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    LTT's mysterious owl.
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    Hi, welcome to my profile. I'm a 24 year old finance MSc student.
    Been fiddling with tech since I was 6 years old, mostly old radio's and alarm clocks back then.

    Oh and..
    When I was little I spent the bigger part of fall '04 outside during thunderstorms
    in the hope that I would get struck by lightning and become Static Shock.

    After my old rig died in 2010, life got busy, I bought a PS3 and enjoyed every second of it (f*ck me, right?).
    Got back into PC gaming last year and soon-ish I'll build me something nice.

    I also like everything there is to air and water cooling.


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    Mionix Avior 7000

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  1. Hi guys, I have an Asus X555LB-NS51 laptop with 8GB of RAM. I want to upgrade to 16GB but I am not yet sure whether that possible. I found some contradicting information so far. On Crucial's website it seems that my laptop can take 2 sticks of 8GB RAM and they even recommend a product that would be compatible. However, on the Asus website it says that my laptop can have a 1x DIMM which I assume means that it only has one slot. I don't think I have this model specifically tho. Most of the specs match but I have a 1080p screen not a 720p. Thus, if I buy a 2x8GB kit and I can only install one because the other one is soldered to the MB (used to be standard practice for Asus) I'm screwed. CNET also shows that my laptop model has one slot. I just want to get a 2 x 8GB kit and be over with it, IF it's compatible. I'm doing some statistical programming in Stata that would benefit from more RAM, plus I just want more RAM for multi-taking in general. Is there anyone who can help me sort this out or maybe has done this themselves. Links below. Asus link --> https://www.asus.com/Laptops/X555LB/specifications/ CNET link --> https://www.cnet.com/products/asus-x555lb-ns51-15-6-core-i5-5200u-8-gb-ram-750-gb-hdd/specs/ Crucial website link --> http://www.crucial.com/usa/en/compatible-upgrade-for/ASUS/x555lb Crucial RAM link --> https://azerty.nl/product/crucial/496186/ddr3l-16-gb--2-x-8-gb Kingston HyperX Impact link --> https://azerty.nl/product/kingston/840153/hyperx-impact-black-series-ddr3l-16-gb-2-x-8-gb
  2. Hi there, I'm hoping to do a custom loop with a 420mm rad in the top and 280mm rad in the front. I'm wondering if there is consensus on the best way to set up rads in a pc case for best thermals. If you let the front rad intake into the case, it's dumping heat in there that will not only go out the rear (where I'll have an exhaust fan) but also through the top where I'll have another rad in exhaust. I am considering having both rads as intakes but this would mean that all the heat exchanged from the CPU and GPU to the radiators is being dumped back into the case. I'm unsure whether a single rear exhaust 120mm can handle this and/or whether this would have adverse effects for my PC components overall. Any insight?
  3. Shaqo_Wyn

    The Water Cooling Gallery

    Specs? What rads are in the top and front? push / push/pull? what case?
  4. Shaqo_Wyn

    Reasonably priced case for these rads?

    that looks intimidating, gotta check a review or two haha
  5. Shaqo_Wyn

    Reasonably priced case for these rads?

    The so the R6 only holds a the 420mm, not the 280 in the front. Also, why is using a full CPU+VRM block of importance? I forgot about the Evolv series, hopefully it'll be good this time around!
  6. Anyone know a case ~$300, that can take a 280mm, Alphacool XT45 (push only) in the front and a 420mm Alphacool XT45 (push only) in the top. I'm a fan of Fractal Design and Phanteks cases if that helps the recommendation. GPU would be a Asus 1080 ti STRIX w/ EKWB full cover block PSU would be a EVGA 750w G3
  7. Shaqo_Wyn

    Best 1080 ti?

    Thanks! The FTW looks really great, I love how over-built it is and it's about 10 euros cheaper than the Asus and Gigabyte at my retailer of choice.
  8. Shaqo_Wyn

    Best 1080 ti?

    Heyo, I've been out of the PC world for a while now but I'm finally gonna get my hands on a new GPU, a 1080 ti and get back to playing games. Question: which aftermarket-cooler 1080 ti are the overall best? Like your top three. Especially in terms of noise, coil whine (if that's still a thing), thermals, out of the box performance, IO and last (but not a priority) aesthetics. Also, is the next gen of flag-ship GPUs near enough (1 or 2 months) that you would say wait?
  9. Shaqo_Wyn

    Sorting through the 144hz 1440p TN monitors

    Thanks for your suggestions! However, 1080p 240Hz is not necessary for my purposes. The AOC Agon AG271QG is 750 euros here... but I'd love to hear why you think it's better than the other (cheaper) monitors on the list.
  10. Hi guys, I'm in the market for a 1440p 144hz+ TN-panel to pair with a non-reference GTX 1080 and would love to hear from you which one you think is best, perhaps from your own experience if you own one? Haven't really been keeping up with the monitors coming out so I'm not sure where everything stands. I know TN is not as good as IPS for color accuracy and reproduction. Doesn't matter in this case, because I'm after the higher refresh rate and the IPS 144hz 1440p monitors are out of my price range. From some research, I'm looking at the following short list right now. There are clear price difference so, I'm wondering if it is worth spending significantly more for the Dell or PG278QR when they claim to do the same as the others. Not sure if having G-sync actually matters, would love to go for a sub-500 euro monitor if they're any good. Zowie XL2730 - 459 euros Asus MG278Q - 489 euros Acer Predator XB271HUAbmiprz - 579 euros Asus ROG Swift - PG278QR - 649 euros Dell S2716DG - 643 euros (overpriced over here, cuz I think they're sold for sub $500 in the states).
  11. Shaqo_Wyn

    Help me with this closed headphone choice?

    Thanks for your help guys! Bought the B&O H6 2nd Gen. They're really nice, exactly what I was looking for comfort wise. Audio is also nice, with bass distorting at higher volumes and mids and highs not being the most detailed but I was expecting that considering these headphones are geared to giving a more comfortable sound that appeals to the masses. Definitely a good starting point, might write a detailed review on em, if it adds value.
  12. Shaqo_Wyn

    Help me with this closed headphone choice?

    I actually tested the MDR7506 but the sound wasn't really what I was looking for. There would definitely be some extra charges if I am to get the Monoprice. Hinges are also a probably with more expensive headsets like the Sony and B&O? Otherwise, I'll just order on and test em until I find the right one.
  13. Shaqo_Wyn

    Help me with this closed headphone choice?

    Care to elaborate?
  14. Hey guys, thanks in advance for your help. I hope that your love for audio well keep you interested in this rather long post till the end :), looking forward to your advice. Tried to put it in the Reddit format for ease. Other details shows the headphones currently on my short list. Budget - 100 - 150 EUR (200 EUR max. for a really great option). Source - Micca Origen G2 + Spotify 320kbps and iTunes ALAC tracks and OnePlus 5 Requirements for Isolation - I spend about 4-6 hours in the library a day so isolation should be good but limited sound leakage is also important. Will you be using these Headphones in Public? Yes, in libraries and the train. Preferred Type of Headphone - Over-ear, portable, closed back, high comfort!, removable wire Preferred tonal balance - emphasized lows, neutral or emphasized mids, neutral highs (I'm a bit treble sensitive) Past headphones - Bought and returned the DT770 PRO 80 Ohms, I knew they were V-shaped but the treble was too much for me and comfort was a severe disappointment in terms of clamp, plus the velour ear pads were stiff imo. Preferred Music - Hip-hop and Rap mostly, but also some deep house and rock (Metallica). What would you like to improve on from your set-up - Comfort is the most important aspect for me. The DT770s failed here. To give you an indication, the only other headset I own are the Kingston HyperX Cloud II and I can wear them for extended periods of time without pain, fatigue or heat. In terms of sound, I want some decent bass or if the cans are bass-neutral they should at least have the ability to accurately represent the bass when the tracks being played calls for it. Mids should be well-represented and clean, highs should be present but forgiving (the DT770 treble was quite fatiguing to me). Location - Netherlands (Baxshop.nl, Thomann.de, Getloud.nl are the main website were I can cans from), Tweakers.net is a good comparison site. Other details - I have a shortlist based on my own research and the preferences above (no Beats or M50X). B&O H6 V2 - audio quality seems to be what I'm looking for, comfort seems great (although unsure), price 185 EUR (higher side of my budget, wouldn't take them if I can get the sound I want for less). HM5 - not sure if comfortable, build quality questionable? more on neutral side?, is bass too neutral for my taste? price 120 EUR Shure 840 - sound is good (neutral-side), comfort is major concern (many report of high weight and clamping, true or nah? especially if I thought the DT770s were uncomfortable.) 150 EUR <- not going to pay this for something uncomfortable Sony MDR-1A - comfort seems great (although unsure), lot's of bass apparently, concerns about bass being too overpowering, to the point were it diminish the mids and highs? Rejected - HD280 PRO and HD380 due to comfort, SHR440 because 840 sound better imo, AKG 5XX due to poor availability in my area, ATH-MSR7 (unsure, but comfort seems to be a mixed bag and bass is thought to be less than neutral even recessed?). Opportunity costs - I could skip this whole closed back story and buy 40 EUR IEMs for the library and buy the K712 PRO (214 EUR) or T20RP + Shure 1840 pads (156 EUR) for home listening, but it would be the less practical choice.