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  1. This is my system in budget Mode. Hs I3-10100F, and GTX 1660 MSI Ventus GPU. Seems pretty balanced. Guess a over all score running Windows 11 of 5443 isn't too bad. Stock result, 32 GB memory capped at 2666MHz.
  2. I am upgrading the CPU from a I3-10100 to a I5-11600K. Has a 125 watt TDP. Want to use a NH-U12S to cool CPU. Using Gigabyte B460M DS3H V2 motherboard. 32 Gigabytes of memory at 3200MHz 4 sticks. GTX 1660 Super MSI Ventus GPU. With the CPU upgrade, and going from a 65 watt TDP to a 125 watt TDP, should I use the 650D instead of a old modded HP case with a 120mm fan in front and a 120mm fan mounted on the left side panel? 92mm rear fan. What is your opinion? BIOS is F21 so CPU should work. Should CPU cooler be mounted with fan at bottom facing up
  3. Ya Optimum is copper cable for me. It works. Router is from like 2010. Don't even know if it is secure anymore.
  4. Hi, I was having a problem with the right and left swipe in feature on Windows 11. There is no option for for gestures on a Logitech K400R Keyboard/Mousepad combo unit. I had to download the Setpoint utility to be able to disable left and right swipe gestures. I can't put the installer on this page. Hope this can stop annoying swipe in trouble with Windows 11
  5. I have a AX200NGW WIFI card in my desktop PC. My Net Gear router is old. It's Wireless N. It seems to have OK range. The speed of Optimum is 92.5 down and 12.2 up for some reason today through Ethernet cable to router. With the AX200 it's 53.8 down and 12.3 up. Would I benefit from Wireless 6 or 6E Router.
  6. Well, I have Windows 11 on all of my supported hardware. It works, and I can't say much more than that. I would pay for hardware to make games run better. I would not buy hardware just to use Windows 11. I would not pay for Windows 11 if I had Windows 7, I would install Windows 10 because something that old probably would not support Windows 11. Unsupported hardware will not receive updates according to Microsoft. If you have Windows 11, you may want to have 16GB Memory installed minimum. With Chrome opened on LTT forum page I'm using 4.6GB memory, 28% of total ava
  7. Installed Windows 11 on one of my PCs. It pretty cool. Need to play around some more. Yep, work on 10th gen Intel with TPM enabled. No issues installing.
  8. Yes, I do know that Windows 10 is support till some time in 2025. I don't want to test for Microsoft, but it is a good idea to get used to a OS that we may all be using. As post in first post PC is capable of running Windows 11 and is free for Windows 10 users. So, I should be offered the option Via Windows Update. For multiple other PCs, Yes Windows 10 is fine. I anticipate getting Windows 11 shoved down our throats Vis Windows Update via a Feature Update. Also, It appears that Windows Media Player can be download under optional apps. in some window. Not familiar with W
  9. My 2 PCs not counting my laptop, PC1: 9th gen I5-9500 32 GB Memory GTX 1660 Super PC 2: 10th gen I3-10100 16 GB Memory GTX 1660 Both of these make the requirements and are better than I7-3770. My laptop is a Asus Vevobook with: I7-10750H 16GB Memory GTX 1650TI and intel graphics built in. Example of 3 compatible PCs. As for Windows Media Player I don't know.
  10. You will begin to see this from MS update to let you know that your hardware is set up to run Windows 11. I know this is a sore subject, and it seems that all it is about is revenue for Microsoft. I believe that you need Ryzen 3000 series or better or 8th gen Intel or better. TPM 2.0 enabled (check with mainboard makers on how to do that) Secure Boot enabled This is my understanding of the stupidly strict requirements. Programs that I am concerned with: Windows Media Payer I have a lot of audio CDs ripped in a high bit rate that can not
  11. It's a tough argument, because GPUs are unaffordable to me and many of us. CPUs kina still are. Also higher clocks matter. 10100 is a slower chip than 10600 or 11600. Also catches matter.