar Burden of the crown.\ Civilization 6 Stellaris Couple from the top of my head. Real gems.
  6. centurion_08

    Will the PlayStation 5 KILL PC gaming master race?

    It's an age old argument between PC's and consoles. Both of the platforms have their strength's and weaknesses. I'll try summarize my PC experience, from my personal and objective observation. GAMER PERSPECTIVE: - Higher price. - Complexity - Bad optimization that results in expesive hardware being wasted. - DRM. - Multiple platforms like Steam, Origin, Uplay, Battle.net, Epic game store and more in the works. - Constant onslaught of obstacles provided by developers such as missing basic features in games like FOV or mouse acceleration. - Buying straight up BROKEN games / having to phuck around ini. files. - Driver issues. - Cheaters. - Lack of "first" party heavy hitters - Uncharted, Last of US, Horizon Zero Dawn, Spider-man, Halo series and many more. The list will always grow. - PC is infested by shit ass undeveloped early ALPHA or access games. - No physical games. + Customization + Flexibility/multasking + Steam sales + Variety of genres to play. + Mods + Keyboard and mouse + Visual fidelity Honestly in my 7 'last' years of strict pc gaming i can safely say it gave more headache than fun. There was always something to do around the game to make it work. Also, you can easily fall into this rabbit hole of constant upgrade/tweaking which can cost you a lot of money. Another thing is that weak talk about emulation. It's garbage except some cases like dolphin or cemu, it's a gimmick with no official support. Another, another thing with PC (which i think is most important) is that you either go BIG or at all. That's my opinion. All these "budget" builds are weak and will die against latest, even more unoptimised games.
  7. Good morning. So i don't have a capable PC to run these vr-sets just yet. On the other hand my friend is selling his PSVR V2 for i must say dirt cheap. With all the bells and whistles, 2 move controllers, camera yadda yadda bim bam boom. He's gonna hold it for a week, so i can decide. My question is: What is the state of VR games in the terms quality and polish. I'm in the middle of building the pc (waiting for that ryzen 3600/X) but i don't know if should buy the psvr and run with it or build a rig and save some money for the htc etc. I'm mostly interested in "fun" factor. Maybe some of you used both type of platforms so you have a direct comparison. I also read that psvr will be compatible with ps5 so that's a plus?
  8. centurion_08

    Can you help me pick?

    Straight to the point. I'm in the midst of building a new system. This time, i'm giving a chance team RED. Because of that, i want to experience that freesync goodness (never played on g-sync nor freesync) I'm only interest in 32" monitors and i found some generic looking auctions like: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Samsung-UJ590-32-4K-UHD-QLED-Monitor-Freesync-4MS-BRAND-NEW/264056041377?epid=18026323371&hash=item3d7af76fa1:g:y7wAAOSwlINb9-69&frcectupt=true https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AOC-Gaming-C32G1-32-Full-HD-FreeSync-144Hz-Curved-Gaming-Monitor-C32G1/362596896987?epid=8031290561&hash=item546c7590db:g:s5QAAOSwUYhcZEEd It's been years since i played on proper monitor. Can you help me pick or give me some other options in that regard. Kind Regards.
  9. centurion_08

    Cerny announces new PS5 Details

    Does it all mean better cross-optimization between ps5 and pc game wise?
  10. centurion_08

    Can you recommend an hdd for a ps2 slim softmod?

    I like to play on a original hardware. It's a purist thing with a little exception. Thanks for all the info.
  11. I want to softmod my ps2 slim so i can play games off an hdd. Ps2 is quite old therefore it has an older USB standard. Maybe you can recommend a specific model 500gb or 1tb that would fit the bill?? Kind Regards.
  12. In all honesty i encourage you to get a console, a ps4 at that. It's simpler, more social and relashionship friendly. It's cheaper and easier to maintaine. I mean, i depends what you want to do and play on it. As a long time PC user i'm telling you it's worth it. Don't want to write an essay thou.
  13. Thanks for the input. I already bought a GTX 1060 gaming x 6gb for quite cheap. But im having seconda thoughts. That full dx12/vulkan made me think.
  14. I tried to find an answer for it but i ended up in a reddit post which quickly turned into an argument. Can someone real savvy shed some light on this matter. Regards.
  15. Well the title says everything. A used but in excellent condition. Tested at my friends house. 135£ (free postage) Will pair it with r5 2600. Was either this or an rx580 8gb (similar price) I know i'm not talking 1080 or 2060/70/80 but i'm on a controlled budget. I don't know if NVIDIA pairs perfectly with ryzen but i thought i could play new and also older games with NVIDIA feaures on. Anyone will high five idea??