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  1. RIP iPhone 6 series. I've still got a few relatives on those, I'll have to upgrade them.
  2. I really don't care what the numbers say, I genuinely tried to use old Edge for some time, but it was a complete dog. Utter garbage. Websites like TweetDeck, Twitch, YouTube and Google Maps ran like trash, and everything else wasn't exactly speedy.
  3. As a note, in Windows 10, both Chrome and New Edge use the Windows Hello API as default, so if you have face scanning or fingerprint, it will use that, otherwise, you can use your password or even your PIN
  4. This is probably something they have to work on, you know how on Windows 10, the only way to watch 4K netflix is in old Edge? I think it's related to that.
  5. I don't even care that it's missing features from old Edge, expecially considering that it ran like I disabled 6 cores on my PC. This new Edge is Certified FantasticTM It's just as fast as Chrome, slightly lighter than Chrome, and I love the look! As an intersting aside, here's all the Google junk that Microsoft stripped or rewrote for Edge courtesy of @h0x0d / Twitter Once this comes bundled with Windows 10, Chrome will be one less thing you have to install!
  6. This contract has as many as 100,000 HoloLens Devices involved. Microsoft would never pull out of this agreement. Also, less than 1% of Microsoft's workforce has signed this letter
  7. Yeah... this is unsurprising to say the least.
  8. I'm fairly certain that this clown has never been accurate on long-term speculation. He thought the switch would crash and burn.
  9. BTW, this is confirmed for release and will be called Surface Go. Reporters were briefed on this device a couple Mondays ago in New York
  10. Mary Jo Foley is one of the most respected and experienced Microsoft reporters around. She has been reporting on Microsoft for as long as Zac Bowden and others have been alive. Her, along with Paul Thurrott and Brad Sams, are among the most trustworthy of Microsoft reporters. I'll take her word, especially since she talks about how the Andromeda bits of Windows 10 have been delayed out of 2018.
  11. I HIGHLY doubt this thing will ever see the light of day https://www.zdnet.com/article/dont-expect-microsofts-andromeda-this-year-or-maybe-ever/
  12. This is going to be a really good competitor to Apple's ARM chips in MacBooks, and hopefully they will have enough oomph to run x86 apps without too much trouble, unlike the 835
  13. "every time windows 10 decides to automatically reset and update my PC" Is he talking about cumulative updates or feature updates (they're only 2x per year)? I need more information. I asked because every time you 'refresh' windows it wipes the Start Menu.
  14. is this Windows Update related or is this related to 'Reset this PC' ?
  15. It's not called the Spring Creators Update, they actually, for some reason, have not publicly disclosed the name of the update. SCU was found on internal documents but they were outdated, it's believed it'll be called 1803 now
  16. Well there is Win+Tab I'd imagine you could switch sets with Alt+Tab and then switch apps with Ctrl+Tab
  17. While Microsoft's virtual desktops implementation is a joke, I would expects the tides to change soon. Tabbed windows, known as Sets, are coming to Windows in September. This is going to be a massive improvement if implemented correctly.
  18. It's cute that you believe this. All I will say about this: If you hate Windows 10, this is good news to you. Windows 10 development is now mainly run by the Windows Server team now, so only expect refinements and stability. New features will slow down big time.
  19. There are no pros when compared to a MacBook, Surface, or Even PixelBook
  20. Villanova, because it's the closest to me. Also, Montvale, Millville, Lincroft, Easton, Dover, Dewey Beach, and Clarksboro because they're not that far away.