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  1. it has its moments, Win 8.1 doesn't support RAW files battery life is good/great speakers are decently loud resolution is high enough products like lightroom and photoshop can be semi frustrating due to scaling. (would probably be worse on anything else I was looking at) Win 8 with the form factor is pretty legit chrome doesn't scale well either. Videos look great Stylus is too easy to lose
  2. Nikon D5300 Surface Pro 2 Ps4 Ps Vita Nexus 5
  3. All depends on what Microsoft does.
  4. I would have rather had a Nexus 4 2nd gen, 5 inch category is unappealing to me.
  5. A little misleading, seems to be referring to user manuals not game guides. On that note, this is actually pretty bad ass, cant tell you how many times coming back from a long break or just coming back to a game and don't remember keybinds.
  6. Impressed with watch not going to lie, however its basic exclusivity to other samsung products is a possible deal breaker.
  7. Not a snowball chance in hell, they are only recognized because technically they do exist for some amount of time (more often then not being so unstable that they last tiny amounts of time), None the less they can exist and I expect that this is no different scenario.
  8. wtf no, don't listen to anything this person has to say.
  9. Maybe if you count preorders for consoles this past month. Being PS4's are sold out everywhere And people dont pre order non launch day.
  10. How about every stupid POS Printer that has had an opportunity to bend me over and kick me square in the nuts. I hate them, and I hope they DIAF.
  11. 10 inch tablet ~ 2-3 lbs same aluminum chassis 2560 x 1440 resolution :wub:
  12. Would prefer they skipped the phablet and went full blown tablet.
  13. Grab an AEM sticker and you got yourself another +50 HP easy.