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    Vault Dwelling Dovahkiin Courier Champion

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    Tech, Cars, Trance music, Engineering, modding (software and hardware)
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    1. yathis


      To the nose picking area around the corner to steal a gulgps of bathtub gin, then pissed on the neighbors dog for fun.

  1. Here are some more FO4 shots for those of you who are not yet tired of it. So far mod count is only up to 50, can't wait for the creation kit it should get much better in both aesthetics and gameplay. Bunker Hill this is not going to end well... USS Constitution My new settlement is so very welcoming...
  2. Only played it for a few hours and already have over 30 mods... I wonder how long I can go without having to give up due to save corruption form pre-GECK plugins and lots of plugin switching. My view from the office: Yup gonna need some distant LOD mods ASAP... although in all fairness I did set it up conservatively for constant 60FPS.
  3. I believe I was getting about 40-45 FPS average on an HD 6870 at the time and maybe a bit more stuttering than I'd have liked.
  4. That looks extremely sexy, the black norprene with copper fittings does match the rest of the system's color scheme really well so it's definitely a good substitute, for the moment at least. Actually you could argue copper might overdo it a bit so that powder coating idea might be the better choice. Really looking forward to see the build assembled .
  5. I prefer using Afterburner since I'm using it for overclocking anyway and the OSD is much better than Fraps, both are good for screenshots, definitely better than steam.
  6. Damn, I haven't found the manuscript for the holy hand grenade of Antioch, guess I better run!
  7. I have no idea what the black stuff is but it only happened when I was destroyed. :lol: GOOD LORD IN HEAVEN THAT LEVEL! Ended up topping out at about level 67.5M... Wormhole FTW I guess.
  8. Not sure if you'd call it a proper game, especially since all I do is check up on it every few hours, but wtf?! .
  9. Heh, Monthy Python reference .
  10. True, but not serving those people would not provide any benefit to the service provider either as they'd then have to turn to piracy.
  11. Username: Nicktrance Videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0
  12. Because everyone can read it and it's free for a few numbers for me. That said I do tend to use hangouts since I can use it on PC too or Whatsapp/fbmessenger since they're popular with friends.
  13. Yup he's pretty screwed...