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Gung Pow Chicken

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    Secret Squirrel
  • Birthday Jan 28, 1994

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    Somewhere in the US of A
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    Off-Roading, Programming, Bicycling, PC Gaming, Lock Picking, and Photography.
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    Studied Computer Science and Networking Security, minor was Automotive Technology.
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    Systems Administraor at an AFB, I also own a Consulting/MSP Firm


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    i7-8750H / Xeon E-2176M
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    Thinpad P52
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    128GB DDR4 / 64GB ECC DDR4
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    NVIDIA Quadro P1000 / NVIDIA Quadro P2000
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    Thinkpad P52
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    4 TB in Samsung NVMe Driv'es
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    Thinkpad P52
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    1080P ! 4K
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    Dual Fan HFS
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    Thinkpad Keyboard
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    Thinkpad Speakers
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  1. Yea definitely possible, other forums posts stating the same kind of thing happened bricking the BIOS.
  2. shttps://www.lptps.com/best-laptops-under-1200/ Seems like a pretty complete list, most of the Intel laptops here with have TB3 which can output displays, even Type-C which supports display port will output just fine. Lenovo has some good laptops in that price range, even some new Ryzen machines. Always have good sales going.
  3. Have you tried removing GPU, maybe cycle the RAM. Take out one dimm, attempt booting and repeating the process with the other dimm while remove the previous.
  4. Can you post a picture of what exactly is happening when you turn the system on? Have you attempted to boot safe mode? How are you trying to get into the BIOS? Is your keyboard wired or wireless? If it's wireless do you have a wired we can use?
  5. Don't forget to hold the power button
  6. What wires go to the CMOS, or what other batteries are there? Isn't this a desktop? That should be the only battery.
  7. Just unplug the power cable going to the PSU.
  8. Remove the CMOS battery, remove all power and hold the power button for an entire minute.
  9. Try the CMOS with Power combo for sure, there is clearly some kind of know issues with this software as a simple google search found a few.
  10. I don't use any of that stuff so my bad lol Haven't watched LTT videos in years either so unless it's related to my job I'm left out lol. How are you locked out of the BIOS? like it just won't load or maybe your password isn't working? You could pull the CMOS battery and maybe hold the power button for 60 seconds with all sources of power removed.
  11. Seems pretty solid to me, I would probably get a little larger M.2.
  12. I would have either exchanged or returned it if there has been issues since the start. Maybe warranty?
  13. Remove the added device, make sure it's completely unplugged. After that turn on the system, go into the BIOS and see if the system recognizes the boot drive, and or any drive if you have multiple.
  14. Seems like a good machine, reviews might be far and few as it's not really a big name. Vostro really being centered towards businesses. Are you strictly looking for a new laptop?