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    i5 4690
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    GIGABYTE H97M Gaming
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    CORSAIR DDR3 2 x 8 GB
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    EVGA GTX 1070
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    CoolerMaster 750w

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  1. Low Latency Mode: Ultra Max Frame Rate: 140FPS Power Management: Prefer Max Performance Vertical Sync: Fast Tried everything above, the same thing. Annoying little tearings right in the middle of the screen
  2. How do I check that? I play Apex at 130fps avg and the tearing still occurs
  3. Hi, Monitor: ASUS VP249 Latest available Nvidia driver. GTX 1070. I have enabled Freesync on my monitor, as well as enabled G-SYNC in Nvidia control panel. Under "Set up G-SYNC" I have attempted using both Enable for full screen mode, and Enable for windowed and full screen mode. Same result with both settings. I have attempted with Vertical Sync enabled and disabled in Nvidia control panel. Same result. Vertical sync disabled and enabled in the game. Same result. Recommended settings that I have attempted. Freesync enabled in monitor settings, G-SYNC enabled in N
  4. I just got my new vp249qgr. Only the colors are a bit strange. Like there is a yellow, orange tint on everything. Is this normal for a IPS monitor? Also changing the colors or other option in the monitor doesnt make a lot of a difference. Changing the color temperature to 'Cool' seems to help a bit but the yellow titn is still there Any suggestions?
  5. Hello everyone, I got two deals this Black friday, but I do not yet made a decision which to buy. Which one do you recommend? I live in Brazil, ASUS have 3 year warranty and LG only one.
  6. Hi, I was thinking of exchanging my 1070 for an RTX 2070 Super from EVGA. In some games my GPU is 99%, I believe it is a bottleneck. I wonder if the gain is considered to be worth the purchase. My monitor is 60hz full hd, but I intend to buy a 144hz one in the future. Is it worth swapping or it's better to wait a 3070 price drop? Thank you! My PC is: Ryzen 3600x asus rog strix b450f 2 x 8 gb at 3266 MHz EVGA GTX 1070 Masterwatt PSU 750w CM
  7. So you are saying this comes with all B450Fs? Why isn't everyone complaining about it?
  8. Damn only solding? I will contact asus anyway Thanks so much for your time
  9. @silviustro Hi! I'm resurrecting this topic because I'm having exactly the same issue, but my motherboard is the B450F Strix. As far I'm concerned, it is the same Supreme FX technology. I'll try those things you mentioned, but did you found a permanent fix since you originally posted? Thanks p.s: My temp solution was to buy a cheap USB audio card, the noise goes away
  10. This. Try monitoring FPS, usage etc with MSI + Rivatuner.
  11. Thanks for your response. Sadly, I've already tried everything that you said... Literally. I tested all effects, disabled everything... And nothing... :(
  12. May I ask which usb audio did you used? My Hyperx cloud core uses headphone jack. I would be very sad if the problem is in my motherboard. It's a brand new b450f!
  13. Can you tell me if using USB audio (mine are P2 speakers and P2 mic) would solve the issue? I would lose sound quality doing that, using an adapter?