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  1. Does not work good passively, due to the direction of airflow. You should use another type of rad for that! https://www.aquatuning.de/wasserkuehlung/radiatoren/radiatoren-passiv/8381/alphacool-cape-cora-hf-642-konvekt-schwarz?c=353
  2. Water is about 1-2K above room temperature. GPU in 40s and CPU depending on the load. 100% 4.5GHz @ 1.1V about mid 60s. It peaks about 50K above Water due to the Intel Stock TIM. But there was no need for delidding yet :D AVX512 is about 3GHz on all cores... otherwise my PSU melts :D
  3. Graduated, got a job Lost track of time But now I am back to gaming
  4. But wait... there is more It was about time! 23 Noctua got an upgrade! ...and in march 2018 we go hard pipe
  5. To replace a 7950 with a broken fan
  6. Seems as if 23-Noctua is ready i7-950 at 4.2GHz (almost 7 years old CPU) AMD R9-290 at 1080MHz Core Clock (over 2 year old GPU) GA-EX58-UD5 Motherboard (Socket 1366 - the forgotten son) 2x8GB Corsair DDR3 Vengeance Pro 1600MHz (going only 2 sticks made OC easier) Had 7.1 Fidelity at one point a week ago, dont know why it is lower today
  7. Yes. Sorry for that. Underestimated the amount of money the new flat and furniture would take out of my project-money-box And before I do a crappy halfhearted job... i wait for the time i got enough cash to spare
  8. Okay, no copper pipes soon but at least the system survived moving to the new flat And yea... have to improve the cable management behind the desk
  9. Exactly! You cant hear the fans Only if the Pump goes 100% it is slightly audible. btw: The Fans spin around 430-600RPM MAXIMUM! But the PVC tubing between Rads and PC doesnt look that nice imo
  10. So. Rig is up and running on PVC tubes right now to determine noise levels. But i think this is the place where it stays So... next thing is deciding where to run the copper lines. But this time it is so close to the rig, that i am not sure if it is worth the hustle to be honest at first i was thinking about moving the rads to the other room tubes through the wall...
  11. Going hard copper tubing from the case to the rads