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    russian dude, grown up around rich german kids.
    good at understanding people. bad at agreeing with them.
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  1. TV as a monitor.. Bad mistake?

    yeah thats a 1366x768 screen which apparently accepts 1080p input but let me tell you itll look terrible upscaled like that. i mean you could use but i predict the reading experience is gonna be terrible
  2. TV as a monitor.. Bad mistake?

    do you have the exact modell of your tv?
  3. PC for 2.5k€

    whats exactly is it you need 32 gigs for?
  4. Do you ever wonder what it's like to be poor?

    welcome to my world buddy. its sad. its unfair. and theres no way around it but to ingnore the truth like everyone else
  5. Do you ever wonder what it's like to be poor?

    did i not just explain to you that jealousy isnt the right term? well wasteful is defined so its not me deciding who is and who isnt and you gonna tell me that people like logan paul and pewdiepie or whoever actually ddeserve the amount of money they make? theres definitly at least some people that everyone can agree dont deserve what they have well luck doesnt exist first of all and im not shitting on the hard working once either my whole point is that some people dont work hard for it and therefore dont value it. cant believe im saying for the 100th time now. actually it does why are some people rewarded with wealth just for being born and some arent. were they not born as well? have they fucked up already within their 3 minutes of life? you dont deserve wealth and furtune just because youre related to someone who has it. actually i do. i have the right to speak my mind whenever i want. thats one thing that the rich cant put a price tag on i know the truth is ugly nice job
  6. Do you ever wonder what it's like to be poor?

    sounds a little bit like justifying it. hey if youre cool with being the lapdog of the rich by all means. but i cant watch it and be fine with it. i know realisticly there nothing to do about it but that doesnt stop me from having feelings about it.
  7. Do you ever wonder what it's like to be poor?

    well how can you not be bitter when you see people have way more "success" than they deserved or earned. im not talking dishwasher joe who worked his way to millions im talking kids that got a small loan of a million dollar to start their own business. you know what i mean?
  8. Do you ever wonder what it's like to be poor?

    agreed it just the consequence of me being wright about an uncomfortable topic. people dont want to feel bad about their action. again with the name calling? really? so im jealous too? you know what maybe. i disagree with there choices on how to spend and think i could do a better job of it so yeah maybe jealousy is a factor but more than me wanting to be rich i really want them to not be. also side note: jealousy is the fear of someone taking something from you what you meant is envy. if thats a metaphor im not familiar with it. if thats meant literally, as an insult i dont get it but it sounds fun im not child like.. fuck you im telling my mom. no seriously successhas to be earned and some people didnt earn theirs but rather got it handed to them. also i notice how i start to take this discussion less and less seriously and i dont want to drift off and sound like a troll so lets not fight about this before this whole thing gets removed for derailing. lets just agree to disagree and to not call each other names anymore how about that?
  9. Do you ever wonder what it's like to be poor?

    entitled? how? bitter? yeah sure you would be too if you saw the world from my perspective. pathetic? seriously we calling each other names now? pathetic hurts alitlle ill give you that. my online nickname has jack shit to do with anything its just a funny nickname we came up with. i know right. and no wonder i was called party pooper. cause nobody wants to her it. but no matter how much hate it gets me im right and were all fuckinng entitled at this point
  10. Boycott Proposal to Improve Gaming

    nice idea but for the masses to actually play along you need a prominent face. some big personality to rally the troops. aleader if you will. otherwise not nearly enough people will participate and it will have no effect. also while were calling to arms lets also burn down mining farms to set an example and keep people from destroying the hardware market
  11. What is the best fat content variety of milk?

    i drink whatever they have but at home i have indeed found that im having an easier time with lactose free milk and i usually get like 1.5% but that really doesnt matter to me. like seriously with all the junk we eat all the time nobody has ever gotten fat and than it turned out ohh it was the fucking milk that was the problem and not the 3 kilo of gummi bears each day
  12. Do you ever wonder what it's like to be poor?

    uuhmmm maybe of the people you have met but experience has been vastly different not basically. i am in deed saying that from my experience most people that grew up with too much money have a high chance of being a dick in my perspective. when i socialize with these guys for work i feel like i need a shower and a therapy session after cause faking to be able to handle their character and that nothings wrong with how they are behaving literally makes me feel sick yeah ihink i mentioned multiple times that im exaggerating to make my point clearer but its the same principal just on a lower scale. think how much good that money could have done. im not saying dont buy yourself fancy shit nobody has to feel guilty all the time but there is point where it becomes exessiv and just wasteing it. ...cause they couldve used that money on something else too. also im not talking about youtube or media in general im talking about my real life experience. also why do i feel like i have to defend my opinion here? like how dare i have a problem with the rich indulging in their wealth.
  13. Do you ever wonder what it's like to be poor?

    im sorry if i have struck a nerve or something but i stand by what i said. and i love how everyone emphasyses how they have been poor as shit so they must be wright. if i went to africa where theres some really poor people and then just burned 10 tons of food ration i brought with me in front them (wow this is the most ecreme and ridiculous metaphor i can come up with to make my point) would you still say "its his rations he bought it he can do with it whatever he wants" or would you maybe just maybe think "wow what a dick"
  14. Do you ever wonder what it's like to be poor?

    i didnt understand one word of that what does each persons story have to do with being wasteful? ho am i short sighted?
  15. Do you ever wonder what it's like to be poor?

    well maybe i can explain it like this: if you grew up scraping for crumbs you might get mad when you see someone throwing away a perfectly good burger after one bite (or in this case have it collecting dust in your closet) its just wasteful and this whole "its their money" is whats really bugging me about it. if your this wasteful with it then you dont deserve to have it. i dont know what you value but lets say some bought a 1080ti and used it as a drink coaster would that not upset you? if your childhood dream was getting some idk...lets say porsche and then you see your neighbour get a lamorghini to use it as a drink coaster no wait what would you use it....lets say ..ah fuck you know what i mean people shitting on the stuff you can only dream to get is like whiping your ass with money. and if you say its their money let them whhipe their ass with it if they want then you havent been poor yourself clearly to further exaggerate to clearify: its like they hold in their hands what you have always dreamed of getting and then they said "you see this? i whipe my ass with this! This means nothing to me. you dreams are a joke to me" i know this is really over the top but i just wanted to bring across what i mean