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    the stupid kind of genius
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    Intel i7 7700k
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    ASUS Z270I
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    16GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB
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    MSI GTX 770 Twin Frozr IV (2GB)
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    custom IN WIN 901
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    250GB Samsung 960 EVO
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    Corsair SF600
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    LG 34UC88-B
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    Stock cooler (temporary)
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    Logitech K830
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    Logitech MX Master
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    Logitech Z4, Sony MDR XB 700, Blue Yeti
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    Windows 10
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    pushing limits and everything softwaredevelopment
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    russian dude, grown up around rich german kids.
    developing software since 2010.
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    Consultant (Softwaredevelopment)

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  1. ALFHEIM - Control all the lights...but according to what

    na thats just an expansion idea you can donwload or maybe even contribute to it here its a very simple dummy right now and without my latest commits but for future reference: https://github.com/CluelessGenius/Alfheim
  2. ALFHEIM - Control all the lights...but according to what

    will for sure post again when im ready to release an alpha
  3. ALFHEIM - Control all the lights...but according to what

    thats kinda included in this
  4. What does thermal paste taste like? Is it toxic?

    wouldnt make myself a peanut butter / thermal paste sandwich but i doubt licking it a bit is toxic. as to the taste i never wondered. let us know if you decide to do it.
  5. SFF ATX case?

    uhh and rajintek has an interesting one too http://www.raijintek.com/de/products_detail.php?ProductID=53
  6. SFF ATX case?

    and then theres the mentioned Riotoro CR1080n which looks a step smaller again https://www.riotoro.com/case-cr1080/
  7. SFF ATX case?

    jonsbo u4 also very compact http://www.jonsbo.eu/atx-/u4/99/u4-black
  8. SFF ATX case?

    thermaltake core g3 - not a prototype and fairly cheap and very compact for fitting a full size atx board i even saw one with watercooling http://de.thermaltake.com/Gehäuse/Slim_ATX_/Core/C_00002936/Core_G3/Design.htm
  9. SFF ATX case?

    what would you define as full height GPU like in cm length wise or do you mean just a dual slot thickness
  10. so as some of you may know im writing on an open source software to combine all the light control software from oem like asus,msi,logitech,corsair but also philips and plan also a uwp client for a raspberry so you can hookup for example a digital rgb trip. the idea is similar to ifttt you could connect all sorts of trigger to all sorts of lights and effects. in this thred i thought id ask the community for input on triggers you think would be nice to have. so things the software would check and then trigger an effect when triggered. here are some of the ideas i have: system: - temperature change - load change - basically everything openhardwaremonitor give me network: - specific device connecting / disconnecting - possibly system events from other pcs in the future ... like way in the future services - getting an email - getting a whatsapp - getting a discord call / message and then obviously a mode for just having the lights configured a certain way all the time when theres no effect activated
  11. How to ask out my crush that likes me?

    coffee? thats the lamest "date" idea ever. nobody gets excited for coffee. you meet your mom or boss for coffee. id rather pick something at least a little bit more exciting and more importantly rememberable like ohh i dont know usually some local event like lets say "hey the local anmial shelter has some event on the weekend" that way you dont run that high of a risk of not knowing what to talk about with each other since your participating in an actual activity and shes more likely to wanna meet up even if its just for the puppies and afterwords shell remmber it for longer and connect you to that fun memory she has. but what exactly you suggest is obviously up to you and very dependend on the type of person she is. figure out what she likes and find a common interest or at least something you can endure doing. same basically goes for any person you wanna quickly befriend
  12. How to ask out my crush that likes me?

    1. high school doesnt matter 2. either way it turns out at least he took his chances. you always only regret the things you didnt do. o no matter how he approaches this. anything is better than not doing anything about it.
  13. How to ask out my crush that likes me?

    in life its always better to apologize afterwards than asking beforehand thats kind of what ive been going with at least and whenever the topic come up i that has been approved by a lot of people (a lot of girls too)
  14. How to ask out my crush that likes me?

    i was just about to say all this talk about how people exaggerate will sooner or later attract one of them
  15. How to ask out my crush that likes me?

    well that was alsways the case and totally deserved . but people these days go to far