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  1. Okay so update. I did some research and came to a kind of satisfaction on the situation. @Master Disaster 1. CPUZ high voltage is exclusive to CPUZ, other sensor monitors show correct voltage of the core. 2. I was able to get a speed higher than 3200Mhz, but not 3600Mhz.. Enabling XMP and SOC Voltage set to 1.1v then turning it from 3600Mhz to 3400Mhz, it works perfectly fine. No issues. The latency is exactly what the XMP Profile says but cant do the 3600Mhz. Looking at supported sticks for the ASRock B550 Pro4, not only is it not in the QVL listing, Pangoly doesn't even have it the list
  2. HWINFO is reading it correctly too.
  3. I manually set it to 1.3v for higher speed head room and idk maybe the default was buggy, but HWMonitor is reading it correctly...??
  4. Yea that seems impossible, I went to my bios and its set at 1.1v. The core voltage.
  5. Sorry, had to clear CMOS, but here you go.
  6. And who would have thought, doesn't work.
  7. I'm trying a 1.15v SOC. But figuring the XMP is setting it to 3600Mhz that is cl19, if this doesn't work should I just try and lower timings at 3200Mhz, or does it not work like that?
  8. I've tried the bios reset to no avail but changing the soc voltage. Is it a fixed voltage or offset?
  9. Do I have to manually set the FCLK....go through all the timings...I'm just not sure where to go from here. Manually setting to 3200Mhz with default timings works but if I go above that, or use XMP...it doesn't post.
  10. I gotcha. Do you happen to know of a board supporting Zen 3 and 2/4 3600?
  11. I went looking earlier but my only question is why is the 3600 in the xmp setting?
  12. Indeed they are. Am I kinda forced to manually tune everything to get it to posisble work at 3600mhz?