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  1. While a fair post, it's far less egregious in comparison to the rest of the market. Their website is also quite subtle in their claims/approach.
  2. People saying this is a conflict of interest I think are being way too broad in their definition of a "competitor." The stuff that Alex, or Anthony might review in the notebook space doesn't truly occupy the same category as Framework, and Linus' editorial oversight doesn't change the product's category or intended audience compared to the far more mainstream products that get reviewed. All that being said, while Framework is a neat concept (which, really existed in business machines forever), I'm not sure I share the faith Linus has in it reaching a level sufficient e
  3. All the more reason the ExpressVPN was/is different and lauded. They didn't/don't really push or focus on that fear angle through the majority of marketing compared to others.
  4. If they're truly maintaining separate service, staying in the BVI and continuing to not log, the controlling company isn't as much of a concern (they also run Private Internet Access, CyberGhost and ZenMate). ExpressVPN is one of the better VPNs available. The selling of the company came before the news of the fine for the US intelligence/military people, and your thoughts don't really match the information presented in the article. ExpressVPN wasn't part of the hacking or fine, these "acts" that resulted in the fines to those individuals happened before Gericke was brought into Ex
  5. The amount of nonsense that would ensue from developers if any install could change defaults that simple would be silly; it exists the current way for a reason.
  6. They're just utilizing the base though. Plenty of Chromium-based browsers are actually implementing interesting and useable features that don't exist in other browsers. Just because they're using the codebase doesn't mean they're stopping at the basics. It simply allows them to use a tried-and-tested base that's fast and stable, and put their own ideas and spin onto it. That's like saying people using the Unreal Engine are just making Unreal clones when they make their own game. It's just the base and platform to develop their own things onto.
  7. There are ways to boot from an SSD for a Raspberry Pi. The other option, if you're more leaning to a regular computer/parts for stability reasons, is Porteus Kiosk. Free, lightweight, super customizable, and has touchscreen support.
  8. While you can get away with something small, cheap and running kiosk mode in Windows, I second the suggestion of a Raspberry Pi. I'm curious as to what the deployment is, if showing a webpage 24/7 is operationally critical though.
  9. Almost everything is Chromium-based now. Sinking development time into a unique base simply isn't worthwhile.
  10. Firefox has progressively gotten worse over time, so it's not surprising that they're losing users. They've made it slower, more cumbersome and the design has been rather unintuitive for several iterations. Mozilla has simply had a rough time with their direction since Chrome arrived on the scene. I've typically experimented with new browsers when they arrive, and have been around a long time to see many changes. Many people don't realize how old Opera actually is, and it was decent in and of itself. Firefox was a breath of fresh air back in the day. I miss browsers like Flock, or going b
  11. Given the way the rules are written, the expense would be used to earn income, so it's technically fine. That being said, the wording also utilizes "reasonable" and that would certainly be up for debate. As for "it's for his house," I can't put much stock in that. There are plenty of people (and obviously self-employed ones) that get work devices, tools, vehicles that they can use at home; they're still business expenses. Whether they use them at home, and/or go to a job site or office is fairly immaterial.
  12. So you ascribe more to execution is more valuable than idea, inspiration, direction, management, etc... His role with Tesla was a lot more limited than I think people realize, and his time at Intel was fairly short and he left because his input wasn't being taken seriously. As you say, A4/A5 are mostly attributed to Keller, and obviously he has teams with him in any role he has. How those are seen as "not accomplishments" is a little thin and inaccurate. I think the people in this thread as Keller detractors are completely overvaluing how people see moves like this. Keller is a talen
  13. Hard to say without examples. I don't watch a ton of Youtube, but LTT is definitely in the upper tier of audio for things I regularly watch. Providing examples would also help isolate whether they are due to specific setups such as streams, on-location issues, etc... that may contribute to what you deem as bad quality.
  14. There's nothing really preventing you from having radiators outside with many cases; there are many examples all over Google of people doing such things. The main reason is down to aesthetics most likely. It's easier to contain all parts within a PC design vs. a design that can lessen what many people might consider an eyesore protruding from various areas of a PC case. This is also a valid concern.