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    Intel-HD 3000
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    Lenovo X220
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    128gb Samsung 830 Series SSD
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    12.5" 1366x768, Dell U2713HM external
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    Ducky Shine w/MX Blue switches & PBT caps
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    Corsair M60
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    Audioengine D1 DAC, Beyerdynamic DT990, Swan D-1080V

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  1. Man, I must be a terrible person for responding to someone questioning what I said. 701's are pretty damn inefficient.
  2. You haven't owned them Edit - I should add, the X70X drivers seem to only benefit from more powerful amps in producing low end. Mids and highs are taken care of quite promptly without much effot.
  3. 1. Go to your best known local PC retailer site like amazon/NCIX/PCCG/Newegg/etc. 2. Go to laptop section 3. Sort by price 4. Look at which one has the best features in your price range 5. Add to cart 6. Buy
  4. Completely different. The 701 is open, neutral and more detailed. The M50 is closed, bass heavy and not as detailed. The 701 will require an amp more powerful than the e18 to get the most out of them, especially the low end.
  5. Poor build, expensive. /thread
  6. Yeah well, they went to the polls saying a lot of things that they ended up doing/not doing. Edit, saw your other post. Let's just agree that Abbott is an asshole.
  7. The world's slowest catch up continues...
  8. I dunno... the mobile section is already one of the slowest...
  9. I remember the Engadget article on it ages ago. Most of the comments pertained to, 'Why are there no display outputs on that graphics card? Intel is so shit!'
  10. It's a bad idea to run either unless the sole purpose of your computer is benchmarking and/or showing off your e-peen on forums.
  11. Nova Launcher (free) Unified Remote (free) WiFi File Transfer Pro AcDisplay
  12. My family has had 6 different Android phones with micro USB within the last 4 or so years without any problems... The Lightning connector is still obviously superior in every way except for the proprietary part.
  13. Eh, I can't take One Plus seriously any more. I'll be waiting for the Nexus 6 towards the end of the year. Any company that wants to exclusively invite me to give them money won't be getting any of it.
  14. You have 500gb of music? I hope you wouldn't be putting uncompressed files on a portable device...