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  1. Ajit Pai was a Verizon lawyer before taking the chair of the FCC, much like Rex Tillerson was the CEO of Exon Mobile. He didn't 'drain the swamp' he flooded it.
  2. Think you mean Layman there but I get it, it's very nice but at 60hz bumping up to 1440 or even 4k isn't much of a price increase compared to some other nice monitors, even others from AOC. I think this is more of a make the office look nice in a windowed sales office than the taste of the persons actually using it... insurance, bank, caresales offices, the desk where the customer is actually going to give information when a sale is successful type office. Come to think of it they probably designed it for their own carsales and as an afterthought decided to let AOC sell it on it's own with a design commission on units sold.
  3. 1080p 60hz IPS larger than 21" and over $120 no thanks, don't care how nice the chassis is. Needs to be at least 1440p if over 20" and if 1080p it needs to be 120hz if over $150.
  4. I like how you used 7Gamers1CPU and Luke's Fallout build, both running AMD cards.
  5. Couldn't do a video link? Had to be an autodownload instead?
  6. Point being that it should be publicly available knowledge that nuclear launch codes exist, not what the codes are. When Snowden came forward revealing the unconstitutional actions of the NSA he showed what the NSA was doing when it was secret without compromising the operation.
  7. Source Friday, January 27, 2017 | By Elizabeth Banker (@elizabethbanker), Associate General Counsel, Global Law Enforcement [21:48 UTC] https://blog.twitter.com/2017/transparency-update-twitter-discloses-national-security-letters Transparency is important, this is too little too late. It's important to keep in mind these are just gag orders were lifted on expiration, not by new administration.
  8. His Entire Cabinet is his donors, he has one goal, make money for himself, people who gave him the most money are now in control. Those people are going to gut the FCC just like they are going to gut Education, they already deleted everything regarding climate change from the White House website.
  9. I think it's pretty tame compared to the first one from Roswell.
  10. Source: my email, sorry there isn't a fleshed out article to post, analyze and quote.
  11. haha I forgot about that series completely, just going to go back and see if it's all free now aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's not.
  12. Once Again. Please use the Spoiler Bracket when quoting images. It's not a rule, it's just common forum courtesy.
  13. PC version will likely come considering the massive cash that GTA V's triple release brought in. Success on old consoles, half a year passes then released on current old to same success, another half a year passes and release on PC to insane success. Red Dead 2 will do the same thing, PS4 Pro and X Box whatever will come out and they will once again hit the triple launch then hopefully leave GTA modders alone and stop being the scumbags they are for a few months basking in semi deserved money, assuming the game is good, then return to trying to fuck over, for some reason, the modders extending their games life and value.
  14. Unless they tone down textures and dynamic effects significantly then they either need to cap the fps at 30 or remove the dynamic scaling, lower the res on all assets and the render. They'll be able to find some redundant script causing effects to repeat passively in the code or something of that sort triggering massive performance loss which in turn triggers the Dynamic Resolutions script too many times. Long run it'll be fixed or made very rare, It'll likely be a priority bug I wouldn't expect it fixed in the first week.
  15. I have one, very sturdy, surprisingly well constructed.
  16. Anything that folds the keyboard to the bottom like this is poorly designed. We need more of these:
  17. Fuck. The single player story was the only part with a chance of releasing. RIP Commander Gary Oldman.
  18. CryEngine 1 ??? CryEngine was in it's main iteration after CryEngine 3 before being sold to Amazon.
  19. * Amazon Announces 3 New Online Games Using Their Crytek's Lumberyard Engine CryEngine.