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  1. Wow, its been a minute since ive been on the forum, let alone update the desk build. Taken me 3 years to finally bite the bullet and do a small upgrade, how time escapes you. Anyway, glad to say I have still been using my desk basically every day since it was built and haven't run into any issues, even with the coolant being 3 years old (sorry ek). Figured it was time to flush everything out and see the damage, and to my surprise, there wasn't any! The ek uv blue fluid that I put in it 3 years ago was still fine, none of the blocks were clogged up, corroded or anything. The soft tubing was a bit stained but the hard line was fine, not that I was super worried because blue fluid was going back into it but none the less the fluid held up super well. Disappointed that they discontinued that fluid but I ended up switching over to cryofuel navy blue which was the closest match. Speaking of things being discontinued... I managed to score myself a brand new X99 deluxe monoblock from ek which they found lying around their warehouse after sending in an email trying to get my hands on one. Unfortunately X99 is considered old now so they don't make monoblocks for them anymore which is a bummer. Always wanted to throw one in the table but they weren't in production at the time of me building the table. It does look awesome though, way better than the standard cpu nickle block. While everything was apart I took some time to redo some of the acrylic hard line as the existing bends wouldn't line up with the new monoblock and I wasn't real happy with the outcome of some of the bends from day 1 but just went with it as it wasn't a big deal. Its been a while since ive made some hard line tubes so I ordered double what I thought I needed and still didnt have enough and had to go through my pile of scrap pieces and make do. Unfortunately they don't make lengths longer than 500mm anymore which made my job harder because I was working with 800mm pieces before. In the end it worked out well, same sort of design as before, you can only change things so much in such a small area. I will throw in a couple of pictures of the fans as well, I thought they would be super clogged up seeming as I haven't touched the desk in 3 years but once again I was surprised that the only bad two were the none filtered ones, all the other 9 fans were completely clean. Just goes to show that a good filter setup and also positive air pressure keeps the dust out. In the 3 years I moved house and only just managed to complete the setup on how I intended it to look, there are minor things that still need to be done but overall I think it looks pretty killer. Above my desk is a cheap 4K TV that I bought from aldi for like $800 and after mucking around with the colour I got it to look fairly decent. It has this blue tinge to it which I cant get rid of but that's probably just the cheap panel. Looks fine when you are watching a movie or just normal free to air TV. Thats about it really, thew in some cablemod RGBW strips which are a huge improvement over my ebay ones that I had in there before. Didn't feel as though I needed to change out anything else,2x 980ti's and a 5960x aren't going to disappoint for a few more years to come. Not sure what will happen next, can't really say this is the end. Hope you have enjoyed it, still one of the best computer desks out there on the internet although I may be bias ;).
  2. Hello, In the market for a 4k tv. Mainly want to use it as a tv but I will probably occasionally hook it up to my pc (2x 980ti, 5960x) and play a game or two on it. Dont worry about my computer not handling 4k, I already have as asus 4k monitor and it runs it fine. Although I will not use it for gaming often I still want to have that option. I have been looking at the Samsung and LG ones, tossing up between getting a qled or an oled, done a bit of research but its super confusing these days with all the models. I have a budget of $2000 AUD, Australia pricing, probably looking at 55" or 65". Any recommendations or tips on what to look for would be great. Thanks.
  3. Does the speed change when you get closer or further away from the router? Sounds like a cheap wireless chip with a small range. Then again could also be your router.
  4. Congrats on becoming a father, desk build is neat aswell. Keen to see the outcome. I saw some people talking about painting the desk or something. Although I do like the wood look I wouldn't keep it plain. Maybe do like a black/chocolate brown stain to the timber, a black stain will give it a nice modern look. Just something to think about I guess, not sure if you have already decided.
  5. Nothing like a clean desk build. Personally it looks empty and I would fill it up with much more but the minimalist look aint bad.
  6. Disappeared from the forums for a while now, lost interested in building PC's and started building cars xD but its time to come back. Have a few future plans, ravage needs a refresh but still going strong as my daily though.

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    2. TheGhzGuy


      I've seen people swap in the 3.5L V6 out of a Camry into the MR2, which, oddly enough, works. About as powerful as the Turbo and 100 lbs lighter.

    3. LienusLateTips


      Still remember when you did Azurite?


      I was there...

    4. ClownFace1511


      Hey mate!!! Back in the days aye.

  7. Get a desk with cable hole cut outs and use some nice zipties/Velcro straps. Building your own desk takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention the skills, equipment and money you need. IKEA has some nice cheap desks and also this track system that goes under your table to hide the cables.
  8. You would have flow issues putting the lights inside the hardline and it would be really hard to run them not to mention how you would get one end out to power it. Plus then you have the issue of running power in water through your pc, not a good combo. All the water and blocks will conduct electricity, whether its 9-12v, still not a wise decision.
  9. I did everything on a workbench that was 1.5x1.5m. Its good to have a big area to store the project but if you have a small work area you just have to get into a good routine of keeping it clean, makes life so much easier. Even take the saw in your backyard and do cuts, put it away when you don't need it. Sorry mate, I can find the original basic template but not the final one. Ill pm you the template and you can work off that.
  10. Had to take it down, had issues with people copying it and claiming it as their own, stealing my design and stuff like that. Not good. I really have to get back into this table... Kinda got caught up on car stuff and left my table alone this whole time. Having said that I use my table everyday and it has been flawless but needs some maintenance. Hopefully over the next month or so I can get some enthusiasm to start fixing it up
  11. I have an AC68U and I can use it next door and still get signal. Low signal three doors down on my laptop. Its pretty decent.
  12. I have worked with you guys before in creating my custom cables so I thought id say hello. The coolant is UV reactive although I do plan to do a loop upgrade in the coming weeks so different UV liquid can be arranged if needed, will be putting in fresh liquid anyway. Currently running some ebay led strips so some cablemod ones would be sweet. Let me know if you wanna collab
  13. You will have to wipe it, you have no real choice. I have tried to dirty flash and it doesn't end well.
  14. Linus could of asked me for help... Hit me up if you want to build a new one in the future or fix this one up.
  15. At the airport waiting for my flight and the over head speaker says your not allowed Galaxy S7's on the plane. Jesus, I didn't think it was that bad.

    1. 2FA


      I knew they were stopping Note 7's but I didn't know they were also blocking the S7.

  16. Any i5/i7 will do fine for small servers (500 players), just give it heaps of ram (e.g 32/64gb depending on player load). As soon as you start a big server (e.g Hypixel etc) you need a xeon server to run everything. Apart from ram and cpu you need it to run off ssds and have mad internet upload speeds.
  17. It could be laggy due to the server running off your laptop rather than the network. Give your run.bat like 1G min and anything more than that is great. Plug the host pc into thr outer for it to be more stable but having run servers off wifi I haven't had any problems.
  18. Try pressing the memok button next to the ram. If not reflash your BIOS.
  19. Look for second hand gpus. A lot of the 900 series gpus like the 970, 980 are going as cheap as a 480 or less for better performance.
  20. Nah it works fine but I think its time for something new. Had it for nearly 2.5years now...
  21. Got an original OPO. Put multiple roms on it and is currently rooted on sultans cm13. Its feeling a bit dated though. OP3 doesnt look bad but waiting to see what phones come out in the next few months.
  22. Nah, this table is a year old. Handed it in last HSC. Still working on it a year later lol.