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  1. I don't trust that number. How do they know who has what? What are the Intel and AMD sales? I really don't think that the 98% is accurate.
  2. Apple is pulling their numbers out of their asses just to look good. That's called marketing. I think they are comparing price-to-price equivalent computers. I.e. If a mac Mini costs 699$, they will find a PC that costs 699$ and they "beat that record", the same goes for Macbooks and whatnot.
  3. we have that here as well, it's just average and median salaries ale somewhere completely different.
  4. yeah, American salaries are totally different to what the rest of the world makes.
  5. yeah exactly, Octa*-core. It's not really octa core, it's more of a 4+4 so on paper it's better than 4 core and worse than full 8 core.
  6. I presume those are benchmarks of the high-perf cores. So you are missing whole 4 high-perf cores of i9-10900k.Also wondering about "Hyper-threading".
  7. that's because that black tar chip does not have the same cooling capabilities as open-die Intel/AMD. They just can't push it that far.
  8. Sure and that's... I guess expected. But they are far from i7 and i9.
  9. in general you have IPC and you have clock. But then you have caches, you have software optimizations, you have SIMD, you have branch predictors. It all plays a big role in performance. It's all very relative so you need to fix some variables down, i.e. software and software optimizations.
  10. There are replacements for the software but the software is either a clusterfuck or not of a high quality.
  11. Octo*-core. It's 4 perf and 4 low-perf cores. It's not comparable to Intel's offering, though it's 14 nm vs 5.
  12. I really like some of the Mac-only software. I have a desktop, I am looking for a good macbook pro 2017 replacement.