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  1. All but one or two of the MicroB cables that have failed for me has been ones included with phones, powerbanks and the like. Aftermarket ones has been doing really well. And the only device I've used with a failed MicroUSB port was a cheap powerbank that I got for free at a convention. While my experience with USB type C is limited, I am not convinced yet that it is a better connector than MicroB outside of the reversibility
  2. I dare say, the Core i9/X299 video might have been one of your best videos ever LMG.
  3. My suggestion for the future of CSF is to not have fixed released schedule. I would rather see fewer but higher quality videos than many lower-quality ones And while it is sad that Nicky V is leaving, at least it is on good terms
  4. I would argue that it is the sale of paid DLC that allows for the base game to improve a lot even for players that doesn't have any DLC.For example, I think Stellaris has improved A LOT since it was released one year ago, even without the two gameplay DLCs that has been released (Leviathans and Utopia) I love playing EU4 and Stellaris. I got to try HOI4 during PDXcon and it will certainly be the next game that I buy. And my thoughts on CK2 is "It is not a bad game but it is not for me"
  5. Cities: Skylines can look beautiful at night
  6. About your discussion about Floatplane club. There is a couple of reasons why I did not sign up for Vessel * No Android support was the big dealbreaker for me. Yes it came eventually but before that time, the platform where I consumed most of my YouTube videos at the time was Android. So no Android meant that it was DOA for me * Vessel more or less made other means of support irrelevant in my opinion. For example, even if you were to support the CSF Patreon, buy merch, crowdfund the move to the office and whatnot, I did not see the point in doing any of that when I did not also subscribe to Vessel. This also ties into my previous point * There was so many times during WAN shows when you teased things but then went like "Can't talk about it in more detail because it was on Vessel". It was so annoying
  7. Thank you for the video Linus! As for the point of not being passionate about this kinds of things anymore, I don't believe that is the case. However, in a couple of cases (not many though, but a few ones nonetheless), it feels that you have been rushing out videos just for the sake of keeping the 1 video per day schedule. I would rather have a delay for a good video than having videos being rushed out.
  8. This was a very interesting video. I still think it is funny that Linus is teaching his new employees to drop things.
  9. And now you are back to reasonable titles and acceptable thumbnails. Something must have really changed overnight
  10. It wasn't there 5 minutes ago for me. Either (a) he just stickied it (b) something is wEIRD with Chrome for me Anyway, my point from earlier threads still stands. I subscribed to linus because he wasn't another OMGYOUARENOTGOINGTOBELIEVENUMVERSIXHUNDERANDSIXTYSIX clickbait channel, which is something AND STAYED TUNED, BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED NEXT
  11. Were did he say that. I've REALLY tried to find it but I can't find it anywhere
  12. At this rate, it also seems like Linus want me to unsubscribe from his channel. And the excuse Linus gave was very weak, given their attitude as of late.
  13. Linus teaching his new employees how to drop things. I don't know if that is a good or bad thing.
  14. Some channels I subscribed to make silly thumbnails yes. However, they are much more reasonable and far from as cringe worthy as Linus' thumbnails
  15. Sure. But I really do wish you could see the issue from your viewers perspective as well. But I want you to know this: One of the reason I even subscribe to you in the first place was because you had reasonable thumbnails that wasn't misleading (Don't lie here, you've had some really misleading thumbnails since the change). It wasn't another YOU WONT BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED clickbait channel, it was a channel that actually had reasonable content. But apparently there is wrong reason to subscribe to a channel.... I was excited about the move to the new office initially. However, recently I missed the content that was made at the old office (and note, we are not talking about individual videos here).. The content there felt (in lack of a better terms) more genuine and done out of passion. Also, regardless of what you think off my view, I do wish that the issues was adress from your side much earlier than they were.