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  1. Excuse me, Vaper cards. RTX 3060 is sold out. I hope mining gets outlawed. What will that cost when available, 900 USD. That a mid tier card.
  2. 50 to100 GPU? I can probably scalp them for 200 and not feel bad. MSI GTX 1660 Super is 799.99 right now. I paid 499.99 and felt that was too much. I currently have a R290x in the 650D. R290x is 579 refurbed for a reference looking card on Newegg. R7970 is still available refurbished for 349. What a sad world. When the hell will new GPUs come out to be available? RTX 3060 doesn't even show on Newegg.
  3. HX series, I am talking about a new line of GPUs in the Nvidia 3000 series of GPUs for mining. That way Miners can leave us alone. New mining GPUs are needed for them. Instead of killing sale for mid range GPUs for normal people. I know I'm less likely to purchase a new GPU right now. That's the first part I'll buy when they are obtainable at a decent price above anything else. The prices on anything will always be screwed with from here on. Right now 400 to 800 on mainstream cards like 1660 line or 2060 line. If you go to 2070 Series 1200 to 1400 USD. Who can afford that except miners.
  4. Ya, My point is getting away from FX. My I7-3770, with a GTX-1660 pisses all over it. That on a HP that I modded in to a Old HP case to have more drive expansion. Ryzen is the way to go now. Even first gen is better than I7- 3770 Intel 3rd Gen. I7-3770 is leaps a bounds over FX-8350. Also uses way less power. Ryzen kills them both, but so does my I5-9500. I can't find anything worth doing with the 650D right now, but I'd like to in the future. Nothings as far as a GPU is affordable, or for that manner obtainable. I would do a build, most likely Ryzen 3rd gen but that also has a air pump o
  5. I should correct my self on Mainboard. B350M-A. I'm tired after removing snow. Not thinking right. GTX 1660 Super are still available but for how long. Ya, China for mine. That took a few weeks to get. Pathetic. What a sad world. That won't justify a 650D anyway. I would: RTX 2070 ( maybe Super) Ryzen 3rd gen CPU first one on New Egg for 200 USD Good ATX Board with room to grow, Asus or MSI, Maybe Gigabyte. Buying by spec. instead of price. faster than 3200MHz 16GB memory kit to start, prefer 32 at this point even though 15GB is fine. 4 DIMM slots on board which is
  6. There is no cards in stock for the most part, And you are right research on newer stuff. Ya, TI is replaced by Super for the most part. They should keep naming the same. 1660 Super is just GDDR6 instead of GDDR 5, that make a big difference. I was just trying to say mid range RTX 20 series card. No chance of buying right now. Anything is out of stock. That's the disappointment of it all. I should have said 2060 Super. But that's not quite it either. Right now I'm using a 1660 Super with a I5-9500 with 16 GB at 2666 MHz I call this the compromise build. It does have a Evo 870 512 GB M.2 SSD, 1T
  7. FX is almost not usable, Maybe a retro XP build, but even that is impossible with absolutely no Mainstream support for Windows XP or for that manner Windows 7. I like to run emulators like Dolphin, it's very restricted for that. Intel 3770 and GTX 1660 did much better. GPUs are hard to get now. Time will tell what's possible. Using Ryzen 3rd or 4th gen in it would be good now. As for GPU, I don't know. Everything is scalped and that part is a disappointment. Maybe I can sell the R9 290X for a stupid price. of course I have a conscience. I also think that 70
  8. Prefer not to trash it but to reuse the case with something newer inside. FX is a dog now, R290x is only 30HZ 4K. WTF would be the right answer. Point of concern is AMD setup. SSD, and HDDs are keepers too.
  9. I have a Corsair 650D that is around 6 years old. Installed in the Case: Asus Sabretooth 990FX ATX motherboard AMD FX 8350 CPU 16 GB ADATA 1600MHZ memory 4 x 4GB in DIMMs Corsair AX850 PSU Creative Labs SoundBlaster Recon 3D Fatality 5.1 channel sound card R290X Asus GPU Samsung I think It's a 256GB SSD of that era 840 pro I think 2x Toshiba 3 TB HDDs 7400 RPM I would want to keep PSU, and Case. Might keep the H100 AIO, but would prefer air cooling at this point. Just Curious, Would anyone go with Intel or AMD. Would anyone just
  10. Just a simple question. Should I have Intel Raped Storage Technology enabled or disabled. I have a NVME 970 EVO plus. The RST seem to tax the CPU and the drive seems to always be accessing. the CPU is constant 25% usage in task manager with it on. Around 1% with this page opened on Chrome. Just thought that I would ask.
  11. PC Specs I5-9500 630 Graphic's on CPU have not tried this GTX 1660 Super Asus B360-A Motherboard 16 GB memory running at 2666 16 18 16 38 throttled by motherboard XMP enabled I think this CPU should support Ultra Blue Ray. I have software guard enabled SGX Controlled by software in BIOS. Do I need to use the CPU onboard GPU to play Ultra Blue Ray disks and What input should I use. I have the GPU connected to ARC HDMI on my LG 50" 4K TV monitor thing. I'm running Cyber Link Power DVD 19. I get error code 1004 when trying to play Ultra Blu Ray disks.
  12. BSOD said possible cause HWINFO 64. Just removed it.
  13. I had BSOD errors that were caused by the onboard LAN. When I went on line I believe the error was IRQ unequal or above. A driver update fixed the issue. I noticed that it occured when I was browsing. I went on to Asus and downloaded and installed the driver, that fixed the issue. I still wonder how to get rid of the fan controller thing that pops up during startup. I don't want to get rid of the Asus Suite 3, Just the thing at startup. Also I have a MSI GTX 1660 Super on the way to replace my Zotac mini GTX 1660 that I borrowed from another PC. That will give me GDDR6
  14. I wonder if anyone knows how to disable this thing at startup. It hides in the right corner and is a pain to exit because it moves around when I try to right click it to exit.
  15. I guess that driver was it. I'm surprised that a stupid driver would cause a problem like that. I had to goto other forums randomly to find that the outdated driver that probably came from Microsoft was the issue. After building the thing I was using my Netgear WiFi adapter, and that is most likely why is was not blue screening at first. The lesson here is never trust a legacy driver. Asus support and driver had a driver that worked and was up to date. Had PC on for hours watching Youtube and no BSOD. Stable. Stable with XMP enabled afterwards.