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  1. I have a reshade preset that I use for games with TAA to help remove blur. https://1drv.ms/f/s!AouyCG5EmVlD5DT9nKqy6xA9e_Rl. Just extract the files in the folder called TAA Sharpening to your far cry 5 folder where the .exe is located. You can adjust the sharpness in the SweetFX_settings.txt file. Just look for lumarsharpen and increase or decrease in small amounts. Also make sure resolution scale is set to 1 in graphics options.
  2. I played console for 20 years, moved to pc after buying a ps4. It took me about two weeks to fully get everything down in terms of using a mouse and keyboard.
  3. Don't use dx12 in any game that offers the choice. It's trash and dx11 provides better results every time.
  4. If you're trying to play fortnite on pc with your friends who are on Xbox, don't you have to invite them through the epic games launcher?
  5. The all and glorious "eververse", or as I like to call it, bend your customers over and give them a spanking.
  6. Welcome to ubisoft games. Lower or turn off godrays.
  7. I have it and played a little of the start. It seems really good.....but rocket league.
  8. Try enabling controller support in steam. Click steam, go to settings and then controller. Then go to general and enable xbox or ps4 controller support depending on what you have. Ten try and play.
  9. From what I can tell. All missions happen prety much away from your bases'. So if you went to the city, it would sens you out to the other side instead.
  10. Only software that can increase fps is overclocking software. Other game mode software just kills processes but also adds another process for the game mode software itself if you get me.
  11. Quote


    Chewing gum helps me play pubg smarter...So i had a few games of pubg whilst chewing gum and i found myself playing smarter and somehow found myself playing without hesitation. I'm wondering maybe i was kinda keeping active which was helping my flow in the game. Seems really stupid but think I'm on to something here. ?

  12. What type of stutter is it? Is it big frame drops or micro stutter?
  13. Yeah, open geforce experience, click settings and turn the green switch off for in-game overlay.
  14. Try disabling shadowplay if you use it.
  15. I just helped 3 of my friends move to pc gaming and they all love it. I think it's far from dying, in fact it's probably growing. Just at the minute mining has hit gamers hard.
  16. I don't think so, would maybe improve loading times..But as others have said, improving your cpu would probably help quite a bit. What graphics settings are you using and is vsync on? If so it may be worth turning it off.
  17. Disable shadowplay if you use it too. Gta v can stutter quite a bit with shadowplay if it's recording to the same drive as the one the game is played on.
  18. We should also remember not to confuse graphically intensive with shitty optimization.
  19. For an extra $1 you may as well go WD blue. Double the cache and weather you notice it or not, it's only a dollar.
  20. leelaa14

    Is 7.1 bullshit

    I use the gsx 1000 with ad700x.. 7.1 mode clearly adds better directional awareness without a doubt over stereo.
  21. So I'm gonna pick up this desk mount https://www.amazon.co.uk/Invision®-Monitor-Arm-Gas-Assisted-Adjustable-Black/dp/B0765Y4CT5?SubscriptionId=AKIAJ4EYSZSNXUGA7B6A&tag=sysrebyor-21&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B0765Y4CT5 and I see a few people mount their arms off centre. Is there a reason for doing this? Example
  22. Is your video cable in your graphics card and not onboard? My brother was using his onboard graphics for about 2 months without knowing Also make sure resolution scale is at 100% and no higher.