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    pushing limits and everything softwaredevelopment
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    russian dude, grown up around rich german kids.
    developing software since 2010.
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  1. Why is everything on one side of the GPU?

    well you have your data lines and your power lines or in other words your critical and non-critical lines meaning some dont matter the distance and some do. also different components are connected with each other truth different busses and have therefore more or less speed can therefore be further away from each other or not. the actual pcie interface matters only very little in the end. you can literally watch linus at soome point use somewhere around 10 pcie extensions or so and have it not make any difference
  2. Why is everything on one side of the GPU?

    well i guess short curcuit distances are better? why make the way for data to travel longer than it has to be
  3. If only Cars were as Plug-n-Play as PCs are...

    yeah but those look yanky as hell. on idea would be something like "B is for Build" does on youtube and just build a frame and rollcage and then plop a chassis over it and an interior in it. but still makeing all the software work seems like a nightmare and the fact that id never get it street legal here stays. also i have nothing against the power but gas is pricy and a 6.something litre engine isnt really doable on a daily imo
  4. so lately at work theres a corvette c5 in the parking lot and i cant stop admiring it. I just like the simple exterior design. but then again that thing is from 2005 and the interior looks pre-2000s. so i started dreaming...if only i could swap the interior from a mazda x-5 ND in there.. ..and while were at it change the engine for something modern and practical for daily use, maybe even a soft hybrid. but all the software and then theres TÜV in germany means that that would never be street legal, i cant imagine. if only you could swap engine in and out like a GPU. get a chassis like its a case. idk i just needed to share that thought what do you think?
  5. What was your first language?

    C# in college. and the a little bit of almost everything else.
  6. How hard is it to get a job without experience?

    dont take this the wrong way but youre 15. talking about love at that age is rediculos to me.
  7. At what age should I consider replacing a psu ?

    when your old enough to not have your parents be sued for neglect in case you die electricuting yourself no in all honesty i have psu running from pre 2000 in some cases and its fine. im not saying nothings gonna happen but i personally have never has a psu die on me except that one time i bought a crap psu rated too close to what the system could consume so at the of a night of stress test it finally died on us on day 1 but as long as you dont get crap offbrand china stuff or leave no overhead room wattage wise it should be fine
  8. Do you have a 'comfort zone' game?

    borderlands 2, mass effect (any of them)
  9. How hard is it to get a job without experience?

    oh my..you say you were 15. jesus christ i thought this was a serious quetion sleep a couple of years on it and then lets see what you think about it. this is rediculos
  10. best Netflex TV's?

    uhh thats a tough sale for the the money. id definitly also try to grab a TCL then.
  11. How hard is it to get a job without experience?

    well if you haveing your own life is holding you back you should think about if you even want to go. i cant speak for australia and i dont know what you do but for me it was hell getting a job after graduating college with no experience and you know... mediocre grades. plus my social skill could generally be better but thats a whole other can of worms. anyway...again i dont much about your relationship but id suggest to make the smartest choice for you first. if move their, she owns you now. if you fight you will be dependend on her and always crawl back to her. if you really want to go id try to get a job their first if possible and then move. while also not easy this way you at least have a steady income from day 1 there and rent as dependend. i mean me personally i wouldnt go the way you described just because i cant let someone else pay my bills im very sensitive about being independant but thats just me
  12. best Netflex TV's?

    ok ... i forgot to ask for dimensions, how big should it be?
  13. best Netflex TV's?

    whats your budget and country? also how brightly lit is the room ?
  14. Glass lcd

    yeah ok that could work but now im worried about that much heat from LEDs in a fridge. probably not a problem but still
  15. Trying to make new friends in the forum!!

    coworker doesnt work for me. ill tell my coworkeres to go suck it any day. we got a different dynamic at work. whenever i notice im going off into a dark place with my comments i now try to imagine what if my mother read it...well if she could understand english that usually helps me restrain myself from to much profanity and aggression