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    Titanfall 2 I guess?
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    I just hate everything tbh
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    Every day is funpost friday if you're good at mental gymnastics :^)


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  1. yo when did you become a mod also regarding the spoiler, I think mobo designers are a bit out of touch...
  2. lkarej

    DT770 Pro's

    I'm not too, too worried. It's just I don't want major sound leakage. I can deal with having a bit of background noise because sometimes my family need help or w/e yaknow and they call me from the other room or smth.
  3. Very little makes me smile these days tbh.
  4. Wait you got a top tier i7 but used all the budget on it so you can't afford a gpu? Are you planning on doing something that CPU intensive? Man, just try and save some money or something, wouldn't want to pair something entry level with a cpu like that. Or as above post said, return parts and replan the build.
  5. Willing to bet I'll get a warning from that thread about pewdiepie even though the way I'm going about discussing the topic and the sub discussions I'm having with other users in the thread is very polite.

    Very touchy subject to some people, both in the main topic and the sub discussion(s).

  6. whomstdve remember the basic status updates of old where you couldn't bold text?

    1.   Show previous replies  1 more
    2. lkarej


      Whomstdve remember when people (including me) used status update as twitter?

      Good times.

    3. Clyne


      who remembers accepting friends 

    4. lkarej


      whomstdve remembers I/O?

  7. There's legitimate reasons, then there's conspiracy reasons. Both probably have some merit to them. I personally despise the second category listed, not because they're gay, but because of how they go about it. In fact I just read something that I just saw on facebook and actually shared on my personal page. Spoiler for those who may read this, if you're not as open minded as I am, do not read this as you'll likely just flame me anyways. If you read it and are going to flame me I will report you. I'm being very tolerant and currently following all rules.
  8. Trust me it's well worth it (IMO). I recently got a U3415W on sale on newegg, it's fantastic.
  9. I pirated Stardust Crusader's because I wanted to watch it on a roadtrip. That's literally it. Would've been happy to pay for it. IIRC most money in anime especially (movies less so) comes from selling blu ray and dvd's/merch after the run on tv stations (they still do that right?).
  10. That's a shiny desk my friend. Also you have the same speakers as me lmao
  11. I have a gay friend who once told me "you know (name), there's a difference between gays and f@ggots" and told me about how he sees the difference between the two. (Basically the latter being the flamboyant people who let it consume their identity instead of just being a part of them). plz no ban mods.
  12. I think it's a funny situation. Doesn't change my opinion of the guy at all. He's not funny all the time but definitely has his moments.
  13. lkarej

    Am i in love

    I can tell you this, love is a lot more than basic attraction. Love is something that is built off attraction, it happens as you get to know someone. From what you've said in OP, I'd say no, not yet. Strongly attracted, yes. In love? No. I second this, can back it up with personal experience. Also here's a really helpful article. https://kidshelpphone.ca/article/what-love-welcome-world-dating-0 P.S: You may be asking in the wrong place. :^) This is a tech forum after all, mostly populated with people <16 years old.