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    tinkering and dreaming big
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    russian origins.
    maybe a bit bitter and pesimistic at times.
    developing software since 2010.
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    Consultant (Softwaredevelopment)


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    Delidded Intel i7 7700k
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    ASUS Z270I
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    16GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB
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    MSI GTX 1080 Ti Aero @ 2 Ghz
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    Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic
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    250GB Samsung 960 EVO
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    Corsair SF750
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    LG 34UC88-B
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    3x 360 rads by Alphacool + All Noctuas
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    Logitech G513 Carbon
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    Logitech MX Master
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    Sony MDR XB 700, Blue Yeti
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    Windows 10
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  1. most of them are cuttable. some after every led some only every 5 leds or so. the bigger thing is you need to power them / control them seperatly so you need 3 power supplies or 3 controllers depending on how fancy you wanna get you could also get an adressable strip and have something like an arduino or raspberry controll it but i might be getting ahead of myself . yes you can get one long strip and cut it if its cuttable and you got 3 different power supplys / controllers. not sure about safer. generally if you want the same birghtness a 5v strip will have to pull more amps than a 12v one so id say its the other way around? im no electrician. but them busting up in flames has to do with pulling to much current (so amps) through to thin of a cable. one tip from me is if you have a really long strip where you might be concerned about that, connect power to both ends of the strip to make it at least somewhat easier on those really thin power lines inside the strip. usually the cheap ones come with an IR remote with some colors on it so it would depend on where youre pointing the remote or rather which strip can see your remote signal at the same time. some come rf remotes which dont reqiure line of sight but youd have 3 different remote lying around. and i guess even fancier ones come with bluetooth. i havent test those since i tend to get adressable ones and write my own software on a pi to control them. havent looked at yours. cant tell but ideally you want at least dimmable ones so you set them slightly dimmer than your tv / monitor / whatever.
  2. most higher end TVs tend to be VA for exactly this reason. the darker your sourroundings the more you gonna notice that the "black" in your scene isnt actually black but rather glowing grey. viewing angle is great and color too but i would only get another IPS for bright surroundings like for example for work. during the day its bright anyway and so you wont notice the glow and viewing angle means you can have a colleauge look at your work and have him actually see something from the side without squinting his eyes. but for late night gaming sessions and the like i think VA might be better
  3. "black stabilizers" usually just increase the gamma. nothing you couldnt configure yourself. i wouldnt mention it and certainly not base my buyin decision on it. i for one run IPS with is great and all but i mostly game at night nowaday so im thinking of switching to VA myself cause the IPS glow is pretty visible in darker scenes in a dark room.
  4. anything containing alcohol soup some teas any type of coffee (and for those disaggreeing you go try putting honey in your esspresso somewhere and watch an italien smack the cup out of your hand )
  5. so it might be on the more expensive side .. but the streacom f12c can theoreticalybe loaded up with 12 drives and for its size i think its a very elegant solutions but again price is somewhat high and i myself have no experience with this topic or case. my solution to a "NAS" is a WD elements 2 TB external drive hooked up to a surface pro 3 that runs 24/7
  6. depends on what you expect from an upgrade. you want more fps? then put on a game thats challenging and look at your cpu and gpu usage for example with afterburner. then upgrade whichever one is harder at work right now. if cpu is near 100% then it cant keep up with the gpu and the other way around. just but i think youd probably get more out of a better gpu for now.
  7. @SolarNova yeah im also a little bummned by how theres no oled option whatsoever smaller than 55". not even custom displays. like i would love some good oled for the pi or a smaller tv in my bedroom.
  8. jesus. ok but on a desk i find that too much not even talking about the negatives of running a tv as a monitor. https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B01FFFSORA/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 i like it alot. very soft and flexible and build quality is nice. keyboard is the logitech g513 i went with that one and the mx master mouse because they are somewhat professional/neutral looking and not too gamery. also really love the master. even for gaming i cant complain the marcus is so far my best chair. i had a bunch of variations before even some very expenive ergonomic ones and sooner or later they or something gives. the markus is very comfortable and for the price you cant beat it. altough the only thing i would maybe change is wider armrests. as they are a bit narrow and hard. but other than that pretty good. well that strip around the desk is digital meaning i can adress every led seperatly. i have some fancy ideas on doing ambilight with it or maybe have it be a representation of ingame health / shield / mana bars. but i havent gotten around to programming that yet. and the picture doesnt really do it justice its not as bright in reality
  9. i would disagree check my profile banner what do you mean? thats a 31.5" display how much larger can you go with 16:9 and on a desk?
  10. thanks but since that model doesnt seem to have that sphere light thing i guess you cant answer that. is it the same panel as the 850G? i am wondering about frame skipping since it has been brought to my attention as a thing that you can have.
  11. so im thinking about replacing my LG 34UC88-B because realistically i do most my gaming at night or evening and the IPS is starting to bother me in darker scenes. so while im at it i though a higher refresh rate panel and g-sync would also be nice. right now im looking at the 32GK850G-B. size wise they are pretty comparable and its VA panel goes to 165 hz on g-sync. anyone with experiences on this model? i was also wondering about that Sphere Lighting in the back. it seems to be a digital rgb strip but then they only show off diferent colors as a whole and then a single rainbow mode. i would have expected with a digital strip theyd implement some sort of ambilight style effect. can anyone confirm or deny that? or do you maybe have strong feelings about me looking at different models? let me know please. budget isnt fix but alway try getting a good deal on used hardware so 2000 bucks even used is not gonna come down much. thanks guys
  12. no problem looking at other options myself right now . was thinking about it anyway since i mostly do my gaming in the evening or at night. and the ips glow is kinda noticable with a lot of games. but then i see comparisons between ips and va options and the image in general always looks better on ips. idk rtings.com puts dells AW3418DW in first place for best gaming ultrawide and the predator Z35P as best VA alternative. but the predator has those real thicc bezels sooo... yeah idk. the hp omen x35 looks promising but i havent seen any tests yet.
  13. so bad news i guess i did a bunch of tests and while i now have seen worse cases there is still some frame skipping going on. 60 is fine but anything above gets it
  14. really not a great place to ask but here i go: show interest in her interests dont idolize her - boys usually start mumbling and stuttering around their crush in the younger years, try not to. pick a local event in your town/area and just ask her if she wants to go their with you - preferably not to private of an event as that can get akward for a first "date" and but make sure you 2 are somewhat alone when you ask her, so she doesnt feel weird in front of her firends and you get les nervous. thats all i got. and dont go in there thinking about her being your gf. just show actual interest in her and let the relationship grow slowly.
  15. no but i gladly can when i get home