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    AMD Ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.6 Ghz
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    Corsair Vengence LED DDR4 3066Mhz
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    XFX RX 580 GTR XXX White
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    Seasonic Focus+ Gold 650W
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  1. yo what's up everyone. i haven't posted in this thread for about a year now and an upgrade I just did to my lga1366 server reminded me of the thread here - another X5650 to pop in with an extra 24GB ram costing me only ~$50 for both the CPU and RAM. That gives me a total of 12 cores and 24 threads with 48GB RAM. More than enough to run several VMs on ESXi. It seems like Ryzen, LGA2011 and to an extent LGA1356 are all the rage nowadays for budget gamers but I argue that LGA1366 has its place for some applications, like a server. It's certainly better than most of the cheap AWS instances for the
  2. Looking on VOGONS people tend to recommend older power supplies with even more amps on the 5v rail but I think the extra 5 amps you might gain from an old power supply wouldn't really be worth the money and an ax860i would be a good choice unless you have something else you want to use it in. Also for such a system I would recommend SCSI and Windows 2000 if you can.
  3. Well that certainly depends on if you're talking about CPUs that actually made it to market, or just engineering samples - The latter would of course be much more rare than even the most rare CPUs in the former category. Something like an iAPX 432 sample would probably be quite valuable if ever discovered. Though I can't remember if it made it to market and just failed completely or was pulled before release.
  4. Cool. I'll double check the config and just roll with it. Thanks!
  5. Hey, I've been toying around with duplicity a little bit and I think you're right, it would be an easier solution that will manage everything for me. I'll probably just make one directory that does incremental backups forever (Is that a problem? Should you create full backups every so often? Is a week too much?). Sorry for being so harsh earlier.
  6. Again, you haven't answered my questions. 1. I'm well aware of the fact that it can use ssh, wouldn't it need me to enter a password or the password on my key? How would I do that if I'm not at the computer? 3. This one is turning out to be kind of a pain in the ass and your answer also doesn't tell me anything I didn't already know so I think I'm just going to exclude all files over a certain size limit upfront and copy big files manually (I won't have a lot of them on this laptop.)
  7. Alright, not to be rude but I already said I figured out how to do a basic script such as the one you suggested where it just copies the files. You haven't really answered any of my three questions, which was what I was asking about. I'm also not looking for advice unless you believe dejadup or duplicity will accomplish all three of the things I wanted up there. Besides, I prefer sticking to CLI tools when I can. And rsync is sufficient for my needs, maybe I have the definition of an incremental backup wrong but all I need is a script that will copy my home folder to a directory of the week an
  8. Will a cronjob in a crontab run even when the system is sleeping?
  9. A few weeks ago, I had a catastrophic failure with my Linux laptop that was caused by none other than my own stupid self, by issuing a command functionally similar to a sudo rm -rf --no-preserve-root, deleting everything under / seemingly unrecoverably (I tried a couple different backup utilities, and none of them worked). Anyway, I've moved on and reinstalled my OS, and I've come to terms with the (albeit relatively insignificant) data loss I've suffered. This time, however, I want to use a robust backup solution (something I completely lacked before). I've decided I want my script to rsync m
  10. I did some digging and the closest I could find for a 5200 Go driver was on a sketchy driver website that had a driver for a presumably similar Lenovo laptop: http://www.driverscape.com/files/notebook/Lenovo_E600_Vga_XP_V1.exe. IDK, give it a shot, it may or may not work. here are the rest of the drivers too in case you're interested: http://www.driverscape.com/manufacturers/toshiba/laptops-desktops/satellite-p20/2056.
  11. Or get a second monitor like others have suggested. I have a small room and a small desk too and I've managed to cram 3 monitors by propping one on top of my PC. Kind of hard to read but does the job.
  12. I think what's been said here so far has covered most options, though I did some quick research and discovered that the Elgato HD60 PRO which barely fits in your budget at $200 is supposed to have very low latency. See for yourself: So the input lag might not be as bad as you think on good quality capture cards paired with the right software.
  13. The NZXT G-series AIO brackets fit a lot of cards and generally perform well - the only caveat is that I believe they (and most other waterblocks for that matter) only mount to reference PCBs. You will need to look if the Aorus Turbo has a reference PCB online. To my knowledge, only high-end cards with aftermarket PCBs get custom waterblocks (like EVGA classified, Asus STRIX, MSI lightnig, etc), and generally those brands create their own cards with pre-installed waterblocks (Asus Poseidon, Waterforce). Just an idea but if you're unable to find a waterblock that will mount to your Aorus turbo
  14. That's entirely up to you, RGB is a personal preference. But I think $40 extra for RGB is a total ripoff...
  15. Seriously though. If they don't suck, then buy my laptop. I'll wait.