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    true princess at heart
  • Birthday 1999-05-24

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    whats battlenet?
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    pfff stupid consoles
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    jellejas or legopc
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    my xbox is in bits and pieces

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    The Netherlands
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    sitting on my ass


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    intel xeon 1230 v3 / I7-3520M
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    gigabyte ga-z87-d3hp / Lenovo ThinkPad T430
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    1x4gb kingston 1333 1x4gb kingston 1600 2x4gb crusial 1600 / 2x4gb ddr3 1333
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    msi gtx 670 pe / Nvidia NVS 5400M
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    aerocool ferrum / Lenovo ThinkPad T430
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    120gb 840 wd 1tb blue 320gb wd 60gb corsair force 1 / 128gb msata ssd
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    ocz 550w fatal1ty / Lenovo ThinkPad T430
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    acer bla - benq bla - dell bla / HD+ 1600x900 TN panel
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    custom loop / apparently not sufficient
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    das keyboard model s ultimate
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    sharkoon drakonia
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  1. legopc

    30+ PoE switch and/or NVR

    Regarding the switch. I would really recommend looking at something proper enterprise grade (The likes of Cisco/Aruba/etc). 500+ poe watts is a lot to ask from a switch and a lot of poe powered devices on that single switch. I would personally, and certainly if its far away not trust a Netgear/TP-link/Ubnt something for this job. I have also seen manufacturers not implement some simple safeties regarding poe on their switch so if something goes wrong all 30 cameras and the switch.
  2. legopc

    EMC Celerra NS120: When to use CSA?

    I think this might be the wrong forum for those kinds of questions. I think you would be better of trying over at something like https://forums.servethehome.com/index.php or http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/
  3. legopc

    rat resistant cables

    You say you are hooking up ap's. Research if POE can be deadly to small shits.
  4. legopc

    Is it possible to get IP of Access Point?

    If you want to know what ap you are connected to, get yourself one of them wifi analyzer apps for your phone, there you can see which ap you are connected to and what mac it has, then you can match the mac to an ap. No need for fancy ass special network, dont make it more difficult then it needs to be.
  5. legopc

    Recommend me a switch for home use...

    No... If you dont know the difference then dont post... G is indeed gigabit but E is i have no idea what it stands for but it comes with 2 10gig ports. You might want to look at the cisco datasheets for these switches. They are not at all loud, both g and e switches are damn silent... I used to some noise but having these switches next to me is no issue.
  6. legopc

    Recommend me a switch for home use...

    Well if second hand is an option and you live in the USA then as a Cisco person you should already know what to look for. Get yourself a lovely 3560g/3750g with poe or 3560e/3750e with poe, you will have all your boxes ticked and be withing budget.
  7. legopc

    Did I take LLT's video to serious?

    So regarding the title: Yes.
  8. Maybe you get duplicate addresses because you HAVE duplicate addresses... Your giving vlan 101 on ya cisco an ip of bla.1 and vlan 101 on ya edgemax an ip of bla.1 so yeah, thats duplicate. If you need help, just send me a message...
  9. legopc

    Multiple VMs 1 GPU

    There is way more involved then throwing in a gpu, creating some vdi's and game away. I would recommend looking into it more on something like the vmware forums. And unless you are playing openttd, a k2000 isnt going to cut it for multiple people.
  10. legopc

    Full Family Router?

    say what? a wlc does do some nice things but there is no need at all for a wlc in a home network.
  11. legopc

    Looking for a good recommendation for gigabit router

    100 bucks for an erl, 30 for a switch and 100-150 for any ubnt ap other then the lite and you are set. No where near close to 500-600
  12. legopc

    Full Family Router?

    Whoah whoah calm down, not need for that in a home network and is out of the budget, I think the person you quoted was talking about the consumer line, not the isr's. You also dont need a wlc for a 1142n, just flash standalone ios to it.
  13. legopc

    Is this a router or a modem?

    Maybe its both?
  14. legopc

    how do I configure my Ethernet Switch?

    That cable is for cisco devices which use the rj45 connector for serial communication and your netgear thing doesnt, it uses a basic rs232 connector so what you need is a usb to rsr232 adapter.