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  1. I need one so I can get windows on my other computer. That way I can play sicko mode and mo bamba without having my gaming rig overheat.
  2. Tay K Shame that he did some shit and now he's in prison, he had a ton of potential.
  3. Go lurk around some cheating forums, of all people they'd be the ones who know how to work around a ban.
  4. Boy if you ain't got IG she's gonna think you're weird as fuck, just saying.
  5. go dig around on some game hacking websites since they would be the ones who know how to evade a ban.
  6. There's the juul which is probably the most common and popular one right now. For areas where they don't sell it there's the aspire breeze.
  7. probably a dry throat. drink more water.
  8. after reading some of what people have to say, personally I feel like smoking is something that if done in moderation is unlikely to be harmful. the only problem is few people have the self control to stop themselves from letting it get out of control. 1 usually turns into 2 and so forth. The scare tactics are there to stop people from starting since most people who start don't keep the habit under control. the truth is though there's a point where you'll be harming your lungs, and you'll probably know when that point is reached. The problem is once you've reached that point it's hard to stop. Honestly for addiction I feel like vaping is worse for teenagers. Usually with cigarettes once u finish one you don't want another one for a good bit. When I was vaping I did it like all the time even if I had a buzz from nicotine, and that is actually what got me addicted to nicotine since I was doing it like all day all the time. Also the flavors are nice so it was all the more reason to constantly be doing it. also i'm not a fan of juuls or any of it's copycats. even still being an occasional smoker I took two drags off that shit and it gave me a headache.
  9. probably like half a pack is where i would draw the line. I used to smoke a quarter pack a day but I cut back to only having like 2 or something. only exception is when im out with friends or some shit, then I smoke more. in Canada cigarettes are expensive as fuck unless you're smoking shitty native smokes, so i won't ever go over a quarter pack a day. as for where you feel addicted i would say the quarter pack a day mark is where if you stop you will want one pretty bad. Not like you need one but you want one really bad, personally i had no trouble quitting at that amount. (although i still really wanted a cigarette especially if someone else was having one) i can't say what it's like trying to quit after smoking more than that because I set limits for my bad habits.
  10. KingKeith55

    Quit gaming

    when you're truly bored of gaming, that's when you'll stop. you won't want to play them.
  11. I would never suggest euro cars unless you live there, or you're relatively wealthy and have the money to drop on something much newer. Parts aren't super easy to find for older stuff, and either way the parts are expensive. Miatas are kind of a toy. They're not a bad car, but they're not practical at all. Most of the people who drive them are teenagers who want to drift and fuck around in them, and that's what they're good at. Nothing wrong with that. Honestly if you want something good and reliable I always hear good things about Toyotas. Hell, I bought a 2006 Corolla for $1500 and it was in pretty good condition. Never had any issues with it, and the A/C still works in it too. I can't tell you how well they do in the winter because the tires on it right now are crap, and it has trouble getting traction from a stop in heavy snow or really slippery conditions. I bet if I had actual decent tires it would be okay though. Either way since it's your first car there's like a 90% chance you're going to dent and scratch it a little bit by accident. Go for something cheap.
  12. I know you can hack AMD drivers to work on things that they're not supposed to work on, but I'm not sure about Nvidia. Haven't tried it.
  13. I wouldn't trust that power supply to power a single LED.
  14. That's a manual ban. Why they manually banned you, I have no idea. If you were actually banned by overwatch it should say "Convicted by overwatch - Majorly Distruptive". That ban means you were literally manually banned by someone working for valve. Usually people who get manually banned are notorious cheaters that don't get caught by overwatch or VAC (Usually people who post videos/stream them cheating, there's a few people who are well known for that). If you were actually cheating, then this might explain it. Otherwise idk.
  15. KingKeith55


    Not even here in Ontario is it that cold.