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    Former CS Major. Clearly, I have way too many computers, headphones, and opinions about them.

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  1. h264

    Before you buy amp and DAC + recommendations.

    How goes it in the audio bunker? Does head-fi still suck? I've been out of the loop playing video games too long. And working.
  2. h264

    Static after installing GTX 970

    Can you see if onboard sound is also affected?
  3. h264

    Sound Cards: Do We Need Them

    Yeah, the armadillos travel over the brown/white copper cable. Fun fact.
  4. h264

    Sound Cards: Do We Need Them

    This is the problem with descriptions of audio quality over measurements. Some people might say "muddy", others might say "bass is overpowered", and others might complain about "bass bloom". It depends, and they all describe different problems people might have with their audio.
  5. h264

    Sound Cards: Do We Need Them

    Veterans vs. Noobs huh? Tilt the scale towards the veterans, and nobody new wants to join. Tilt the scale towards the Noobs, and everyone wants to leave.
  6. h264

    Sound Cards: Do We Need Them

    Two years ago I made an FAQ thread to answer this question. All it's done is prove to me over and over again nobody ever reads - even stickies - they just post. I won't tell you your business, but every time I see another thread on this topic I die a little inside.
  7. h264

    Creative Labs ZxR Soundcard Inquiry - URGENT help :(

    with a 33 Ohm output impedance, those are about one of the few headphones I recommend you plug into that card.
  8. h264

    Massdrop TH-X00 "Purpleheart"

    That asshole Snobby McSnoberson got at my credit card again and joined the drop. I'm sure he'll do a review or something but I'd rather just keep my $450.
  9. h264

    Before you buy amp and DAC + recommendations.

    It would probably just be another thread that would get ignored in favor of yet another thread where the OP asks exactly the same question the last 25 people asked when they were OP. I still need to go fix that FAQ thread btw.
  10. h264

    Why do people give FLAC...Flack?

    Why does it get so much FLAC. File sizes are bigger and people don't like that. Other than that it's as compatible as MP3 unless you have an iPod or something.
  11. LOL the FAQ is now spoilerception. I'll start fixing it once the powers that be swear everything is fixed.
  12. https://www.mayflowerelectronics.com/ Trust me, they're on sale. I mean you wouldn't know it looking at the homepage or anything. The man knows how to make headphone amplifiers at least. ShearMe told me to post this btw.