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Gung Pow Chicken

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    Secret Squirrel
  • Birthday Jan 28, 1994

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    Somewhere in the US of A
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    Off-Roading, Programming, Bicycling, PC Gaming, Lock Picking, and Photography.
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    Studied Computer Science and Networking Security, minor was Automotive Technology.
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    Systems Administraor at an AFB, I also own a Consulting/MSP Firm


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    i7-8750H / Xeon E-2176M
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    Thinpad P52
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    128GB DDR4 / 64GB ECC DDR4
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    NVIDIA Quadro P1000 / NVIDIA Quadro P2000
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    Thinkpad P52
  • Storage
    4 TB in Samsung NVMe Driv'es
  • PSU
    Thinkpad P52
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    1080P ! 4K
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    Dual Fan HFS
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    Thinkpad Keyboard
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    Thinkpad Speakers
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  1. You shouldn't see any difference, excluding version like you said. I use Samsung T5's regularly to transfer files on client machines, or use them to reinstall images. Using both case/motherboard USB ports on several machines and haven't noticed anything. With transfer rates being identical.
  2. I'd like to know what apparent security issues still exist, with most hardware issues being resolved after 2015, and software issues can be fixed by clean install and not using a companies bloatware. You can find the same if not more vulnerabilities with HP's software/hardware, not to mention the iffy reliability. I've been ordering Thinkpads since early 2008 and have seen a quarter of the issues I have with HP or even Dell laptops. Given I've always focused on the Thinkpad T, P, X, and W series machines. I've never had one fail that wasn't caused by my own actions, still have Thin
  3. You should be good to go, I would ignore comments of people who apparently didn't read the entire post and speeds on the memory. I've done this with hundreds of computers over the years, and never noticed a problem. Both with laptops and desktops. Even on my XPS 9500 after a memory module failed, I now have a 32GB stick + 16GB stick but both have the same speeds and I didn't notice a single performance decrease other than inability to run the same amount of VM's at the same spec.
  4. Yup it should work just fine, if one module has slower speed than the other. The default speed will be the slower module. The performance difference will be little to none, maybe in a benchmark but real world performance should see nothing.
  5. Tons of good Lenovo laptops, with an almost unparalleled typing experience available under your budget. https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/thinkbook-series/ThinkBook-14-Gen-2-AMD/p/XXTBXTMA400 Picked up the 16GB model for my wife and she loves it, seems rock solid and has amazing performance. Thinkpad T15 is a great option, P series are amazing. I have a P52 and P53 which are beasts.
  6. I wouldn't say they are a scam, tons of daily customers. The horror stories are like 1/500, so I'd say your safe.
  7. Out of those 2 I would go for the HP just because it has 16GB RAM, providing a little more longevity. Lost of good Lenovo laptops around that price point. https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/thinkbook-series/ThinkBook-14-Gen-2-AMD/p/XXTBXTMA400 The Ryzen CPU in this one is way better than either of the machines you listed, and probably better than anything else in it's price point.
  8. Maybe take the ram out and try them one by one, and see if anything changes.
  9. I use a WD19TBS with my 9500, specs are a little above yours with the i7-10875h. Haven't had a problem with it, pushes less power for non-dell systems. Also I use 3x32" Dell P3221D monitors.
  10. Yea definitely possible, other forums posts stating the same kind of thing happened bricking the BIOS.
  11. shttps://www.lptps.com/best-laptops-under-1200/ Seems like a pretty complete list, most of the Intel laptops here with have TB3 which can output displays, even Type-C which supports display port will output just fine. Lenovo has some good laptops in that price range, even some new Ryzen machines. Always have good sales going.
  12. Have you tried removing GPU, maybe cycle the RAM. Take out one dimm, attempt booting and repeating the process with the other dimm while remove the previous.
  13. Can you post a picture of what exactly is happening when you turn the system on? Have you attempted to boot safe mode? How are you trying to get into the BIOS? Is your keyboard wired or wireless? If it's wireless do you have a wired we can use?
  14. Don't forget to hold the power button
  15. What wires go to the CMOS, or what other batteries are there? Isn't this a desktop? That should be the only battery.