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  1. OK, It does stand out on a back lit black screen with the back light shinning through.
  2. Might notice it on a 4k monitor, but it is very apparent in person. Looks like a bunch of blackish grey dots.About pixel size.
  3. I tried vinegar with water, 50/50 mix, 91% iso alc. One thread said to clean and use petroleum jelly, I tried that and it did hide some of it, but not completely. My camera is old, I don't think it has enough res to see it. It goe out of focus that close.
  4. Most noticeable on a white screen.
  5. I don't have my camera, but the screen has pits in the surface.
  6. Hi, my laptop screen has blemish from the space bar rubbing it during transport. I tried 91% isopropyl rubbing alcohol amd managed to clean the rest of the screen, but can't get the marks out wher the space bar rubbed the screen. Are there any suggestions?
  7. I am also curious if anyone has the disk and can install it and recreate issue, that has a Lenovo V14ARE with a AMD Ryzen 5 4500u. Hardware is pretty new to market.
  8. Yes, Windows 10. Unfortunately The game is off of a disk, also Ravio has taken away support and updates for the original angry birds. It almost seems like a driver issue. What the hell would make it ok with headphones and not the built in speakers.
  9. When I use the built in speaker with Angry Birds the Audio skips and cuts, when I use the headphone jack it's fine. Anything else works fine including GTA 5 @ 800x600 res..
  10. I dicovered that if I use the headphone jack on the laptop with an external speaker it's fine. If I use the speakers that are built into the laptop the audio is not working correctly. All other game seem to work fine.
  11. At this point if it won't install I'll hold off.
  12. For now I will keep it on 1909. There probably is something wrong if I can't get Media Creation Tool media on a flash drive to install. I have tried everything for those 2 PCs.
  13. Wonder if there is critical Cumulative Updates missing. That might effect it.
  14. Updater does all of the everyday updates like normal, it just installed windows defender update like normal. Just doesn't allow the Feature Update.